The last line of defense, the ultimate defender of freedom in this country belongs to us, the people! Our founders, in their wisdom, made provision for our ultimate protection...the 2nd Amendment. God Bless America

Is The Sheriff Our Last Line of Defense?

By Ray DiLorenzo

Is The Sheriff Our Last Line of Defense?

“If virtue and knowledge are dispersed among the people, they will never be enslaved.” Samuel Adams

As proclaimed by Samuel Adams, virtue and knowledge, if held by the people, is the ultimate bulwark against tyranny. Still, our government (and a multitude of our leaders), for decades have allowed those qualities to be siphoned off to where too many of our people have become as pawns, fools. Instead of virtue, honor, integrity and knowledge our institutions push ignorance, contempt, and corruption. These public [self] servants continue today, dismantling a great nation for their own diabolical purposes, which is to subjugate all Americans not wading in their swamp.


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Coming Live Streamed To Your House: The Vatican’s ‘Anti-God Squad’

By Judi McLeod

Coming Live Streamed To Your House: The Vatican's ‘Anti-God Squad'Even as Senator Rand Paul has called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be taken off the airwaves for continually “fear mongering”, the Vatican’s upcoming ‘Health Conference’  is giving Fauci  the prime spot on what should be called their ‘anti-God Squad’ gathering coming the world’s way on May 6-8.

Fauci will deliver opening remarks at the stomach-turning virtual event.


Canadian Constitution Foundation condemns new Ontario police powers as “police state”

By Canadian Constitution Foundation

Canadian Constitution Foundation condemns new Ontario police powers as police stateTORONTO: The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is today condemning the new powers that have been granted to Ontario police to enforce the province-wide stay at home order.

The new enforcement powers include giving the police the power to stop individuals and vehicles to ask for their name, address, and their purpose for being away from their residence. The powers comes into effect as of midnight on April 17, 2021.


The unanimous news conforms

By Jon Rappoport

The unanimous news conformsThe rise of television news, and its power over the mind, necessitated an agreement among the major networks:

On most issues, the networks would have to mirror each other’s coverage. Otherwise, the audience would experience an unacceptable level of confusion and cognitive dissonance.

This principle of agreement was basically about the rules of propaganda—-and nowhere was it more evident than in matters of medical science.


What Are We Going To Do About It? Part 2

By Steve Rossiter

Immediately stop spending your hard earned money with companies and organizations that support our Marxist politiciansIn Part 1, I offered the opportunity for all of us to help those who have been misled by the Marxists find their way back from the dark side. If even a small number see the light, we have made progress. It is imperative that somehow we get the majority of Americans to believe again in America’s Judeo-Christian based rules of law.  The Part 1 questionnaire was designed to separate the true Marxists from traditional Americans.  The next initiative presents certain challenges for all of us.


What Are We Going To Do About It?

By Steve Rossiter

What Are We Going To Do About It?In recent months I have written several articles ending with the question: What are we (you) going to do about it?  As the nature of our Marxist government and the capitulation of more businesses and individuals to Marxism is revealed more and more each day, we have to do something.  There are those that think armed confrontation is necessary, and some day that may be the last remaining solution.


America’s Unidentified Enemy Next Door

By Judi McLeod

America’s Unidentified Enemy Next DoorAmerica’s deadliest enemies are not all in the Middle East, they have for decades been operating with impunity from the country right next door.

Patently ignored by a long succession of American presidents, Canada, whose people are identified as polite to a fault, shares the longest undefended border in the world with the USA.

While its inhabitants are, by and large, polite, easy going, and apathetic in voter turnout, their Liberal governments have been playing House with the People’s Republic of China for a very long time.


Ontario Hospitals, Long-Term Care Homes In Scandalous Shape Long Before Pandemic Hit

By Judi McLeod

Ontario Hospitals, Long-Term Care Homes In Scandalous Shape Long Before Pandemic HitThe pre-Covid-19 scandalous state of hospitals and long-term care homes in the Province of Ontario led to the utter devastation of the province that was, until not long ago, Canada’s economic engine.

