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Collagen Producing Peptides For Wrinkled Skin

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

September 30, 2007

What made Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, so attractive? Certainly being born beautiful wasn’t a hindrance for her seduction of Mark Anthony. But apart from having genetics on her side she knew that natural beauty could be preserved and augmented by the application of healthy emollients. Both Cleopatra and Poppea, wife of the Roman Emperor Nero, used a honey-and-milk lotion to keep them looking youthful. But what would Cleopatra and Poppea have done to get their hands on a new potion proven to reduce wrinkles up to 78 percent?

Viagra For Climbing Mount Everest?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

July 15, 2007

Hmm… I had the naive belief that Viagra was strictly for making “amour”. Now I learn it may even help adventurers climb Mount Everest! On the other hand, if you decide to go down, rather than up, swim goggles may present a hazard. And handguns it seems are not the only things to shoot you these days. And is it really dangerous to eat nuts and seeds if you suffer from bowel problems?

Huge Response To Conjoined Twins Column

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

June 17, 2007

“I've never written before about a newspaper column, but I'm compelled to do so this time”. This was the general response following my recent column questioning the birth of conjoined twins. These replies speak for themselves.

A Story of One Disaster After Another

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, May 28, 2007

Several weeks ago I wrote about needless, dangerous, delays due to flaws in our health care system that resulted in surgery after an appendix had ruptured. Since then I've received numerous letters from readers reporting similar happenings. This unbelievable story is a tribute to small town doctors, the backbone of our profession, who receive so little attention. How one helped to save the life of a desperately ill patient against great odds.

The Many Tragedies of Conjoined Twins

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, May 21, 2007

Six months ago Tatiana and Krista Hogan-Simms entered this world in British Columbia as conjoined twins. Now they and their parents have become international celebrities appearing on major television shows. In the press the conjoined twins are described as "little angels". But every time I see their pictures I wonder why anyone would allow this cruelty to happen. Do any readers agree with me?

The Dog Is Not For Sale

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

March 18, 2007

Why do I carry dog biscuits to work? I admit they're healthier than the occasional hamburger I have for lunch! But the biscuits are for a magnificent German Shepherd dog. He's always with his master, one of the many homeless people begging for money on the streets of Toronto. But why the dog, when his master is unable to feed himself?

Course "101": Treating and Preventing Colds

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

March 11, 2007

"How do you treat a cold?" Sir William Osler was once asked by a colleague. He was one of this country's greatest physicians. "I tell them to go to bed, hang their hat on the bedpost, start drinking whiskey and stop when they see two hats", he replied. This facetious remark had some merit years ago. But today there's less chance of a hangover and greater chance of relief if you use a more modern therapy.

What You Should Know About "Holy Smoke"

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

December 18, 2006

This holiday season millions of people around the world will be going to church. And many will be lighting candles and offering prayers to the Almighty. But how healthy is holy smoke? And how hazardous is the Christmas tree? We're all cautioned to take special care it doesn't catch on fire. But I wonder how many readers have heard about "Evergreen tree abscess"?

What's Your Grade? A or an F?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, December 11, 2006

What have you learned from this column during the past year? I hope I've been a good teacher and you pass this test with at least 50 percent of the questions right. But don't get depressed if you flunk the test. I'm not going to tell anyone! And it may even help you when playing Trivial Pursuit.

Think Twice Before Arranging a Surprise Party

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Friday, December 8, 2006

Are you considering a surprise party for a loved one or an old friend? It's normally a generous thought and an enjoyable gathering. But a report in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that sudden surprises can have unexpected consequences.

The Lord Said, "Let There Be Light"

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

October 15, 2006

I recently addrssed the 4th International Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) Conference in Toronto. I planned to talk about the life of a syndicated medical journalist, how it had changed my life, and leave. Fortunately, I stayed and heard international experts discuss this type of light therapy.

We're Crazy, Not The South Americans

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Have you ever had the desire to cry out, "The hell with it. I'm tired and I don't give a tinker's damn what the boss thinks. I'm closing the door and taking a nap." In our North American society what we want to do, and can do, without getting fired, are two different things. But is it time for employers to agree that South Americans are not crazy for shutting their doors and having an afternoon siesta?

Cocaine in Water? I Prefer Wine!

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, July 31, 2006

Going camping in Newfoundland in August? If so, don't paint your toenails with bright blue, blueberry-scented nail polish. A report in The Medical Post shows this can be hazardous to your health. According to the Post, a young woman, while camping, was attacked by a mouse. The mouse bit her toe, refused to let go, and was finally killed with a broom. But what provoked the attack?

It Was A Pain From Hell

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

June 6, 2006

Have you ever had to crawl on your hands and knees because of severe back pain? It's not a dignified position. But it recently happened to me. What caused this problem and how did I finally get relief?

