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Nationalism is not Racism as the French PM asserts. It is the antidote to it!

National Socialism—Nazism—is not Nationalism—it is Socialism

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By —— Bio and Archives November 22, 2018

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WIKI: National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsiɪzəm, ˈnæt-/), is the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party—officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP)—in Nazi Germany…

Note the words Socialist and Workers in the NAZI party’s name.

Both words throughout history described parties of the political left, of communism, socialism, and fascism, NEVER of the political right.

You will never find socialist or workers appended to the names of any party on the right or the political center.

What they had in common was, they all imposed CHANGE on their citizens with the promise of HOPE.

The HOPE never materialized. The change always did.

What followed was poverty, misery, and millions of dead.

America avoided that bullet November 8th, 2016.


Nationalism is a people’s patriotic sentiment that considers first not race, not skin or eye color, not religion, not wealth or social standing, not one’s origin, genes, or the percentage of American Indian ancestors in one’s blood and the perks they’ll get under Affirmative Action, but the nation and its flag, under which We, The People, unite.

Nationalism is not the opposite of patriotism as the French PM would have you believe before the feminized metrosexual leaders of France and Canada get ousted like the rest of the European left now being paid off by George Soros - a nation and border hater. Nationalism is the foundation of patriotism. If one’s a patriot, he loves his nation. He’s a nationalist.

Nationalism is the very opposite of identity politics and of tribalism - otherwise known as racism.

If your identity on which you vote is based on your race, skin color, ancestry, you are, by definition, a racist.

If you liked the former president’s black half and hated his white half, you’re a racist.

Nationalism is what melts in the cooking pot after all nationalities that came to the Americas, races, religions, ideologies, attachment to one’s ancestors, origins and language (and sentiments that raise the interest of illegals above the interest of the nation’s citizens), have been “melted” and blended into the nation’s common interest.

Have you ever seen a group of “asylum-seekers” (what these invaders speciously call themselves) running from oppression proudly carrying not the American flag of liberty on their attempt to enter the United States, but rather, the flags of their oppressors?

That, is exactly what “nationalism” will refute. Identity politics. Racism.

Nationalism establishes a nation’s and people’s identity. It’s humanity. And its rights.

We are not Greeks, not even after the former president had a Greek Temple built for himself.

We are not Muslims, even after the former president announced that America is not a Christian nation.

“But that’s not what the U.S. Supreme Court meant when, in Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 437 (1892), they held that “this is a Christian nation.” They meant that this nation was founded on biblical principles, and that those who brought these biblical principles to this land and who implemented those principles in our system of government were for the most part professing Christians who were actively involved with Christian churches. In my own book Christianity and the Constitution: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers (Baker Book House, 1987, 2008), I demonstrate that at least 51 of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention were members of Christian churches...”

Nationalism defines a nation’s authority to mint its currency, write laws using its foundational language not Spanish or Arabic, put the 10 Commandments on the frieze of the Supreme Court building, assemble its armed forces and fund them, write the history of the Exceptional American People, and yes, choose who comes and lives here and defend its borders from invasion with walls and guns.


Continued below...

Nationalism is what expresses a nation’s sovereignty - its ability to determine its destiny and exercise its determination by any means to reach that destiny of greatness, In our case to Make America Greater than it ever was.

Given the facts of history, documentation and time, immigrants from the Third World never made America great.

America became great despite its Third World immigrants!


“Suzy Hansen’s Notes on a Foreign Country caught my attention several months ago. The author—a journalist based in Istanbul for the past decade—began an inquiry into America’s role in the world with a simple observation: “I never made the same inquiries into my own country as I did here in Turkey.” When Notes was published last September, I too was an American abroad, and this observation struck me. It’s true; observing one’s country from an ocean away leads to (profound) realizations one might not have at home, especially during times of historic political upheaval.”

Those words describe this writer’s own experiences, awe and gratitude, having lived abroad in a nation that loves America and Americans - and the American ideal embodied in Ronald Reagan. His statue holds a position of prominence and respect with the nation’s parliament as its backdrop and the American Embassy as its front drop. That nation is Hungary, a nation that stood alone against the Soviet Empire then, and today’s invading hordes at its southern border, now, until it was joined by other nations in its resistance.


Hungarians might remind us what everybody should realize:

Third World immigrants didn’t invent the automobile, steam locomotive, combustion engine, jet aircraft, hypersonics, Google, iMac, internet, modern medicine, x-ray machine, MRI, CTS and nuclear imaging, the atomic and thermonuclear weapon, cyber security, television, radio, violin, piano and every instrument of the grand orchestra, digital communications, digital photography, analog and digital music, the laser, wifi, mobile phone, Nike and Adidas, high end cuisine, kidney transplants, eyeglasses and cataract surgery, or put men’s footprint on the moon’s surface and a Tesla on a whimsical intergalactic journey. White men and women of European, Christian and Jewish ancestry have. And none of them in the pursuit of excellence - the innovators and geniuses - resorted to tribalism, identity politics based on their skin, self-backpatting, crowing or braying at the moon, or racism. Instead of shouting and blaming, resenting the smarter and wealthier, and hate, or taking credit for the achievement of others, they went about doing for their nation - exercising their nationalism.

