By Jeff Crouere

SILLY GENERAL MILLEY IS A WOKE JOKEThe Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, is an embarrassment to our country. In 2018, President Donald Trump appointed Milley to the position, mainly because former Defense Secretary General James Mattis hated him. Trump had soured on Mattis and fired him from his position. He said that Mattis did not live up to his nickname of “Mad Dog,” but was more of a “Moderate Dog.” Clearly, the President’s antipathy toward Mattis was not a sufficient reason to hire an inept fool like Milley.


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Immigration optics twisted to bailout bankrupt government

By A. Dru Kristenev

Immigration optics twisted to bailout bankrupt governmentFourteen thousand illegal border crossers are now camped out under the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Bare minimum of services are being provided as Border Patrol have their hands tied by the White House with an apparent stand down order. Neither National Guard nor Texas Rangers have been given direction from Governor Abbott to interdict the steady stream of mostly Haitian immigrants who are coming, not from the immediate destruction on the island nation, but from South American countries where they have been residing for years.


Rest In Peace or STAND UP!

By Ray DiLorenzo

Rest In Peace or STAND UP!It’s amazing how events can go full circle. When we were fighting for our independence from Britain, we had to cope with the madness of King George. And so it is today, we have our very own King George, a tyrant and mad as a hatter. Our nation is being divided and dismantled while the president mumbles in incoherence and the people watch in horror, disbelief and confusion. In this article we are going to ask some hard questions.


O’Toole’s Covid Plan – Vaccines on Steroids

By William Walter Kay BA LL B

O'Toole's Covid Plan – Vaccines on SteroidsI have no doubt that the scientific and public health officials monitoring this crisis have the best intentions.” Erin O’Toole 1

Canada’s Recovery Plan, 2 the Conservative’s go-to 2021 campaign doc, devotes ten pages to Covid. Under “Beating Covid-19 through vaccinations and testing” we learn:

Canadians will likely need booster shots to protect against Covid-19. We need to be ready… Conservatives will implement a plan to ensure that Canada has faster and more consistent access to vaccines and that we have rapid access to booster shots to deal with future variants.


The Road to E Pluribus, Chao

By Lee Cary

The Road to E Pluribus, ChaoIn 1782, the U.S. Congress made E pluribus Unum – Latin for “Out of many, one” – an unofficial motto of the United States. It was added to the National Seal. 

In 1956, Congress passed an act making “In God We Trust” the nation’s official motto. 

Today, E pluribus unum is devolving into E pluribus chao: “Out of many, chaos”.


President Joe “Obama” Biden

By Rick Hayes

President Joe Obama BidenAlthough it appears that President Joe Biden may be experiencing some form of severe dementia, he also seems to be suffering from a condition known as dissociative identity disorder, which is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personalities. In Biden’s case, he is taking on the character and goals of his former boss President Obama.


The real “lab-leak” story: nanotech crimes and betrayals in the New World Order

By Jon Rappoport

The real lab-leak story: nanotech crimes and betrayals in the New World OrderFrom lexico[dot]com: nanotechnology: “The branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.”

Here are astonishing quotes from the journal Nano Today, in a 2019 paper titled: “Nanowire probes could drive high-resolution brain-machine interfaces.” Its authors are Chinese and American.


The U.S. Constitution vs. the Ghost of Osama bin Laden

By Dennis Jamison

The U.S. Constitution vs. the Ghost of Osama bin LadenWas the tragedy of the fall of Afghanistan this year greater than the combined tragedies of 9/11? In the aftermath of the fall of Afghanistan, there is a bitter, stinging irony of wasted lives, wasted time, and wasted resources. All of those from around the world who died on 9/11 and all of the collateral death and damage from that insidious attack seemed to be mocked on the day our ”government of the people” arranged to exit the war ravaged nation. The bumbling, painfully protracted exit, and our betrayal of friends and associates in that nation is a betrayal of freedom itself. Our “leaders,” no matter how they attempt to paint the withdrawal, essentially sentences even more innocents to die at the hands of the same fundamentalist extremists that harbored al Qaeda in 2001.


Missing Teen Gabby Petito: Why Murder is Likeliest Explanation

By Kelly O'Connell

Missing Teen Gabby Petito: Why Murder is Likeliest ExplanationWhy Petito Murder Likely:

Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie started a trip July 2nd, 2021, to cross the continent on a roadtrip which they documented by video and pics via internet when Petito stopped contacting her folks.  Given the strange details from her disappearance, Gabby seems doubtless dead, and probably murdered. Why? First, were she alive, boyfriend Brian Laundrie would not have returned alone in her vehicle, leaving her exposed to the elements or without support. Second, if Petito were missing, why did her boyfriend never report this, waiting weeks for her family to raise the alarm? Third, if Petito died by accident, Laundrie would have a defense and, without felonious intent, could honorably help return her body. 


In The Power-Crazed ‘La La Land Of Blinken, Stinkin’ & Nod’

By Judi McLeod

In The Power-Crazed 'La La Land Of Blinken, Stinkin' & Nod'Over in the power-crazed ‘La La Land of Blinken, Stinkin’ & Nod’, someone, who signs himself as a PhD  just took a nosedive, straight down to the deep bottom of the cess pit.

