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Land dispute in Caledonia

Obeying the law — Dalton's going to think about it

By Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor,

Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Tuesday, Justice David Marshall of the Ontario Superior Court issued his latest ruling concerning the land dispute in Caledonia. Marshall ordered that negotiations between the province and the natives cease and that the natives who are illegally occupying the land be removed. (The province has just announced that they will be appealing Judge Marshall's ruling).

The natives, to no one's surprise, refused to comply with the order, saying in effect that white man's laws don't apply to them. But what did Dear Fearful Leader,otherwise known as Dalton McGuinty, have to say about the lawful order of one of Her Majesty's justices? McGuinty said "It's the kind of thing that we're going to take some time to carefully consider. So, this is now the standard in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario; the new normal. You have to seriously think about the law but don't have to comply with it. So the next time you're stopped for speeding on Highway 400 during an OPP blitz —you know, the ones that they have periodically to provide new comedy material to Sgt. Cam Woolley, politely remind the officer what province they are in and tell them you might have broken the law but that you carefully considered it before setting out.

On the same day that Justice Marshall was handing down his ruling telling McGuinty, again, to uphold the rule of law in Ontario, an article by Tracy Huffman appeared in the Toronto Star. Huffman reported that, according to Toronto police, 21 out of the 32 people who have been arrested in the city for murder so far this year, had been under some type of court order; bail, probation or a firearms prohibition, at the time the murder was committed. Assuming then for the sake of argument that all these people are guilty, there are 21 victims who would still be alive if these court orders had been followed.

In Ontario we are nothing if not "fair and under Dear Fearful Leader we are rapidly approaching being nothing. We can't have one law for white male premiers and attorneys general and another for young black male gangbangers. So why should those who commit violent crimes have to or be expected to comply with court orders when the premier and his government can just ignore them? And a lot of those arrested aren't as dumb as you might think they are. You can be sure that many if not most of them "carefully considered" their orders not to possess firearms before they obtained a gun and blew someone away. Since McGuinty and his gang thumb their collective noses at court orders, it's no wonder that violent crime is rampant in the Ontario. At least no one in Caledonia had died — well, at least not yet.

As with many things in life, there is good news and bad news in the McGuinty government's handling of the entire Caledonia fiasco. The good news is that Dalton McGuinty is looking absolutely prime ministerial. The bad news is that he looks like the prime minister of Lebanon. Like Lebanon, there is a section of the province that is completely lawless, controlled by a group who are a law unto themselves who do what they want, when they want to do it. Much like the Lebanese army, the Ontario Provincial Police are around somewhere but they never do anything or get involved.

Poor Dalton — unlike Lebanon, he can't even blame the Jews for everything. Nope, there's no one to blame but himself.

McGuinty's conduct in ignoring the rule of law is disgraceful. He really does think that he is above the law. And what's worse, he gets away with it.