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Stay focused on the Russians and don't pay any attention to how my Democrat friends steal elections

The D.C. Swamp: Keep Your Eyes on Russia and Forget About Voter Fraud.

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By —— Bio and Archives December 4, 2018

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How many people are sick of hearing about Russian meddling, hacking and interference? It’s parroted by government officials, politicians and media talking heads. Almost every Democrat and Republican in Congress has talked about it and assured everyone that it’s real.  But don’t ask for proof. We have to take their word for it. At the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis even said, “Russia attempted to hack the U.S. midterm elections in November.” The key word here is attempted.

Apparently, busing people from California to Arizona to steal elections for Democrats isn’t worth mentioning. Election rigging and fraud, carried out by socialist Democrats who call themselves Americans, isn’t important at all. Don’t pay any attention to the voter fraud that went on in California and Arizona and pay no attention to the elections that were stolen by Democrats. Keep your attention on the Russians. Stay focused on the Russians and don’t pay any attention to how my Democrat friends steal elections.

In reality, the Russian meddling story was concocted to focus our attention away from the real election tampering and fraud. What about the Democrat vote harvesting that went on in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida and Georgia? Vote harvesting is when people cast absentee ballots in another person’s name. That allows Democrats to query people and find out if they are not going to vote, and if they are not, cast ballots in their name. It also allows people who live in other states to cast ballots for your representative. It also facilitates registering illegal aliens and the dearly departed in order to cast votes for Democrats. California has even passed a law that makes vote harvesting, otherwise known as voter fraud, legal.

Furthermore, fair and above board elections will not be allowed in this new democracy, but don’t concern yourself with that. We know what’s best for you even if you don’t, so just keep your attention focused where we tell you to - on the Russians. Mueller and his Demonrat cutthroats just love it when their seditious scam is validated by members of President Trump’s own cabinet. It opens the door for Mueller and his band of cutthroats to claim they found evidence that the Russians succeeded in hacking the 2016 election, swinging it in Trump’s favor. If you doubt their seditious scam, they can claim one of the President’s own cabinet confirmed the Russians attempted to do it again in the 2018 election.

To make it clear, the Russian deception amounts to nothing more than cover for the real collusion, meddling, fraud and deception that occurs in every election these days. We never hear much about vote harvesting or voter fraud, although it’s rampant. We never hear about Great Britain or communist China attempting to hack government and corporate servers in America, although it happens frequently. The only difference is that Russia “attempted” to do what others do and get away with everyday. Don’t believe for one minute that Russia is the only country attempting to hack into U.S. government and corporate servers. Hillary’s missing emails are safely in the hands of several countries including Great Britain, Russia and China. But, forgettaboutit.

In conclusion, why are state election machines or servers kept online in the first place? Is it so they can be hacked or is it to create the illusion that they were? The fact that key word in all the Russian hacking claims is “attempted” means that they failed. End of story! So let’s start talking about doing something that’s important to the confidence in and preservation of the U.S. election system. Let’s talk about putting an end to rampant election fraud that goes on right here in America. Nobody cares if Russia tried and failed to hack the election system. We care about the fraud being perpetrated on us by others who claim to be Americans.

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