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Democracy is the road to socialism

How Democracy is being used to Destroy our Republic

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By —— Bio and Archives October 1, 2009

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Contrary to popular public education propaganda, the United States of America is NOT, has never been, and should never be a “democracy.” It is and must always be, a constitutional representative republic, and yes, there is a VERY significant difference.

Don’t confuse the term “democratic society” with “democracy.” A representative republic is a “democratic” form of self-governance - of, by and for “the people.” In the case of the Unites States, we have a system limited by the scope and authority granted to the Fed in the US Constitution.

In a representative republic, the term “the people” is interpreted to mean, “the individual citizen[s],” at large.

But a “democracy” as Thomas Jefferson said so well, “is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” In other words, the term “the people” means the “ruling mob” in a “democracy.”

And, so it is today!

“The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA’s members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics. - At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end.—from the About Us page at the Democratic Socialist of America web site. [1]

Karl Marx, often referred to as the father of socialism, or Marxism, also had a firm commitments to “democracy,” stating for the record, that “Democracy is the road to socialism.”

Of course it is… as “democracy” is a system of “mob rule.”

The vast majority of people in any free society are referred to by Marx as the “proletariat,” otherwise known as the working class stiff. As the majority of society, Marx envisioned a society owned and controlled by the “proletariat” for equal benefit of the “working class stiff.” This is Marxism in a nutshell, or….. socialism.

The goal is central ownership and control of all forms of productivity, for benefit of the working class, the proletariat, the majority.

In any free society, the only way to achieve this is through confiscation of private assets and wealth. And the legal way to accomplish that is by “democratic” process. Thus, “Democracy is the road to socialism.”—as Marx said!

The Communist and Socialist Parties of old, now work through the Democratic Socialists of America, who control the leadership of today’s Democratic Party via their two congressional leadership committees, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Card carrying Socialist Bernie Sanders founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus for DSA, and card carrying Communist John Conyers founded the Congressional Black Caucus.

Contrary to leftist propaganda, which aims to paint all dissent against their Marxist agenda as an act of “racism” or “hate,” the problem with these organizations and their members isn’t the color of their skin, but rather the anti-American color of their agenda.

And, now that they control both house of congress, the White House, the news room, the movie, TV, book and magazine industries and even the judicial branch, we can see what kinds of “change” they “hope” to implement in the United States.

But Marx tipped his hand when he stated his deep seated disdain for what he called bourgeois, the “propertied class” in his twisted mind, land owners. In America, he is referring to some 68% of the people, and the term bourgeois actually means “middle class.”

Marx spoke of the bourgeois (the middle class) as if they were “rich”—“greedy” and deserving of envy and vile social denigration, just because they were “property owners.” In America, that is most people, as of today.

But in any system of central power, the real “rich” and “greedy” are those in control of that central power. The “ruling elite,” who promise to do for you, that which they claim you are incapable of doing for yourself.

The Political Proletariat

Tricking the working class into voting against their own freedom and liberty on the basis that freedom isn’t fair, was easier than it looked, once done in an institutional environment.

At the top of the list are labor unions like Service Employees International Union, followed by community organizing groups like ACORN, and then 527 funding juggernauts like America Votes, American Solutions Winning the Future and The Fund for America.

These leftists love patriotic sounding names. What a shame they don’t like patriotic policies nearly as well.

In a representative republic, limited by constitutional text, these folks would have the power to do anything they want, so long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of the minority, the average American taxpayers, whom they intend to leave their tab with as they rush out the door…

But in a “democracy,” the mob is free to run roughshod over the minority, for the “greater common good” of the mob, of course.

And, it’s all legal because it was done by way of democratic process. The people voted for it, or so they claim.

They voted for “social justice” without knowing that this term is the marketing buzz-phrase for Economic egalitarianism“a state of economic affairs in which the participants of a society are of equal standing and equal access to all the economic resources in terms of economic power, wealth, and contribution. It is a founding principle of various forms of socialism, communalism and cooperative economic organization.” Note how Wikipedia dodges use of the terms communism, or totalitarianism.

Remember, they love the agenda, but not the titles that go with it! They hate to be called “socialists” or Marxists,” no matter how deeply they embrace those belief systems.

In 2006 and 2008, the American people voted for Marxism (change), without knowing they were voting for Marxism. At least that’s what the ballot counters tell us… They also voted for a natural born citizen of Kenya, not the USA. They voted for a “black man” who is 1/2 white, 3/8 Arab and 1/8 African. But who’s counting?

This is what can happen while the giant sleeps

But after only six months of unbridled Obama rule and 37 “Czars,” the average American is awake and coming to understand exactly what kinds of “change” (Marxism) Obamanation had in mind.

They want to run the banking, auto, energy, food, water, insurance and health care industries, and of course, control all of the related revenue streams. In all cases, they have titled their agenda “reform” because every American can relate to the term “reform,” just like most fell for the term “change.”

Leftists don’t call it a “government buyout” of these industries, because that would make it clear to citizens that the Fed was engaged in taking over private industries. They call it a “bailout,” even though when the “bail out” is complete; the Fed “owns” the company and controls the industry.

They promise to create new jobs while attacking the businesses that actually create jobs in a free market economy, as in Senators Stiffen Employer Fees in Health Bill. That’s because they don’t intend to create “free-market” jobs, but rather government funded jobs by way of “union bid only” contracts on federally mandated projects across the country, many of them under the heading of “green” jobs.

Make no mistake, totalitarianism is alive and well in all three branches of the federal government now, and it came to be, by way of “democratic process.” The people made it happen!

The good news is this…

Since the people made it happen, the people can undo it. Now that they know they bought a communist wolf in capitalist clothing, they are going to have to reverse course. The longer they wait to do it, the more costly this horrific mistake will be.

In fact, ONLY the people can stop the ongoing destruction of their free republic. Nobody in Washington DC, including the courts, wants to stop it. And unless the people put a stop to it, they won’t recognize this nation a year from now.

This is exactly why the Unites States of America is NOT a “democracy,” but rather a representative republic restricted in power by the letter of the US Constitution. Amendment X in the people’s Bill of Right’s is the most important amendment of all…

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The powers of the federal government are limited to the scope and authorities granted it in the US Constitution and nothing more. Even by democratic process, anything less is unacceptable to American citizens and the Tea Party movement is designed to serve such notice.

The Fed can reform itself to a constitutional status, or the people will reform it. God help those elected officials who have chosen the wrong side in this battle for freedom and liberty!

Just in case you somehow missed all of the above, here’s how “democracy” works in America under the new Marxist regime currently running your federal government—have a look! -

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