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Guest Column

Afghanistan: a political apology

By Jud Ireland
Friday, March 10, 2006

Few Canadians, and that includes numerous MP's and media, understand what Canada is doing in Afghanistan, or why we are there at all.

Jean Chrétien squeezed out of the Iraqi conflict, so Canadians owe our good neighbors to the south a political apology. Therefore, our presence in Afghanistan is just that--a form of political apology.

Few Canadians understand the rules of war. Canada must now regain a lost presence within the ranks of the Western Industrial Complex, due to the actions of Mr. Chrétien.

Like it or not, Canadians had an obligation to support the Americans. We were supposed to be there--right or wrong. Sorry, but those naïve disciples of the late P. E. Trudeau wouldn't understand that. These are the same disciples of modern day Liberalism that foolishly believe that they can, and will, make the American power structure look bad at every opportunity.

If Canada pulled out of Afghanistan now, just think of what a slap in the face it would be for President Bush considering his already low ratings before the November mid-term elections. We cannot continually try to make the Americans look like they are doing something wrong and simultaneously want a signed lumber deal. So get a grip, Jack Layton!

The real problem is just how confusing Afghani life has become post 1992. Our success as peacekeepers will prove unsuccessful if we don't better understand the social / economic infrastructure of their society than it appears we do today.

Afghanistan is a collection of social enclaves, ruled by warlords who, collectively, act like a dysfunctional family. However, their differences are set aside when faced with an alien force (e.g. U.S.S.R. 1978 — 92).

The principle of democracy is not part of their way of life. For the moment these warlords are protecting their fiefdoms against the incursions of "Democratic Government", but when it becomes invasive, it will be physically resisted.

Unfortunately, the democratic vision of George W. Bush for Afghanistan will never happen!

Understand that just being a Taliban doesn't make one a terrorist. The Taliban are nationalist, just like millions of Canadians are nationalist. It was a million of these nationalists that lost their lives fighting the Soviets from 1978 — 92 (note: only 15,000 Soviets lost their lives in this same war).

Terrorists infiltrated Afghani society, but especially the most populated and poorer areas such as Pashtoon (south Afghanistan). These terrorists better organized the war lords in ways not thought possible by the West. One of the side effects of being better organized by the bad guys is the continual growth in poppy seed cultivation since 1993.

Any individual reaching a dismal level of poverty in either Canada or Afghanistan might find it easy to get into the dope business. Western Society's lack of foresight in the post 1992 Afghani society, by default created the underground economy that Afghanistan is now largely controlled by. That underground economy is driven by the demand of Western markets and everyone in the process gets a healthy cut off the poor Afghani poppy farmer.

What kind of functional democracy do the John Lennon dreamers imagine will evolve within this impoverished nation (173 of 178 Nations measured)? The Muslim renaissance in Afghanistan is going backwards. In a society that has refused to educate females, what progress can our soldiers expect to achieve?

Canadian troops in Afghanistan are not in a war; not acting as peacekeepers; but are in fact an unlawful police force styled swat team. Afghanistan is not a Cyprus styled "peacekeeping" mission, but merely a State Department issued contract to keep the Karzai democracy in office for as long as possible.