Less sex Dangerous? And How Safe is The Communion Cup?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Monday, January 23, 2006

"Why bother shaving today when I'm not going anywhere?" I thought. But I suddenly changed my mind. Dr. Shah Ebrahim, at the University of Bristol in England, reports that men who don't shave daily enjoy less sex and are more likely to suffer stroke and heart attack. It seemed to me that shaving is a small price to pay for increased amour and keeping alive!

How To Rid the Skin of Barnacles

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Vanity, thy name is woman", wrote the immortal bard William Shakespeare hundreds of years ago. He was right. I know, because two years ago I wrote a column dealing with "cosmeceuticals" and mentioned Reversa, a cream that helps aging skin. The avalanche of mail from female readers stunned me and gave the postman a backache.

Good And Bad News This Holiday Season

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

December 18, 2005

"It was the best of times and the worst of times" penned Charles Dickens in a Tale of Two Cities. Nothing has changed on planet Earth this holiday season. This week brings a good news story and one I'd prefer not to write.

How "Sleep Debt" Affects Your Health

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

William Shakespeare, in his play Julius Caesar, referred to sleep as "the honey-heavy dew of slumber". Just reading this makes me drowsy. But for millions of people a good night's sleep is elusive. And new research shows that insomnia may lead to several chronic diseases.

Eight Good Reasons to Make Love

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

April 26, 2005

Are you fed up reading about war, our failing health care system and crooked CEOs? If so, let's discuss a more pleasant topic, the way to ensure a long and healthy life. Some are convinced that jogging, a variety of diets or a daily glass of red wine is the answer. But what about sex? The fact is that making love is downright good for you. Here are eight reasons why you should put more amore into your life.

Reversing aging skin with Reversa

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

April 19, 2004

G.P.R. James wrote in 1829, "Age is the most terrible misfortune that can happen to any man. Other evils will mend, but this is every day getting worse." Why he left out women I have no idea! Today, one could utter the same lament. After all, who wants to get old? But although we still haven't found the secret for eternal youth, it is now possible to remove some of the wrinkles of aging. Today "Cosmeceuticals" are available to help restore aging skin.

Can You Keep These 10 New Year's Resolutions?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

January 4, 2004

Napoleon Bonaparte, reminiscing to Gaspard Gourgaud, his artillery officer, on the island of St Helena, remarked, "If you want to get on in this world, make many promises but don't keep them". Every New Year millions of people make promises which few keep, to their regret. But if you're steel-minded here are 10 resolutions that will help you attain a long and healthy life.

Potassium Iodide For A Nuclear Disaster?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

August 3, 2003

What would happen if terrorists attacked a nuclear power plant? Or an accident caused fallout of radioactive iodine? If you were driving in the opposite direction your first reaction would be to step on the gas. But for those trapped in a large city there would be absolute chaos on roadways as people tried to escape. So is it time to provide potassium iodide (KI) to Canadians to protect the thyroid gland from cancer?

The Wisdom of A Full Body Scan?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

February 23, 2003

How often do you wonder if that nagging pain is due to cancer? Or an impending heart attack? But suppose you're feeling fine, could there be a life-threatening disease present that hasn't been diagnosed? Some clinics now advertise it's possible to eliminate all these fears by a single "full body scan?" So what should you know about this 3-D peek at your insides?

Why Don't You Publish Your E-mail Address?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

January 5, 2003

How the years fly by. Years ago I started typing on a manual typewriter, then graduated to an electric one. Eventually I was shoved, kicking and screaming, to a word processor. Again reluctant, I accepted a more sophisticated computer with more bells and whistles than I would ever need. And unless you're a teenager, many of you know it isn't easy learning all the gizmos that go along with it. Some days I would have gladly shot the beast. Now I'm reasonably computerized and so are many others. That's why more and more letters from readers ask me, "Why don't you put your E-mail address at the end of your column?"

Would You Ask Al Capone To Reform The Criminal System?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

December 22, 2002

How naive can you be? Premier Romanow has been touring the country for months trying to discover what's wrong with the Canadian health care system. His simplistic solution? 15 million dollars. He believes that tossing more bags of money into the failing health care system will save it. His foresight is appalling. Even a 14 year old girl could figure that out.

The Checkup, Too Much Or Too Little?

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

December 1, 2002

What constitutes a good checkup examination? Good sense dictates that young children don't need a Pap smear for cervical cancer, a PSA test for prostate malignancy or X-ray studies to measure bone density. So what's done depends on the patient's age and it can save a life or prevent serious diseases.

Doctors Should Not Dress Like Used-Car Salesmen

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

December 1, 2002

"Thank God it's Friday." That's an expression we often hear in the workplace. Friday was once "dress down" day and everybody loved the relaxed dress code at the end of the week. Now it's relaxed clothing every day of the week. I have no idea how this casualness has affected the efficiency of the business community. But dressing-down has had an effect on how patients judge their doctors.

Beware of These Hazards

By Dr. W. Gifford Jones

July 7, 2002

The worst injury or death is the one that is preventable. And every year such tragedies happen because no one thought they could. For instance, did you know that you're toting a .367 magnum gun when you're cutting the grass?

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