It is, and has been, the same same standards for the French, Germans, Russians, Chinese, and for the residents of the Planet Klingon.

The French Foreign Legion represents French national - nationalist - interests.

The Israeli Defense Forces represent not a race, not a religion, but the Israeli national interest.

The Jews are not and never were a race, or a religion, but have always been a nation.

The prime minister of India does not represent curry with purry on safron rice, a race, or religion.  He represents a nation. He represents a people of Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Zoroastrians, Buddhist, aethists, and others. The Defense Secretary and Secretary of State of the United States do not represent your skin color or feelings for a Tribe other than the American Tribe, or your need for another Obamaphone. They do, or should, represent the National Interest. The interest of all the people.

For a quarter of a century the national interest was the Clinton Foundation. The national interest and the Clinton Foundation were one and the same. That is, until the Clintons could no longer peddle influence, the donations dried up, the People were no longer With Her, the grifter couple had to find another gig to milk, and an businessman brought America hope and change. He is a nationalist.


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Socialism, international in scope and intent, represent tribalism and class warfare of the worst sort: exclusion, influence-peddling, self-dealing, corruption, violence and murder, and racism. It represents choosing, rather than “winning” winners.

It is the most undemocratic and tyrannical system of all, for it excludes groups and politics of people it dislikes and will not accept, and whose speech it will shout down or shut down, while favoring the speech of the “approved.” Approved speech. Socialism is always fascist.

It mandates inequality of results for its chosen group and for its chosen businesses which it subsidizes at the People’s expense. And equality for the rest who get the crumbs.

For example, socialists will give up to a $3 billion tax break to Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet. And to the sovereign funds of Arab sheiks who invest in Amazon stock. For the math-deprived, $30,000,000 is merely 1% of what your social-Democrat leaders of the cited states and cities will give to Jeff Bezos. The full amount is 100 times that!

According to Barack Obama and earlier Bill Clinton, the Good Deal for America was a nuclearized Iran subsidized by America, and nuclear North Korea subsidized by China. The Good Deal for New York and/or Virginia deprived these states, cities, and its citizens of cash for new infrastructure funding to build roads, airport terminals, new subways, new water supply. Instead it enriched Amazon and Bezos because they both need the cash.

Who is Jeff Bezos? He’s the man who purchased the Washington Post which he later used daily to bash the President, because the President demanded that Amazon pay taxes in all states where it does business. And the president’s intention was to give you, the citizen, the tax breaks instead of giving them to Bezos. The governor(s) of the states that will hand over these huge sum to Bezos got re-elected a few days ago.

Guess where some of that money for their campaign came from?

Guess which party these governors represent?

Guess why New York’s is considered the most corrupt among all 50 states?

Guess who will be running for president on the Democrat ticket in 2020?

Guess which nation will get scammed again?

Socialist democracy creates tribes of True Believers indoctrinated with ideology to get their votes…the very opposite the sentiment of people who elected Donald Trump, a nationalist, and the most non-ideological of presidents.

DEMOCRATS - THEY DO NOT EXIST! Nationalism and Patriotism do - and both are antidotes to identity politics, exclusion, supremacy, and racism

Donald Trump is not a Republican and never was. He is, as he says, a nationalist. If anything, he can be accused of being a Democrat, surrounded all his life by life-long Democrats, including his children. That, is exactly what many Republicans and #nevertrump have asserted, correctly, and accuse him of to this day. The catch:

America has no “right wing” party.

The right wing in America died when William F. Buckley killed it.

The Republicans are not a “right wing” party.

America has two parties: a leftwing party and a centrist party.

An extremist and a moderate party.

Donald Trump heads the moderate, sensible, reasonable, party.

However a pattern has emerged: When the leftwing party steps left, the centrist party steps left with it.

The right wing party has so receded into the past, that even historians do not remember it.

In fact, the aforementioned Washington Post, owned by Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos, stated in that link:

“20th Century Conservatism never made any sense.”

Of course it didn’t make sense, not until it took from the Democrats, thanks to the Skinny Kenyan’s eight years of peak narcissism and cluelessness, 1100 legislative seats nationwide, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, and left 13 of 50 governorships in Democrat hands.

Nothing makes sense until something does.

This does: There is only the American Nation and the American People. Under G-d, for which this Republic (not democracy) We, the People, Stand.


It is not that Donald Trump changed.

The Democrat Party changed.

The Democrat, not “Democrat-ic” party, was the liberal party of the working class, the lower and center middle class and the poor, of jobs and full employment, of rights that can be exercised - for example of the 2nd Amendment rights - and all rights. The Democrats once represented the men and women who built the nation with which Trump identified all his life - even after he became a billionaire. Construction workers, telephone installers, sanitation men, window washers, housekeepers, you. Today Democrats, not Donald Trump, represent the interests of foreign migrants, Big Businesses such as Amazon and GOOGLE, and the elites who profit by letting China, Mexico, the EU and NATO rip off the United States through bad trade deals and security arrangements.


Nationalism and Patriotism do - and both are antidotes to identity politics, exclusion, supremacy, and racism.

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Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team’s Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.