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Travel Features: Mexico

Mexico By Sea

How best way to visit Mexico? For many Canadians, at this time of the year, it means flying to Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel or other locations. I admit to a bias. Since my days as a ship's surgeon I've loved being at sea. The smell of ocean air, time for relaxation and just watching the sea go by. So for me there's no better way to see and taste the pleasures of this colourful country than by sailing along the west coast of Mexico aboard the Ryndam, one of Holland America's fine ships. This allows a visit to many of Mexico's coastal towns and historic ports.

Two Mexican Resorts For The Price Of One

Like ham and eggs or apple pie and cheese some things go better together. For this reason two Mexican hideways Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are like kissing cousins, situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Known as the Mexican Riviera they are superb locations for escaping the winter. I had always had a desire to visit Ixtapa and to my delight found that the picturesque village of Zihtuatanejo was a mere 10 minutes away. Being of Scotch heritage, I hit the jackpot by finding two holiday locations for the price of one. And I have a well-kept secret on how to stay well in Mexico, and other locations.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod