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The Specter of Communism

By Ray DiLorenzo

The Specter of Communism
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” —Ephesians 6:12

The specter of Communism hangs over our country like an apparition, a godless spirit come back to find roost. This scourge is making a resurgence throughout the world, achievable only because America is in grave danger of death from within, death by a thousand cuts. This evil is hovering over the one target it must totally destroy in order to haul away the remaining plunder in the world. But, this time it is being sold as Democratic Socialism, making you think you will have a choice. You will, but it will be the last choice you will ever make. Democratic Socialism will morph into Communism, which always persists by force. And many are buying.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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Pollsters Still Counting Eggs Before Their Chickens Hatch

By Judi McLeod

Pollsters Still Counting Eggs Before Their Chickens HatchIf Trump defies polls again in 2020, “my profession is done’, pollster Frank Luntz laments.

Waah! One more thing to blame on Donald J. Trump, that incorrigible rascal.

Against all odds, Trump beat the polls in 2016, and the Democrats and media will NEVER forgive him.


Are We Worthy of America?

By Jim ONeill

Are We Worthy of America?Trump…will be unleashing hell on these people.  Anyone who has seen him operate knows.   This is his time.   This is how the beginning of the end of the swamp, or should I say the sewer, begins.   This is the kind of chaos these smartest people in the world, ever, haven’t seen before.   Algorithms will not help them.   Censorship will not help them.  It will be a rushing mighty wind, coming to destroy all those who didn’t understand that their corruption could be turned on them.David PrenticeThis Is How the Left’s Power Structure Collapses


Mainstream media avoid investigating Obamagate and Bidengate

By David Singer

Mainstream media avoid investigating Obamagate and BidengateThe mainstream media continues to show little interest in investigating what are shaping up to be the two biggest political scandals ever in American history – Obamagate and Bidengate - in which Presidential contender Joe Biden is the common denominator.

Obamagate involved the FBI in October 2016 - during the Obama-Biden administration – using a dossier compiled by Christopher Steele (Steele Dossier) at the request of Fusion GPS – a Washington investigative firm - to obtain a warrant from the FISA Court enabling the FBI to spy on:


We Must Fight Elite Liberal Incursion into Civility and Safety Tooth and Nail

By Nadra Enzi

We Must Fight Elite Liberal Incursion into Civility and Safety Tooth and NailAs a conservative and non-White-hating Black nationalist, I have zero tolerance for intrusions into civility and safety enabled by elite liberals.

Living in a lefty city, I’m told to accept larcenous, violent youth as par for the course, men publicly assaulting women as worthy of court summons, not arrest(???), and sanctuary and welcoming city status as civil rights 2.0 despite meteoric Black male unemployment.


De Blasio Snubs UN General Assembly President

By Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist

De Blasio Snubs UN General Assembly President, Volkan BozkirNew York City’s failed leftwing Mayor Bill de Blasio has managed to pick a fight with the current president of the United Nations General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir. Bozkir requested an in-person meeting with the mayor of the UN’s host city to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on conditions in the city where UN personnel and diplomats live and work, as well as to discuss other topics of mutual interest. De Blasio’s office flatly turned down the request without offering any reason for the snub.


Judicial Watch Statement on Ninth Circuit Decision Regarding 78-Year-Old Veteran Prosecuted for Alle

By Judicial Watch

78-Year-Old Veteran Prosecuted for Allegedly Taking Photos of American Flags at Veterans Affairs Facility on Memorial Day(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement in response to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision granting qualified immunity to VA police officers who twice arrested Robert L. Rosebrock, a 78-year-old Vietnam era veteran who for more than a decade has been a tireless advocate for homeless veterans and powerful voice against the misuse of a 388-acre parcel of West Los Angeles real estate set aside to serve veterans:


Children Adapt—but What a Worrisome Adaptation

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Children Adapt--but What a Worrisome AdaptationNot long ago liberals were telling us that children were spending too much time in front of television screens, computer screens, and Play station games, that they need more outdoor time, interaction time with other children to build their social skills, that they need to learn to be good environmentalists and stewards of the world around them. Those blue screens were affecting their health, destroying their eyes, their vision, and the ability to socialize properly.


Joe Biden the Same Kind of Catholic as Pope Francis

By Judi McLeod

Joe Biden the Same Kind of Catholic as Pope FrancisDemocrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is the same kind of Catholic as the errant Pope Francis, meaning not much of a Catholic at all.

Any politician, masquerading as Catholic—including the one called Francis—about whom the documentary ‘Francesco’ has been released—can profess themselves Catholic, but that doesn’t mean that they truly are.


Fox News Run In Part By Former Joe Biden Chief of Staff

By Judi McLeod

FAKE NEWS AND FOX NEWSIn Election Year 2020, no news outlet has done more to make it appear that President Donald Trump is trailing behind Democrat nominee Joe Biden—than Fox News.

The Fox polls—all posted during the election campaign—have shown the president trailing Biden.


Daily Caller Now Cassandra Calling Out Trump 2020 Election Defeat

By Judi McLeod

Daily Caller Now Cassandra Calling Out Trump 2020 Election Defeat“What rock did he emerge from under,” a pundit wrote Canada Free Press (CFP) this morning.

The pundit was asking about Andrew Trunsky’s story, ‘Donald Trump’s Self-Inflicted Wounds Make For An Unlikely Reelection, Experts Say’, posted yesterday on the Daily Caller News Foundation website:


Doom & Gloom Twins Gates & Fauci Picking Up The News Slack During Social Media Censorship

By Judi McLeod

Doom & Gloom Twins Gates & FauciMicrosoft founder billionaire Bill Gates and Doctor-Come-Lately Anthony Fauci, the King and Princeling of the Dire News World, are out there spreading doom that one,  the “World Won’t Return To Normal” Until “Second Generation” Of COVID-19 Super-Vaccines Arrives” (Gates) and two: folk will have to rely on “their individual choice” when it comes to how to go about celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and seeing family (Fauci).


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