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Toronto Restaurant Guide

Donatello Restaurant

A cut above the crowd

The Cooks Are Coming 2 Dinner

The Cooks had the pleasure of visiting a Landmark on Elm Street, for Home cooked Italian Food at Donatello.

Charm and Elegance come together here where the Fine Dining experience is not to be missed. Located at 37 Elm, this quaint, family operated restaurant is between Bay and Yonge Streets in the heart of downtown Toronto close to many attractions, including the Delta Chelsea Hotel.

Upon our arrival, we met the delightful owners Giacomo (Jack) and wife, Filomena. They have owned and operated this business for years, and made us feel like we had just come to their home for a meal. We had the pleasure of being served by Kaiser who was most knowledgeable about the entire menu and the wine selections. He made our choices easy.

Caplansky's Deli

Where there's smoke . . . there's brisket.


Until the age of 25 I lived in the east end of London, England. There were two Jewish delis I frequented: Bloom's in Mile End Road, where on a Sunday morning the queue stretched around the block a couple of times -- a post-sabbath tradition; in that line-up deals were made, partnerships formed, politics discussed, marriages suggested, barmitzvahs arranged, grandchildren's photos shown, all to pass the time until your opportunity came to pick up a salt beef (corned beef) sandwich on rye if that was one's desire. The other deli was Phil Rabin's Salt Beef Bar on Great Windmill Street in the theatre district of Soho, oftentimes frequented by stars appearing on the London stage. Sadly, Bloom's is gone and Phil Rabin's is under new management.

When I came to Toronto in 1967, Switzer's Delicatessen on Spadina was the place to go, a noisy, busy deli with the best beef and crunchy dills, photos of famous stars on every wall and also where the finest cigars were also available. But that particular location is now closed although Mississauga, the Airport and Concord opened up Switzer's delis in its place.


Satisfying your innner cravings

by The Cooks.

The Cooks had the pleasure of experiencing Pan Asian cuisine at 'Cravings'. Located in Lawrence Park at 3393 Yonge Street since October 2007, The Cooks noticed how it was always well attended. We just knew it was going to be a great new dining location to check out. We were so glad we did.

Owners Odi and Conrad previously have been involved in the restaurant business. They have taken their experience and knowledge of different menu items and created a unique menu here, with the best of the best. They have combined Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine and have produced a first rate superb menu sure to satisfy any Craving...

Match Restaurant

‘Visually captivating’ food and art

By The Cooks.

The latest find of The Cooks was to an establishment by the name of Match. Located in Woodbridge at 177 Whitmore Road (Hwy 400 & Hwy 7 area) the unassuming address most certainly changes as you walk through their doors. Inside, we found the most wonderful, dining area. The vaulted ceilings decorated with large mirrors and spectacular wine rack catches your eye immediately leading up to industrial style open ceilings. The tables set up surround a large bar area, with private dining up the side stairway and a wonderful, event hall where catered events and weddings are held.

Sequel Restaurant

Modern French Cuisine with upscale urban comfort food

By The Cooks.

The Cooks recently were invited to enjoy a new dining experience at Sequel, located at 3362 Yonge Street. In operation since 2004, it stands out in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood where the owners Lisa and Eric are leaders in the industry.

A mixture of both a passion for good wholesome food entwined with a dedication to reducing their eco-footprint, owners Lisa and husband Eric are setting a trend through environmental initiatives focusing on shrinking their carbon foot print.

Voglie Restaurant

Wants, Cravings & Desires

By The Cooks.

(vol-e-ay) An intriguing name, translation being; "Wants, Cravings & Desires" – all of which were certainly met for The Cooks while visiting our latest find.

VOGLie, found at 582 Church Street, 1 block north of Wellesley Street, is situated in a beautiful Century home, approximately 130 years old. Owned by Leah and Maria - they have transformed an old structure into a lovely venue, filled with atmosphere and romance for an intimate dinner for two or a large function with friends.

La Bruschetta:

At home in the kitchen with the family and friends

by The Cooks.

The Cooks recently had the pleasure of dining at the well-established 'La Bruschetta'. Located on the south side of St. Clair Avenue West, this unassuming eatery presents outstanding quality and wholesome home cooked dishes. Owners Benito and Franca Piantoni along with their daughters, Silvia and Brenda collectively run a family operation not to be missed.

Casa Mendoza

Authentic Spanish estate on the shoreline of Toronto

By Judi McLeod

Like discovering diamonds in the grass, visitors lucky enough to happen upon Toronto's Casa Mendoza Restaurant can't believe their luck. Built by a refreshingly eccentric connoisseur, who indulged his dream of creating an authentic Spanish estate on the shoreline of Toronto, Casa Mendoza's captivating bay windows overlook breathtaking Lake Ontario & Downtown Toronto.

Casa Mendoza offers literally acres of free parking. Nestled amongst abundant foliage, there is no doubt it offers one of the most incredible views no other restaurant can match.

King's Table Fish and Chips:

And so much more...

By The Cooks Are Coming 2 Dinner The Kings Table, Fish & Chip… "and so much more…" most certainly describes The Cooks’ latest find. To say it’s your local Fish & Chip shop would be an injustice. Although the signature dish is the Fried Halibut & Chips, the menu is so much more. Owned by husband and wife team — Louis and Ursula, the two have created a great place in The Beach that is sure to succeed.

The Goof:

Garden Gate Restaurant

They're heading--in droves--to "The Goof's"
by Judi McLeod

The first time a friend suggested we "do lunch over at the Goof’s", I was a tad wary. "The Goof’s" is the fond nickname dubbed to the Garden Gate Restaurant by patrons, some of who have been going there since 1952. Somewhere in time, the `d’ in their "Good Food" logo went missing from a large outside sign. The nickname stuck long after the logo was repaired.

Garden Gate Restaurant at 2379 Queen St. E. (at Beech Ave.) lives up to its promise of "Good Food".

The Garden Gate Restaurant, which has daily lineups beginning with its 8 a.m. opening, needs no advertising.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod