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Trump’s Wall

Jan 29, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

President Trump proposed a 20 percent tariff on imports from Mexico in order to pay for the wall he plans to build on the southern border. It is assumed that the 20 percent tariff is a negotiating starting point. A tariff is a tax on imports which will make a product more expensive and favor domestically produced goods over imports, while raising revenue for the government of our country.

Tariffs were a major government revenue source during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries but today we are a low tariff country, with a few exceptions. Other countries protect their domestic industries by charging heavy tariffs and some as much as 100 percent.

The Rioting for Pay Work Ethic

Jan 28, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

As a teenager, I could not work summer jobs for minimum wage in order to learn a work ethic. For starters, the communist labor system did not allow for remunerated child employment of any sort, at any age. It was not that hard work was for tractors like American smart-alecky youth say nowadays. There were no teenage jobs to be had. But we learned plenty about work ethic when we helped our families survive and maintain a meager place to live.

When school children were required to work in the fall, right before harvest time, in early spring to plant crops or throughout the year to clean and beautify the city, it was “volunteer work.” Nobody in their right mind volunteered their children to toil in the fields 8-10 hour days with no water and food. We were obligated, forced, and driven by large buses from school to the corn, onion, and potato fields to pick the crops or to the nearby vineyards to pick grapes.

What Are Leftist Women Lacking?

Jan 24, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Aside from good morals, proper behavior, appropriate dress, and proper language around their children, what else are these leftist women lacking?  American women have more respect and freedoms than most women in the world.  But these marchers are unhinged, enraged, and deranged because their favorite Maoista lost the election. So they’ve turned our nation’s capital into a bizarre spectacle of hatred and petulant intolerance, verbally attacking the rest of the country who disagrees with them.

President Trump, Preserve Our American Exceptionalism

Jan 20, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

The sun rose today, January 20, 2017, on a cloudy and rainy day but I was dancing with joy inside. I cried and felt as if a heavy burden was lifted off my chest, the crumbling stone of anti-Americanism and communism.

There is a new Sheriff in town and he loves our country. He is glowing, almost giddy with pride and bliss, knowing that he is going to lead our nation and, indirectly the world, on the right path of economic success.

Progressive Justice and the Communist Diet

Jan 16, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Under communism we had all types of justice you progressive drones are demanding during your violent riots: gender, environmental, social, reproductive, and food justice, long before the millennial snowflakes started asking for safe spaces, crayons, and animals to pet because they are afraid of reality, and long before the regressive left started inventing new ways and outrageous euphemisms, such as “white privilege,” to claim and steal other people’s money, goods, and services they have not earned.

For starters, we had food justice, one for the proletariat and one for the communist elitist apparatchiks. It was not the kind of food justice you are demanding, free and fresh food from the government.

Mayhem and Leftist Mob Rule

Jan 15, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

A widely circulated email from the IAC Solidarity Center action alerts described in great detail how the radical left is going to disrupt President Trump’s inauguration and potentially his entire administration. Calling themselves #J20RESIST, with the mantra of “WE REFUSE! NO PASARAN!” (Spanish for “You will not pass”), they want to “shut down Trump’s inauguration” and disobey future law and order.

The leftist group has initiated “buses and carpools from over 15 cities” to protest in D.C., and “for actions across the U.S.” They also “launched a call for global action against Trump on January 20th.”

The Snow of My Childhood

Jan 10, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

The first snow of 2017 finally arrived; a couple of inches covered the ground early before sunrise, turning our world into a powdery-white winter wonderland. The woods were unusually quiet and the animals disappeared with the exception of the resident fox. She ran from the back bushes and left a trail of swirling dry snow disturbed by her bushy tail. My two squirrels were nowhere to be seen.

I was planning to go to an Epiphany celebration that morning and was not sure if I could drive on unplowed roads in our neighborhood. The main highways were clear; this time nothing was left to chance, plows and salt trucks were in position the night before. They were not going to repeat last year’s fiasco when a few inches of snow on untreated roads caused gridlock on all major highways and interstates for hours in northern Virginia. I was stuck on a hill top with many others for six hours before we were rescued.

That’s Right, You Stink, Go Home, Take Bath!

Jan 6, 2017 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Years ago, in the mid-80s, as a foreign instructor at a southern college, I was assigned two summer classes nobody else wanted to teach because of the un-PC nature of the course. Even though I was an American citizen, I was still considered a foreigner in the southern culture, and as such, who else better suited to teach a bunch of foreign graduate teaching assistants who had already been hired and given assignments to teach introductory classes in the fall semester in various departments, business, economics, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, generally science classes.

“Useful Infidels” Vetting Refugees

Dec 31, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

When truth has been replaced with moral relativism and progressivism teaches our American children through high school programs such as the International Baccalaureate and Common Core standards that they are global citizens, love of one’s country is bad, proselytizing for Islam in school curricula at the expense of Christianity is good, and socialism and the Islamization of Western civilization have become the norm, it is time to worry. America is “harboring in New York its own worst enemy,” and financing it with taxpayer dollars. It is time to stand up to the U.N. and its forced globalization programs, including the “refugee” relocation.

Do you Take Your Grocery Store for Granted?

Dec 22, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh


The Ceausescu clan and their communist useful idiots were quick to remind us of what an enchanted life we lived under his leadership and how terrible life was under evil capitalism and how their people suffered under the boot of the bourgeoisie.  We were so protected and full of hope under “mother” Elena and “father” Nicolae’s leadership, we were told ad nauseam, while the opposite reality hit us in the face every day.

Commies lied to us in order to cover up their mismanagement of the economy, the disastrous five-year plans, the gross misuse of the land, squandered resources, sold produce and grain to the west for hard currency while people were on rationing cards and hungry, and funds stolen from the treasury or from citizens accused under dubious circumstances of treasonous activities such as enemy of the proletariat.

Eating Half the Crust of a Loaf of Bread

Dec 22, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

I can sleep better at night now that the specter of global communism has temporarily dissipated from our America with the election and confirmation by the Electoral College of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump.

One cannot imagine my temporary relief and inner peace, not having to hear Hillary’s hectoring voice, giving us lectures on social justice, equality, racism, bigotry, and white privilege, while banking billions of other people’s money. 

Her voice reminded me of Elena Ceausescu, the “mother,” co-creator and conspirator of our communist misery and exploitation we had to endure for decades. She and her husband brought an entire nation to its knees with a Stalinist police state that was state of the art at the time.

Visiting a Nursing Home, a Sobering Reality

Dec 17, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Entering the nursing home, I never know what human drama peppered with dark comedy emerges. It is a life that most Americans turn their eyes and minds away from. The residents are the forgotten sick, disabled, recuperating, and old Americans about whom few dare to whisper. “This is where people go to die,” I was told by a very good friend. “I would never put my mom in such a place.” But this is where people live now and they want dignity and proper medical care delivered with humanity and patience.

‘GlowBull Warming’  and the Reindeer

Dec 13, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

In God We Trust, all others bring data.”  - Motto of the Apollo team

Global warming is not going away. Vice President Al Gore’s infamous words, “The planet has a fever,” referring to global warming, has been met many times with the planet’s natural and cyclical climate change response of frigid temperatures, ice, and snow.

Role of Education in America-Phobia

Dec 11, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”    -  Mark Twain

Have God and fervent prayers saved America temporarily from the scourge of global communism by electing Donald Trump for president? It was the hand of God that acted through the voting population to elect Donald Trump but it is up to his chosen administration to implement his promises.

If the President Elect is going to deliver a fraction of his campaign assurances, we are going to make tremendous progress in addressing our huge national debt and our national security.

Fidel Castro and His MSM Sycophants

Dec 4, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s wealth at $900 million while the country he ruled with an iron fist, 11.39 million people, lived in poverty and dignified squalor under his boot. The deceased “El Comandante” Castro left behind a huge fortune, a private island called Caya Piedra, mansions, a marina with his private yacht called Aquarama, bank accounts, an alleged gold mine, and thousands of worthless Marxist speeches.

The Greek Sponge Divers of Florida

Dec 2, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

“Give me a word and I will show you that it comes from Greek.” —Mr. Portokalis, character in “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding”

Having experienced the excruciating ear pain from failure to equalize the pressure change underwater, I am in awe of any scuba diver who goes underwater to explore the depths of our oceans or, as is the case of pearl divers, to find exquisite pearls that adorn rare and expensive jewels.

The Greatest Generation of the South

Nov 28, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Ina Faye’s mother was a “pack-rat” who lived through the Great Depression. A child of seven brothers and sisters, they lived in dignified poverty, glad and thankful for hand-me-downs, clothes, apples, peas, okra, and whatever their neighbors could share in those difficult years. It was a hard-scrabble life but nobody complained much.

Ina Faye’s dad came from a well-off family. Even though he could give her mom whatever she wanted, mom still tended to hoard things. Dad was a farmer who owned a dairy, a milking machine, and even ran Charlet (Charolais) cows bred for beef.

Progressives Are Not Giving Up, the War Rages On

Nov 25, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

There is some hope for America as the dark cloud of global communism has temporarily dissipated. We won this battle but the war rages on with a vengeance. The Democrat coffers are full and young people are easily bought and duped. The New World Order, the communist insurgency, is almost complete.

The Democrat left is now going after the Electoral College members to change their votes from their state’s winner, Donald Trump, to the Democrat loser. Their campaign of intimidation, threats, paid rioters, and fake outrage coming from liberal, anti-American campuses, is supported non-stop by the MSM rhetoric of hate and division and Hollywood turned bad role-model know-it-alls.

Our Disposable Society

Nov 20, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

In our throwaway society, where nothing is sacred anymore and is discarded with the speed of an unwanted darkening banana peel or a lit cigarette butt out the window of a moving car, the miser in me keeps coming out periodically.

Animals, love, life, family, relationships, marriages, appliances, trash, things recyclable, valuables, and trash are thrown out or disposed of mostly on purpose with no remorse and with a faster speed than you can say “I do.”

The Character of a Nation and Precious Snowflakes

Nov 17, 2016 — Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

A lot can happen to a nation’s soul, heart, and character in 70 years. In 1944, eighteen-year olds stormed the beaches in Normandy, embracing almost certain death; eighteen-year olds today need a safe space on campuses to cry or cower in fear because words hurt their precious snowflake feelings.

This fundamental change of the American character was accelerated by the Marxist indoctrination facilitated by Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education, founded in 1979.