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Forced Health care, Handling of Egypt, Honduras

So many failures so little time Obama

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By —— Bio and Archives February 2, 2011

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National and international issues are in our face.  Egypt is vulnerable and falling apart and the fight is on against Obama care.

Monster Failure for Obama – Forced Health care

We already saw the House recently, vote for repeal of the Health care bill and now it has landed in the Senate,  where it is being tossed around like a red hot football.  Harry Reid is trying to create a dictatorship and stop the filibusters by the minority GOP.  Anything but a public vote where people in all 50 states can see what the vote was with elections coming up for Senators in 2012.  Let’s all hide in our corners like little rats.

Repeal of this unconstitutional nightmare is what the people want.  This attempted take over and ruination of our Health care system,  couldn’t be a larger failure by Obama and the progressive left.  Now two federal judges have ruled against it.  The latest ruling by Federal Judge Roger Vison is the harshest ruling yet.  I have read through much of it and it is brilliantly and clearly written.  The bottom line is it says the entire thing is unconstitutional and can’t happen. 

Naturally Obama has already appealed.  Along with the two rulings by Federal Judges against it now,  we have 26 other lawsuits filed against it by Governors and Attorney Generals of the following states:  Alabama,  Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan,  Mississippi,  Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,  South Dakota, Texas,  Utah,  Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

The fight is on but I predict there will be many rulings against this bill by other Judges.  The patient is dying and will be dead soon.  Thank God.

The next predictable failure is Obama’s handling of Egypt.

By now we have seen again and again on the news the uprising of over 250,000 people marching in the streets in Egypt wanting President Hosni Mubarak thrown out after 30 years of leadership.  We have also seen the unrest and push for democracy happen on the streets of Tunisia and Jordan.  The people want more freedom,  a better economy,  more this and more that.  Without realizing it,  especially in Egypt the people are setting themselves up to have their freedom shredded by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Remember that family values group?  They were founded in 1928 a by Hasan al-Banna with the goal of pushing a world wide caliphate of Islamic control after the Ottoman Empire collapsed.  They were totally based on the radical tenets of Wahhabism and supported fundamentalist,  Islamic teaching and Jihadi education.  Oh yeah….they are the group that spawned Al Qaeda.  Do I hear a cheer for family values?

Now that you are refreshed as to who the Muslim Brotherhood is,  they are circling the wagons around the protesters and appearing as all wanna be dictators do as the peoples messiah and solution for these troubled times.  Remember,  Hitler ran as a messiah,  change figure who would offer national health care,  build roads and give everyone a job,  while Castro did the same thing.  He was the ‘father Christmas’ of change and giving to the poor.  Once both dictators were in office,  the controlling agenda circled around the people’s necks and they were now slaves to the whims and wants of the tyrant.  That is exactly what we are seeing with the push for leadership and control by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now,  I am the first to realize that President Mubarak was a dictator but you must remember that all Muslim countries are basically dictatorships run by Sharia Law in varying degrees.  So,  among Islamic dictators,  Mubarak was one of the first to sign peace pacts with Israel,  show some measure of peace and stability as a neighbor,  unlike Iran,  Syria,  Palestine,  Saudi Arabia and Turkey to name a few.  Egypt was more of a stabilized Islamic nation.

Sadly,  President Mubarak has agreed not to run again in the fall elections and   more frightening but not surprisingly,  Obama has been backing the Muslim Brotherhood.  Aaron Klein pointed out in his Feb 1st article on that the U.S. embassy in Cairo met secretly with a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama are calling for an “orderly transition” to democracy.

How is it orderly to promote democracy by supporting and pushing the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood who started Al Qaeda and Hamas?  Already,  according to The Jerusalem Post, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood told Iranian news that he wants to see Egypt prepare for war against Israel.  Muhammad Ghannem allegedly told Al-Alam,  the Iranian news network,  that the flow of gas from Egypt to Israel should stop in order to bring down the Mubarak Government.

These are the people who want to lead Egypt and who Hillary and Obama are leaning towards.  Why should we be surprised, when they stood for the thug Zelaya out of Honduras,  instead of the Supreme Court and law and gave nearly a billion dollars to the radical Islamic group Hamas.

Let us pray that we can oust Obama before too many more failures build to the height of the former Trade Towers.

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