“Doctors in the Canadian province of Ontario may soon have to decide who can and cannot receive treatment in intensive care as the number of coronavirus infections sets records and patients are packed into hospitals still stretched from a December wave. (Reuters, April 12, 2021)


Is Trudeau Handing Control of Vancouver International Airport Over to Communist China?

By Judi McLeod

Is Trudeau Handing Control of Vancouver International Airport Over to Communist China?Rumors are rife that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will turn control of the Vancouver International Airport over to Communist China this week.

Count on Canadian mainstream media, who won’t be reporting on it, tagging all rumors as “conspiracy”.

We already know that Trudeau’s Liberal Government forces all travellers coming to Canada through airports including Toronto’s Pearson International Airport into government-sanctioned hotels for quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus.


Cries Of Pain In The Lonely Night

By Judi McLeod

Cries Of Pain In The Lonely NightOn that long ago Halloween Night when I was nine years old, I pinched myself in order to be convinced that I really WAS in an orphanage.

I could not believe that I was there when both my parents, though separated, were alive; could not believe that I could no longer run up the street where we lived to visit my much beloved, cookie-dispensing Aunt Edie.


Worse Than Shutting Down Churches, Relentless Gov’t Attempts To Shut Down Belief in God Almighty

By Judi McLeod

Worse Than Shutting Down Churches, Relentless Gov’t Attempts To Shut Down Belief in God AlmightyA sorrowful, heart-rending time in Canada for People of Faith as churches are shut down during Easter and the 8-day Easter Octave.

First came the police invasion of Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s Street Church during Easter Saturday Service. Courageous Pawlowski, who fled to Canada from Communism wasn’t having any of it and ordered them out, shouting “Get Out, Nazis!” “Get out!” “Get out!” to their fleeing backs.


Those Fishy Fishnet Stockings Worn By Biden’s 69-Year-Old Handler

By Judi McLeod

Those Fishy Fishnet Stockings Worn By Biden’s 69-Year-Old HandlerWhat to do to divert attention away from the Big Border Crisis when you’re Joe Biden’s wife and main ‘on-the-ground handler’?

You jump into your trusty fishnet stockings, short leather skirt and black booties in order to deplane at Andrews Airforce Base on your way back from California in that “all-eyes-on-me” getup!


Message to Mayor Nenshi: The Lion Has Turned

By Judi McLeod

Message to Mayor Nenshi: The Lion Has TurnedWas it the visceral vengeance of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi that sent municipal officials in to to shut down Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s Easter Saturday Service?

Instead of getting away with it, Ezra Levant’s Rebel News uploaded a video that showed Pawlowski driving the mayor’s interlopers out of his church—sending it viral over the Internet.

Mayor Nenshi’s ‘henchpeople’—including local health officials, City of Calgary Bylaw Services, and police have been dogging Pawlowski ever since he started his good works to feed Calgary’s many homeless.


Lies The FBI Tell Us

By Judi McLeod

Lies The FBI Tell UsSome could already see it coming, yesterday’s US Capitol attack, tied to the orchestrated Jan. 6 ‘insurrection’.

Dead giveaway?

Friday’s incident comes less than three months after the Democrat-labelled Jan. 6 “insurrection”.

First out of the liars’ starting gate was Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe:



By Judi McLeod

HE IS RISEN!“He is risen!”  Three little words on the lips of millions throughout the world today, even while sorrowfully restrained from celebrating the Resurrection of their Lord and Saviour in church for the second year in a row.

Governments can shut down churches but can NEVER stop the words, “He is Risen! on Easter Morning 2021—or on any other.

By shutting down houses of worship and restricting their attendance to low percentage levels, arrogant governments thought they could kill off prayer—an utter impossibility.


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