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Gun Control, gun crimes, gun lies

10 reasons why we should keep our gun registry

by Klaus Rohrich
Saturday, May 20, 2006

Now that the Canadian Gun Registry has been shown for what a fraud it really is, liberals and progressives everywhere are scrambling to find support for keeping it. In Wednesday's Toronto Star staff reporter Olivia Ward polled nearly every socialist she could find and had to get quotes from a global anti-gun activist in London to make her point.

"Around the world, the prevailing trend is towards tightening national gun legislation." the Star quoted one Anthea Lawson, spokesperson of the International Action Network on Small Arms, an organization that claims to represent 700 member organizations world-wide.

While I tend to believe Ms. Lawson's claim about gun control being a world-wide trend, given the recent rise in dictatorhips and repressive governments around the globe, I question the assertion that the Canadian Firearms Registry "has produced a dramatic reduction in gun deaths". Where does this woman get her information from--from the planet Mongo? If she had paid attention to what was happening inside her own country, she would know that gun control achieves the exact opposite of what it sets out to do. Britain outlawed private ownership of guns in 1997. As a result gun crime nearly doubled in the years between 1999 and 2003. In December of 2002, the UN surveyed 20 of the world's leading nations and found that England and Wales had the highest crime rate! Australia has had a similar experience.

But hey, facts have never deterred the Toronto Star from pushing its agenda and so it is that the Star followed up the next day with an editorial excoriating the Prime Minister for offering an amnesty and claiming that the amnesty signaled the end of the registry. The Star went so far as to admit that the Gun Registry was wasteful, what with its 10,000% cost overrun, two sets of books and all.

Never passing up a chance to slag knuckle dragging troglodyte Conservatives, the star's editorialist said "from the start, the registry was extremely unpopular with many rural and hard-core Conservative supporters who feel, like those in the American gun lobby, that it is their right to own firearms and feel aggrieved if they are asked by the public at large to license and register such weapons."

The number of falsehoods and disingenuities contained in this one sentence could keep an entire symposium of psychiatrists studying pathological lying for years. First of all, gun registration has been the law of the land for at least twenty years and if the Star's editorial writer didn't know that, then maybe writing editorials shouldn't be his or her job. The claim that the registry was unpopular with many rural people is true, albeit it wasn't only "hard-core" Conservatives who felt the Canadian Firearms Registry to be overly intrusive. And yes, there is the obligatory dig at those who are opposed to the Firearms Registry being in cahoots with the American gun lobby, a typical ham-fisted hack job from the newspaper that never met a socialist nannie-state program it didn't like.

But all that aside, there are a lot of reasons why the Canadian Gun Registry should be kept intact. Here are the top 10:

#10 To keep dyslexic bureaucrats employed

#9 The government has too much money

#8 Taxpayers aren't paying enough money

#7 Show those snotty Conservatives who's boss

#6 Serve as a template for a future silverware registry

#5 Make Jean Chretien feel good about himself

#4 Continue to keep our cities' streets safe

#3 To show the Americans we know better

#2 Keep Jack Layton from being assassinated

And the number one reason why we should keep the Canadian Gun Registry intact:

Because it's all about Canadian Values.