How else to explain that Alexander Soros, the son of leftist billionaire globalist George Soros, revealed what worship looks like in the Democrat Party. “In Pelosi we trust”!?


The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? Never?

By Jon Rappoport

The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? Never?Here’s how it goes, Mr. Jones.

First, they told you the vaccine was your way out of the dark, out of the lockdowns. And if enough of you took the shot, the pandemic would be over.

So you lined up and took the jab. And you took the second dose.

THEN they said wait. You could still transmit the virus. In fact, you could still catch COVID.

On top of that, your viral load could be as high as the unvaccinated.


You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

By Steve Rossiter

You Can’t Fool Mother NatureA few decades ago there was an advertising campaign that used the tag line “You can’t fool Mother Nature.”  It seems like our government and much of the world doesn’t understand that principle. So called “experts” tried to create a treatment they labeled “a vaccine” for COVID 19 that didn’t involve reinforcing the human immune system.  The so called “vaccine” was an effort designed to replace the immune system that God (and for some Mother Nature) provided us with at birth.  The experts tried to trick the body into dealing with COVID by the use of an artificial chemical cocktail.


Liberals Have No Standards: Newsom Recall Fails as US Dems Save Ailing Governor

By Kelly O'Connell

Liberals Have No Standards: Newsom Recall Fails as US Dems Save Ailing GovernorGavin Newsom survived a near death experience despite his California ‘leadership’ reeling from one Gilligan’s Island level disaster to the next. A true child of Woke, Newsom fully embraced shutdowns, but was suddenly exposed as a maskless hypocrite at a gourmet diner. Newsom aped unscientific trends by mindlessly closing many small businesses, many then failing. 


Media, Paid-Off And Otherwise, Not Writing About How Liberals Will Steal Monday’s Federal Election 

By Judi McLeod

Media, Paid-Off And Otherwise, Not Writing About How Liberals Will Steal Monday's Federal ElectionAdding conventional insult to injury to the Rebel Media/Blacklock- exposed Justin Trudeau $61M pre-election “emergency relief” scandal,  is that the media he paid off were on his side long before the big Pay-Off.

The majority of Canadian media outlets—just like their prime minister—lean left and have already been leaning left for many long decades.

The age-old adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted” can be rewritten under the Trudeau era as: “A fool with OUR money can Pay-Off almost 1500 media companies.”


Un-vaccinated Priests Ratted Out By Their Own Bishop At The End Of Sunday Mass

By Judi McLeod

Un-vaccinated Priests Ratted Out By Their Own Bishop At The End Of Sunday MassCOVID-19 Unvaccinated get ratted out everywhere by neighbours, friends and even family—but at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Lexington, Kentucky, two priests have been ratted out by their Bishop, John Stowe.

“Bishop Stowe of the Diocese of Lexington makes priest make the following announcement prior to the close of Mass-TheBasicCatholic.


Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Dead Copycat of ObamaCare

By Judi McLeod

Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Dead Copycat of ObamaCareWhy exactly is it that Congress and their staff are EXEMPT from Biden’s draconian vaccine mandate?

Surely the media-touted raging pandemic cannot distinguish between those who govern and the hopelessly governed.

The Nancy Pelosi-led House gained exemptions from both ObamaCare and COVID-19 mandates.


Todd Beamer’s “Let’s Roll!” Will Forever Outlast Political 9/11 Photo-Ops

By Judi McLeod

Todd Beamer’s Let’s Roll! Will Forever Outlast Political 9/11 Photo-OpsOn the 20th Anniversary Commemoration of 9/11, George Bush compared 9/11 terrorists to “violent extremists at home” in his official address—and he wasn’t referencing Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

For the past 20 years, Bush said very little about the terrible day when on his watch, some -innocents lost their lives to radical Islamic terrorism.  The proverbial cat had his tongue during the two terms when Obama was “fundamentally transforming” America as president. Bush remained mostly stonily silent when President Joe Biden handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban, leaving Americans and their allies to their mercy.


Justin, ’Just-Like-Joe’ Trudeau’s Scare Mongering Mail-In Vote Election

By Judi McLeod

Justin, ’Just-Like-Joe’ Trudeau’s Scare Mongering Mail-In Vote ElectionVoters—via circumstances beyond their control—are trapped in a ‘Just-Like-Joe’ Trudeau Federal Canadian Election.

Just like Joe, Justin Trudeau is plunging in popularity polls.  Campaign stops—some of which his Liberal handlers have had to abandon—have seen protesters flipping him the bird, booing and jeering him, and even pelting him with pebbles and gravel.


“SIR!” Why Are You Pushing The EXPERIMENTAL Covid-19 Vaxx?

By Judi McLeod

SIR! Why Are You Pushing The EXPERIMENTAL Covid-19 Vaxx?To use a word that Donald Trump often uses when relating anecdotes about the many pro-America things achieved during his presidency at his rousing post-election rallies: “Sir….”

Now the longtime pro-Trump Canada Free Press calls out to the former president; “SIR!” “SIR!” “SIR!!!!”

We feel the somewhat rude repetition of the word “Sir!” is necessary after Trump’s call for folk to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine during his interview on Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld show.


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