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Climatologist Timothy Ball sends PhD to Canada Free Press

By Judi McLeod

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"Rubbish". That's what Dr. Timothy Ball calls detractors' charges that he is not a climatologist.

"That's absolute rubbish. I have a PhD in Geography with a specific focus on historical climatology from the University of London (England), Queen Mary College," Dr. Ball told Canada Free Press (CFP) yesterday in a telephone interview.

Thousands of letters of support flooded CFP when Dr. Ball's article, Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts? was posted on Monday's Drudge Report. In the space of two days, CFP received 1 million page views courtesy of Drudge.

Timothy Ball seems to have arrived as a somewhat unwitting patron saint for global warming skeptics from all walks of life.

While most readers overwhelmingly supported the first Canadian PhD in Climatology for his courage in stating, "global warming as we think we know it, doesn't exist", several email writers challenged his university degree.

Dr. Ball responded to the charge by saying, "That's absolute rubbish. I used the remarkable records of the Hudson's Bay Company to reconstruct climate change from 1714-1952 in large areas of Canada. The title of my doctoral thesis, placed in the public record at the library of Queen Mary College, university of London, England in 1983 is Climatic Change in Central Canada: A preliminary analysis of weather information from the Hudson's Bay Company Forts at York Factory and Churchill Factory, 1714-1850."

Global warming seems to be the fad of the moment with politicians and environmentalists ignoring science and jumping on the GW bandwagon.

"He (Ball) provided no evidence that climate change is not a reality. Furthermore he was never a professor of climatology," Eric Chamberlain wrote in an email. "If you don't retract the story an (sic) issue an apology to the American People you will be sued."

Another reader wrote to say he had heard that Dr. Ball's degree had been challenged by a Jacksonville, Florida radio talk show host. But when CFP called to check, the radio host's producer, who flatly denied anyone at the station had challenged Dr. Ball's degree, said the station was, in fact part of the huge media lineup waiting to interview the courageous climatologist.

"This always comes up," said Dr. Ball, who sent a copy of his degree to CFP. "It seems to come with the turf."

Colleague Tom Harris, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project (, a freelance columnist whose CFP column was also posted on Drudge a few months back knows how insults follow when scientists question the validity of global warming.

In an interview, Harris explained one of the primary reasons why attacks against those who would dare question climate change dogma in public have become so vicious: "What environmental extremists fear most is that the lid will be lifted off the Pandora's Box of modern climate change science," said Harris. "They are afraid the public, media and government will see for themselves the vast uncertainties and gross contradictions that exist in this rapidly evolving field, especially the most complex science humanity has ever tackled. There is no consensus among scientists who research the causes of the past century's modest warming‚ "it is in reality a hotly contested field in which even some of the most basic assumptions are regularly, and at times, devastatingly, critiqued."

Harris also maintains, "There is no fundamental research into the causes of global climate change being funded by industry in Canada and very little is apparent in other countries as well. The idea that dissenting scientists are pawns of big oil and other industry is simply a myth since the funding comes almost exclusively from the taxpayer. Should the results of this world-leading research be hidden from the public who pay for it? Apparently so, according to our opponents who would rather gag scientists than listen to what we are saying. NSRP exists to ensure this does not happen."

"I was as opposed to the threats of impending doom global cooling engendered as I am to the threats made about Global Warming," Dr. Ball wrote in his CFP article. "Let me stress I am not denying the phenomenon has occurred. The world has warmed since 1680, the nadir of a cool period called the Little Ice Age (LIA) that has generally continued to the present. These climate changes are will within the natural variability and explained quite easily by changes in the sun. But there is nothing unusual going on."

"Meanwhile, politicians are being listened to, even though most of them have no knowledge or understanding of science, especially the science of climate and climate change. Hence, they are in no position to question a policy on climate change when it threatens the entire planet. Moreover, using fear and creating hysteria makes it very difficult to make calm rational decisions about issues needing attention."

There is no doubt that the Pandora Box opened by Dr. Timothy Ball has caused headaches for Al Gore and Company: Average Americans and Canadians from all walks of life want global warming debated by science not politics.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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