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Clintons, perpetual attack, total war

Will we survive the Clinton process?

By John Burtis

Friday, October 6, 2006

Shortly after Bill Clinton was sworn in as President, the Democratic Party became nothing more than a single arm of the growing parasitic Clinton octopus.

The weak Democratic appendage was firmly cemented to the gelatinous Clinton body when the 900 or so raw FBI files ended up in the hands of that portly man of mystery, Craig Livingstone.

You remember Craig, he was the one man no one in Bill and Hilary's open charnel house could remember hiring, what he did, or how he managed to procure those doggone files. But the files went back, Livingstone left, I presume, and of course no one in the Clinton White House ever took a peek at their contents.

But somewhere along that line, a progressive party already beginning to drift, a liberal party that was just beginning to forget its liberal ideals and its high principles, a political party which was starting to forego any real attachment to meaningful platforms and plans for the sake of political power, met a man who believed in nothing save the worship of total political prestige, privilege, and control.

Yes, the Democratic Party, weakened by a long term lack of core values outside the driving need to hold onto, maintain, and return to power after years in an increasing empty wilderness, married the Clinton family in a hasty ceremony with no thoughts to the future save their rebound to hegemony.

The floundering Democratic Party and the amoral Clintons found the union inviting. Yet the Clintons, hollow within, baseless, driven by personal greed, and hungry for the limits of absolute power and its freewheeling chiliastic exercise, found the feeble Democratic Party a mere tool to be employed for their mutual and personal benefit, not as a partner, but as inferiors, much as the helots were lorded over by the citizens of Sparta.

But Bill Clinton, eager to taste every emolument of the office he failed to gain election by majority, selected a course, in conjunction with his spouse, designed to destroy anyone and everyone who cast any steady light of any measurable wattage on his misdeeds or leveled any kind of assault against his growing lawlessness.

And with the information from the FBI in the deep rubber pockets of his suits, the Democrats became his willing allies, while many of his enemies surrendered, disappeared, or got on board.

War was declared on the unbelievers. Every distaff eruption was met with a slash and burn response. Foes were meant to be destroyed, not merely vanquished. A war room was assembled. Private eyes were employed to sweep up the dirt. Pasts were plowed over and under. Lives, for the present and future protection of the Clintons, were destroyed.

And the Democrats, handcuffed and hypnotized by the Clintons, purchased as cheaply by Clinton cronies as dinners, publicized by their handmaidens in what passes for a majority of the press, gave up any semblance of a party with real active principles.

Oh, sure, they'll trot out a few short, simple ideas like "better college loans for the middle class," or "stop welfare for the rich." But they are as bankrupt of real thought as Ford Motor Company is when it comes to designing cars Americans will actually buy, beyond the aging Mustang and a truck or two. The war on terror is dismissed, while Iraq is just cut and run simplicity.

Today, all the Democrats can offer America, a scant 14 years after Bill Clinton took the oath of an office he laughed off in a building he trashed, is a mirror image of what Mr. Clinton offered us for much of his uniquely tarnished tenure – the drumbeat of attack, attack, attack, and smear, smear, smear.

Their October surprise, this fall, is a sad sorry assault made up of the desperate mewlings of a Republican representative toward what now appears to be an 18 year old man, if half of what passes for news can be accepted as truth-- released in a concerted campaign with the progressive media - an assemblage who are merely following the orders of the Clintons out of fear, who broadcast the tarted up assemblage as news without a bit of investigation.

When viewed in a historical light, their great heralded early autumn offensive is nothing more than another mournfully vicious attack based on what passes as morality. But in the supremely distorted reality of the Democratic/Clinton lens, it is nothing more than a tool designed to destroy another man, another youth, and whoever else gets in their way, with the aid and comfort of the Party and the press.

The mid-term election is coming and with it is another chance for the long fabled return to power for the Democrats.

And a victory here will set Hillary on the road to the throne in 2008, make her the dynastic follower to Bill, seal his legacy against all attacks for all time, and insure his total control over the Democratic Party for the remainder of his lifetime.

The gaudy, 24-hour-a-day, Clinton offensive operation has replaced political ideas, thoughts, philosophy, and tenets in the now completely and utterly bankrupt Democratic Party populated by an increasing number of secular progressives of the George Soros stripe.

Can we Americans survive this empty almost violent Clinton process much longer? An activity designed only for salvaging the beached hulk of a failed political and criminal past at the expense of a political party, victims too numerous to name, and our country?