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Keith Olbermann’s antics are both offensive and divisive, clownish stunts

United Against Olbermann, For All Who’ve Had Enough

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By —— Bio and Archives August 5, 2008

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One thing that most people on both the right and on the left can usually agree upon is the fact that those who risk their lives to serve our nation are deserving of our profound respect.  Apparently this belief is not shared by Keith Olbermann.

Tasteless TV antics are one thing.  Nominating a lieutenant colonel with a history of profound and exemplary dedication to his troops for a foolish and inane “Worst Person in the World” award goes far beyond the pale.
Decent people who reject sideswiping those who’ve served our nation well for the sake of cheap entertainment should make their voices heard.  Standing up to media bias is important enough.  Letting the networks know when we find their antics ridiculous also has its place, and benefits them (as they may rethink their idea of what people find entertaining) and ourselves (as it stops us from watching their garbage).  But when they start airing personal attacks on retired military men for the heinous sin of refusing an interview with a foreign counterpart, in this case al-Jazeera, we need to let them know they’ve gone to far.
Keith Olbermann’s antics are both offensive and divisive.  Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, can and often do unite in agreement on many issues.  One of those is usually the respect and honor we extend to our servicemen.  This is true of conservative radio show and TV hosts, and is equally true of network anchors and liberal talk show hosts.  But Olbermann and MSNBC have found a way to divide us on an issue that we are strongly united upon.  And that is as shameful as his antics are in and of themselves.
We must and will react.  To this end, a number of private citizens have supported an effort called United Against Olbermann.  While the name may be as humorous as one of his clownish stunts (part of the reason it was chosen), the effort is anything but.  It’s a serious response by people who refuse to support or endure baseless attacks on our military.
United Against Olbermann has taken an activist approach. 
It is clear that Keith Olbermann did not wish any success to the candidate he so disdainfully and unceremoniously trashed.  And so, United Against Olbermann has decided to make his hit piece counterproductive. 
To do this we have started a blog,, that will link to the donation site of any candidate wrongly attacked by Olbermann, starting with the army officer whose only sin was to refuse an interview with al-Jazeera, a network that Olbermann has never deemed fit to criticize despite its refusal to cooperate with American requests not to air the broadcasted messages of terrorists. 
The last thing Olbermann would want to see come from his antics would be to raise support for a former army officer running for Congress, Olbermann’s idea of the “Worst Person in the World.”  So let’s help send a message and teach Olbermann a lesson about values and decency.  One that isn’t generally taught at MSNBC.
Get involved and send a clear message.  Blowhards like Olbermann don’t care if they divide a nation.  As they attack our military, let us unite against their scurrilous tactics.    

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Yomin Postelnik is a noted conservative writer and political strategist for many conservative federal and state campaigns as well as the author of a Financial Literacy program for at-risk teens.