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Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Hillary Clinton, Affad Shaikh, CAIR

Americans Against Hate to CAIR's Affad Shaikh: Put a sock in it

By Judi McLeod

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What do president wannabe Hillary Clinton and Affad Shaikh, Civil Rights Coordinator of CAIR-Los Angeles have in common?

Both obsess about America's "vast right-wing conspiracy".

Mrs. Clinton went on to build a political career from the `vast right-wing conspiracy' out to get her husband during the Monicagate fiasco.

Shaikh, writing on a web blog, has referred to various political, intelligence and media figures of the day as "Extremist Right Wing Nut Cases". His hit list includes Senator Joe Lieberman, Vice President Dick Cheney, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, former CIA head James Woolsey, Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, and Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity and Sheppard Smith.

Hillary Clinton, Affad ShaikhAs garrulous as Hillary on the topic, that's just the latest barrage in the blogging life of Affad Shaikh.

In July, Shaikh called President Bush and Condoleezza Rice "liars" and Vice President Cheney a "fat retard of a liar". As well he has likened Jews to Nazis and has stated that Congresswoman Jane Harmon is a "pocket protector" of the American lobby group for Israel, AIPAC".

The CAIR spokesman seems to have been able to borrow a leaf from the proverbial book of the Democrats, who portray all Republicans as paid up members in "Vast Right-wing Conspiracy" Inc.

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

Back in the days when the Democratic Party and its fellow traveler liberal media was sounding the alarm about all the horrible things that would happen if Bush was re-elected, Bill Moyer made dire predictions on National Public Radio: "The entire federal government--the Congress, the executive, the courts--is united behind a right-wing agenda for which George W. Bush believes he now has a mandate. That mandate includes the power of the state to force pregnant women to surrender control over their own lives. It includes using the taxing power to transfer wealth from working people to the rich. It includes giving corporations a free hand to eviscerate the environment and control the regulatory agencies meant to hold them accountable. And it includes secrecy on a scale you cannot imagine."

New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman called for the unearthing of an enormous scandal to put the Republicans out of commission once and for all.

The sky never fell and CAIR's Affad Shaikh seems to have picked up the Dem 's main mantra.

The voting booth is the only measure that will silence Hillary Clinton.

Americans Against Hate Chairman Joe Kaufman knows how to get Shaikh to put the proverbial sock in it.

"The atrocious behaviour of CAIR's Affad Shaikh should send a message to the media that CAIR is not a group to be dealt with on a cordial basis. In spite of the group's well-known ties to terrorism, CAIR's rhetoric should be viewed as unacceptable by any journalistic standards."

Are you listening Bill Moyer and Paul Krugman?

Americans Against Hate calls on the media to refrain from quoting representatives from CAIR and to stop portraying CAIR as a legitimate source of information.

For more on Affad Shaikh, see his CAIR Watch profile, at

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