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culture of corruption

Howard Dean, M.D.:
The WMD for Fools?

by J.B. Williams
Saturday, January 21, 2006

In yet another heartfelt plea for our hard-earned money, Democratic Party Chairman Dean once again makes his "culture of corruption" case in a fund-raising letter dated January 18, 2006.

Aside from growing weary of the obscene demand for ever increasing campaign sums, DNC fund-raising tactics are becoming as laughable as Osama Bin Laden's recent channeling of the DNC campaign talking points… Howard and Bin Laden are reading from the same script these days, with the same goal I'm afraid, the defeat of George W. Bush…and his war against international terrorism. Apparently, neither realizes that Bush can't run for office again in 2008.

I know Bin Laden ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I'm not the least surprised by his undisguised plagiarism of Democratic squawking points. He didn't even bother to rephrase any of those well regurgitated talking points in an effort to make his statement sound like original thoughts. Chances of any American functioning above a second grade intellect buying into Bin Laden's peace offer is slim to none… Which means, democrats will love it!

But I continue to be amazed by just how stupid Howard Dean and his campaign war-room staff believe their American constituents are. Even I think liberals are smarter than Dean clearly gives them credit for…

In Dean's latest letter he opens with "Many Americans sense that our government has been bought and paid for by powerful interests with deep pockets." No kidding! Can anyone say George Soros, Stephen Bing, Peter Lewis, Michael Moore or Barbara Streisand?

Dean says "They sense that our government's priorities are being dictated by something other than the public interest." You mean like the secular socialist interests of the few who demand special rights for their special circumstances at the expense of the vast majority of the people at large? You mean like the 22 senate Democrats who agree that Alito is supremely qualified for the high bench, but will vote against his confirmation in favor of their pet issues?

Do we know MoveOn.org, America Coming Together,  Progress for America,   or the Progressives League?  They are all DNC special interest groups and none of them represent the interests of the majority of Americans. They are the exact people McCain-Feingold was supposed to remove from the process…

Then he says "Republican leaders in Washington have deliberately and shamelessly built a money-for-influence machine unlike anything our democracy has ever endured." Helloooo!!! Who circumvented the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill intended to remove all BIG special interest funding from the campaign process with their army of 527 groups, leading to the most expensive Presidential campaign in world history before the ink was even dry?

"Many Democrats have spoken out about this "Republican culture of corruption" over the past months and years. But today our party takes a giant step forward -- with a single voice, we demand sweeping reform." Wasn't McCain-Feingold supposed to be that sweeping reform? …and had the DNC not run to set up hundreds of 527 organizations for the sole purpose of funneling that money back into the process, we wouldn't still be talking about this problem today.

Now most Americans are smart enough to be blinded by the bright light of hypocrisy in Dean's statements, which explains why their "culture of corruption" mantra is falling largely on deaf ears in the mainstream electorate. Only the pure party faithful are stumbling over themselves to regurgitate the chant…well, the party faithful and Bin Laden.

Dean pronounces "Right now in Washington our leaders in the House and Senate are unveiling the Honest Leadership & Open Government Act." I need to read this bill. It must call for the immediate resignation of nearly every Democrat in Washington DC… Now there's something I can get behind!

Dean's "culture of corruption" campaign strategy rests upon the Jack Abramoff lobbyist scandal. But Bloomberg reports "A week before party leaders proposed to ban privately funded congressional travel, Representative Gregory Meeks and three other Democrats boarded a jet in Washington for Jamaica's Montego Bay. The jet's owner: Stanford Financial Group, operator of an Antigua-based offshore bank."

Bloomberg goes on to report "In the last five years, more than 60 percent of the current members of Congress have accepted privately funded January trips. The bipartisan appeal of the junkets -- Democrats took 49.6 percent of them."

Here we are again, back where we always find ourselves at the end of every Howard Dean conspiracy theory, staring at Democrats who at best, are equally guilty of the same crap they hope to use to demolish their political opponents. Here we are once again, listening to the pot calling the kettle black.

Believe it or not, a few (blue county) village idiots will read Dean's letter and rush to write a check, proving only that some of their constituents are just as stupid as the party leadership suspects.

I wish I could keep going here, but frankly, it's just too nuts. People who read grossly hypocritical garbage like this and buy it, deserve whatever they have coming to them. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…

Most (red county) Americans figured out long ago that corruption in American politics is probably the only thing in American politics that isn't a partisan matter. Dean and his "culture of destruction" hope to keep tricking the few who have not yet figured that out into send them more money. Anyone who falls for it deserves what they get… But honestly, the majority of Americans who see right through this crap deserve much better.

I'm not sure which message was more entertaining this week, Dean's or Bin Laden's. Come to think of it… it's a tie, it was the same message!