It is our sacred duty to keep the light of liberty and truth shining. The price of freedom? Eternal vigilance, prayer, paying attention, and voting while we are still free to do so.

Shedding Light on the Shadow Government

By Dave Merrick

A very dear friend of mine was highly connected in our federal government. We were talking on the phone one evening--it was about six months into Obama's first four years--and my friend told me something that surprised and bothered me. At the time, it didn't seem like any great big deal. But it stuck like glue in my frontal lobe. He had survived more than a few presidential administrations--communicating with people on both sides of the aisle--and had become friendly with much of America's bureaucracy, powerful leaders heading the many varied departments of our government.

As machines are used today, though, no election with current machine involvement can be trusted to provide accurate results.

The Democrat Party, Inc. is a business, and business is good. What will 25 states do when a criminal federal government refuses to enforce laws and secure our country for its citizens? We are about to find out

If I could say anything to Mitch McConnell's face, it would be: "Don't let the door hit you in the rear on the way out. Good riddance you communist bastard!"

Survival in Tough Times:

No wonder even non-Catholics such as Jordan Peterson are now blasting Pope Francis for putting climate concerns over and above the salvation of souls.

After three-and-one-half years of Biden's best, we know one thing for certain… Joe Biden doesn’t care at all

Climate Campaigners complain that such long-term phenomena have nothing to do with climate change over the past century. But they are wrong. It has everything to do with climate change today

Using pronouns on Jeopardy is a seed. It’s time to turn off the water and fertilizer by refusing to play along

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