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Thanks to Progressives and their Liberal comrades, Congress can now pass trillion dollar spending bills, dependent on borrowed money, and the people are left holding the tab

Progressivism or Liberalism: What’s the difference?

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By —— Bio and Archives May 12, 2018

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Progressivism or Liberalism: What's the difference?
Several independent talk show hosts, I don’t care to name, are complaining that Liberals have taken over the Democrat party to the detriment of Progressive Democrats. They also complain about Republicans and want us to believe that Progressive Democrats would do a much better job of governing. It’s hard to understand their thinking because progressives, liberals and conservatives, regardless of party affiliation, always manage to come together to promote wars, spending, taxes and debt. Outside of the Reality Politics Show, put on by the mainstream media, their agenda is the same - to further the socialist agenda.

Moreover, Progressives and Liberals have repeatedly sold Americans out. For example, a Progressive Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, and his Progressive Democrat clowns in Congress, sold all Americans into debt slavery to a foreign banking mafia called the Federal Reserve Bank. Before the Federal Reserve Act, the U.S. Treasury coined debt-free money, and Congress couldn’t borrow trillions of dollars to fund new socialist programs or wage wars in foreign countries. Congress actually had to plan a budget and properly appropriate the funding for it. Thanks to Progressives and their Liberal comrades, Congress can now pass trillion dollar spending bills, dependent on borrowed money, and the people are left holding the tab.

On top of that, Wilson and his progressives, along with their mafia banking friends, are also responsible for the 16th Amendment to the Constitution that gave us income taxes. To this day, no proof has ever been presented to verify that a majority of states ratified the 16th Amendment. We just have to take some government clown’s word for it. Thanks to Progressives and their Liberal comrades, we are all paying interest, in the form of income taxes, to a foreign banking mafia for every dollar the government borrows. If debt slavery is their idea of progress, then I don’t want any part of progressivism.

Furthermore, another Progressive Democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt, supported by his Liberal colleges, gave us the socialist inspired “New Deal” that prolonged the depression of the 1930s and turned it into the Great Depression. Instead of supporting entrepreneurship and expanding manufacturing, that would have ended the depression, the New Deal created burdensome government dependant agencies like the Public Works Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

These programs were totally dependent on government funding, and that created more national debt. In fact, national debt soared under the New Deal. And, the Progressive’s answer to the deficit created by the government dependent agencies they created was to raise taxes, borrow more money and create more debt. Since there was not enough manufacturing or employment tax base to cover the debt incurred, the Progressive and Liberal Democrats got together and decided to fleece the American people of their wealth by passing the Gold Reserve Act. Progressives have been wrong on so many things that it’s virtually impossible to cover them all.

Taking America off the gold standard to create the Petro dollar

One talk show host blamed a Republican, President Nixon, for taking America off the gold standard to create the Petro dollar. That’s not exactly true. The Nixon Administration is responsible for the Petro dollar scheme, but Franklin Roosevelt and his Liberal and Progressive Democrats are responsible for taking America off the gold standard. The Gold Reserve Act of 1933 required all gold coins and gold certificates to be surrendered to the Treasury Department. The Gold Reserve Act outlawed the private possession of gold coins and certificates and forced individuals to surrender their gold to the Treasury at $20.67 per ounce, although the market price for gold was $35.00 per ounce. Even that fleecing didn’t cover the debt incurred by the Democrat’s New Deal.

Finally, Progressives and their Liberal accomplices fleeced the American people of their wealth with the Gold Reserve Act, and 1933 was the last year that gold certificates or coins were issued. So, there’s no way that Nixon or the Republicans were responsible for the taking America off the gold standard or turning America into a debtor nation. Progressive Democrats and their Liberal accomplices are responsible for all of it. Progressives can complain about Liberals taking over the Democrat party, but their complaint is ridiculous considering they have always been on the same side as Liberals. I only regret that all socialists, regardless of how they label themselves, weren’t forced out of both political parties a long time ago.

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