Meanwhile, while vowing to “pray for each and every one of you”, Biden’s branding each and every American as “racist!”

Fake president-elect Biden as fake as Fake News

By Judi McLeod

Fake president-elect Biden as fake as Fake NewsFake News, your “president-elect” is every bit as fake as you are!

Trying to make himself the turkey and all the trimmings in millions of American homes—now Thanking God that he is not anything but a media-proclaimed president elect—Joe Biden promised to deliver to “root out systemic racism,” while delivering his Thanksgiving address on Wednesday.


Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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How do we evade civil disorder?

By Charles “Lynn” Lowder

How do we evade civil disorder?How did we get here?

It began in an Andrew Jackson moment with the election of Donald Trump, who led a populous movement that confounded many.

All Republicans didn’t want him, nor did most Democrats.


The Pain and the Peace Leading to the “First Thanksgiving”

By Dennis Jamison

The Pain and the Peace Leading to the 'First Thanksgiving'Even though it is historically viewed in the United States as the “First Thanksgiving,” in the New World it actually was neither.

Prior “thanksgivings” had been celebrated before the one in 1621 between European and Indian in the Caribbean, or Tejas, or Virginia. Also, the event did not serve as a traditional Protestant ceremony of Thanksgiving. It was actually more of a harvest festival, so why is it so important in America’s history? It was just a big feast day, wasn’t it? For those willing to dig deeper to find the roots of this holiday, they will find incredible lessons that are relevant for the world we live in today.


Open letter to patriots everywhere—LIVE FREE!

Open letter to patriots everywhere -- LIVE FREE!In the modern secular church of fakers, they tell us anger is wrong, outrage is wrong, acceptance in hypnotic sleep is what we must aim for.

Always bow to “smooth transitions.” When there is disagreement, swallow your bile, give in, make peace with tyranny. The pain will only last for a little while. Then you will reach a higher understanding.

The authorities and their minions of the press have the final word. Our job is to fit ourselves into their scheme of things.


Detecting electoral fraud for dummies

By David Singer

Detecting electoral fraud for dummiesDetecting possible electoral fraud that is easily understandable and recognizable by dummies simply requires an audit to determine whether the number of votes cast in each precinct exceeded the number of people registered to vote in that precinct (Over-Voting).

Balancing the books in each electoral precinct (Reconciliation Certificates) should be a mandatory requirement when the election results for each precinct are certified by the required date—December 1.


Tucker Goes Megyn

By Joan Swirsky

Tucker Goes MegynWhat is it about good-looking, brainy, articulate, even charismatic people––particularly if they’re in the public eye––that makes them so vulnerable to the self-destroying over-confidence and arrogance known as hubris?

Who can forget when the beauteous, brash and brilliant Megyn Kelly blazed like a shooting star on Fox News, used her background as a former practicing attorney to conduct piercing and revelatory interviews; showcased enough magnetism to, as my mother used to say, charm a bird off a tree; and entranced the show-business and tabloid worlds with her romance and marriage to a rich and handsome businessman-cum-author and then give birth to three adorable children? 


The Democratic Party shifts deeper into Fascism

By Lee Cary

The Democratic Party shifts deeper into FascismToday, those who refer to Democrats as “Communists” miss the mark.  

The Democratic Party is drifting toward Fascism, not Communism.

Never mind the three women of color who claim to have founded Black Lives Matter (BLM), and self-identify as “trained” (where and by whom?) Marxist-Leninists. 


Is Fox News Now Trying To Put Their Words Into Rush Limbaugh’s Mouth?

By Judi McLeod

Is Fox News Now Trying To Put Their Words Into Rush Limbaugh’s Mouth?Is Fox News now trying to put their words into Rush Limbaugh’s mouth?

Is Fox News taking Limbaugh’s take on President Donald Trump’s legal team press conference out if context?

Is the same network whose super star Tucker Carlson only last week attacked Attorney Sidney Powell who wanted to take evidence of Election Fraud to court rather than give an exclusive to him, now using Rush Limbaugh for backup?


To the Democrats and Media, Trump’s Not President, But Still On Reality TV

By Judi McLeod

To the Democrats and Media, Trump’s Not President, But Still On Reality TVHatred never dies. Democrats never change.

Having miserably failed in trying to bring the President of the United States down with the RussiaGate hoax, followed by the Nothing-Burger Mueller ‘Investigation’,  the disgraceful Adam Schiff,  Impeachment, the worldwide spread of the lie that everyone HATES Donald Trump, desperado Dems still count on their media minions to keep on trucking.


Was Tucker Carlson Trying To Take Dominion Investigation Off Track In His Sidney Powell Attack?

By Judi McLeod

Intriguing how Fox super star Tucker Carlson threw in that Canada does not use the E-Vote in federal elections, only paper ballots in his opening remarks when he went on his attack against attorney Sidney Powell on Thursday.

At the 6:14 minute mark on the video below, Tucker, who mentioned that Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that electronic vote counting is an invitation to fraud, was correct, asserted:  “...And he’s right. That’s why Canada, for example doesn’t do it.”


Tucker Carlson Uses Fox ‘Royal We’ To Smear Sidney Powell

By Judi McLeod

Tucker Carlson Uses Fox ‘Royal We’ To Smear Sidney PowellFox News top star Tucker Carlson allowed his own overblown ego to run away with him last night, all because Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell refused to share vote fraud evidence with him giving Fox the exclusive last week.

Carlson attacked Powell with the proverbial ‘Royal We’ in a style so aggressive that there are some who would now exchange the first letter of his first name with an ‘F’, dubbing him as F—-er Fox, or ‘FF’ for short.


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