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  1. Suppose This Woman Had Been My Mother!
  2. How To Be A Smart Drinker
  3. Health Ad Forbidden in Beer Case
  4. Drinking Mothers Commit A Cardinal Sin
  5. We Need A Boar's Head Pub In Every Hospital
  6. New Year's Red Wine Headache
  7. Sorry, James Bond, but you're wrong
  8. What You Don't Know About Sleeman Beer
  9. Why I'm Not A Teetotaler
  10. The Morning After 2001
  11. U.S. Government Agrees on Medical Benefits of Alcohol
  12. Who Wants To Disagree With Secret Agent 007?
  13. Send Wine, Not Flowers
  14. There Are More Old Wine Drinkers Than Old Doctors
  15. A Book, "The Healthy Barmaid", Is Born
  16. Is Alcohol Friend Or Foe?
  17. What Protects The French From Heart Attack?
  18. Alcohol isn't the only hazard on New Year's Eve
  19. Does social drinking protect the heart?

Alternative Medicine

  1. Tips On Alternative Medicine
  2. Are Herbal Remedies Harmless?
  3. What You Should Know About Herbal Medicines
  4. What You Should Know About Alternate Therapies


  1. "I'm Sorry I Don't Know How Much Radiation Is Given"
  2. Stop Lying To Women About mammography
  3. Non-Smokers With Lung Cancer Get Double Whammy
  4. Obese Men and Women More Likely to Die of Cancer
  5. Darling, I Decided To Get a Second Opinion
  6. Death From The Sun
  7. If Breasts Can Be Examined Why Not The Testicles?
  8. His sex prowess may enter The Guinness Book of Records
  9. The Good And The Bad Of Cancer Screening
  10. Milk Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk By 50 Percent
  11. Do Support Groups Extend Life?
  12. Music Can Save Lives
  13. Pat Quinn Sends The Wrong Message
  14. The Prostate Dilemma In Treating Cancer
  15. Is there a good side to Terminal Cancer?
  16. "TSE" Can Save The Lives of Young Men
  17. Charlie and Sassafras, Cancer Specialists!
  18. Another Way To Miss Breast Cancer
  19. Can The Iron Lady Be Stopped?
  20. This Christmas Cancer pain can be relieved by a single injection
  21. The skin's memory is like an elephant
  22. Eat your carrots and prevent Cancer
  23. I don't know what to say


  1. Your Heart Is Slowly Dying From Chronic Scurvy
  2. Tortilla Chips To Lower Blood Cholesterol?
  3. What Women and Husbands Don't Know About Heart Attack
  4. 2006: Make It The Belly Year
  5. Infection and The Nation's Number one Killer
  6. Should We Be Hooked On Fish?
  7. Osler's "Defective Rubber" Kills Us
  8. Why Cholesterol-Free Foods Can Be Dangerous
  9. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Diet for All Ages
  10. Rx : Take This Polypill Once A Year!!
  11. Will President's Clinton's Physicians Prescribe Coenzyme Q-10?
  12. President Clinton And Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  13. Grandchildren, The Long Visit Can Be Lethal
  14. The Triple A Disease That Can Kill
  15. Should You Fly Over That Big Gaping Hole?
  16. Research in a London pub
  17. CRP Predicts Heart Disease Better Than Cholesterol
  18. Aspirin Can Prevent Many Serious Diseases
  19. A New Technique For Coronary Bypass Surgery
  20. Eating Almonds To Lower Blood Cholesterol!
  21. Rhabdomyolysis And Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  22. A New Drug To Lower Bad Cholesterol
  23. Should You Put Your Toothbrush in the Dishwasher?
  24. Baldness, Another Risk Factor For Heart Disease?
  25. Stress and Cholesterol
  26. The Tired Heart
  27. Confused About Your Cholesterol Numbers?
  28. The "Beat" And What Happens when it Falters?
  29. Who Cares? Another Drug To Treat Hypertension
  30. Beware of Mevacor and Grapefruit Juice
  31. Believe Me; It's Not Like An Appendectomy
  32. 10 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs
  33. I'm Not A Good Patient
  34. The Cry Of The Heart
  35. A Simple Way To Predict Heart Disease
  36. Hungarians Are Not The Only Grave-Diggers
  37. The Odds Are Better With Sex Than at Las Vegas
  38. Does Aspirin Protect Against Several Diseases?
  39. Kill the Cat or Your Child!
  40. 10 Things To Know About Your "Vital Rubber"
  41. Why Women Must Become "Heart Smart"
  42. Shoes, Eggs and Blood Cholesterol
  43. 10 Ways To Decrease The Risk of Heart Attack
  44. The Cry Of The Heart
  45. Can Atherosclerosis be Reversed?
  46. A New Year's Resolution To End "Boob Tube Obesity"
  47. Does Too Much Iron Cause Heart Disease?
  48. "The Golden Hour"
  49. Another Look At The Earlobe Crease
  50. The "Hippocratic Oath" and the "Big Boom"
  51. How a pickup truck can kill your child
  52. Cholesterol-lowering drugs and violent death
  53. Some Murmurs are like the swinging doors of a Western Saloon
  54. 12 Cholesterol Myths
  55. President Bush, Eat your Broccoli!
  56. Is television affecting your child's health?
  57. How self-medication can kill you
  58. Is it better to be shaped like an apple ora pear?
  59. Don't put Coronary Bypass patients close to the Kitchen
  60. Is it Cholesterol or Fibrinogen that causes a Coronary?
  61. Unclogging Coronary Arteries: The new way
  62. Can you score 75 on this Cholesterol test?
  63. Why should you exercise?
  64. The best treatment for Hypertension
  65. Whitecoat Hypertension
  66. Impotence and Longevity
  67. Is the Chest pain due to a Heart Attack?
  68. Have Doctors finally discovered a "Drano" for Humans?
  69. Should your Cholesterol level be tested?
  70. Estrogren Therapy helps fight Heart Disease

Ears, Nose, Throat, Eyesite

  1. How iPods Can Make you Rich, Rich, Rich
  2. What To Know During The Allergy Season
  3. The Tight Necktie Syndrome
  4. The Do's And Don'ts of Sinusitis
  5. Socioacusis: The Case Speaks For Itself Against The ACC
  6. Careless Use of Contact Lenses Can Cause Blindness
  7. The Sneak Thief of Sight
  8. Is it a Floater or a Detached Retina?
  9. To Hear Or Not To Hear
  10. The Dangers of Tongue Piercing
  11. Is Laser Eye Surgery Worth The Risk?
  12. Are You Using Contact Lenses Safely?
  13. "Blueberry Test" Fights Bad Breath
  14. Don't Mask Your Allergy Symptoms, Treat Them
  15. Surgery For Near-sightedness
  16. The Dry Eye Syndrome
  17. Meniere's Disease Or a Tight Collar?
  18. A Drug That Made Me A Hero With My Mother
  19. The Multifocal Lens, A New Advance in Cataract Surgery
  20. 10 Ways To Protect Your Eyes
  21. What You Should Know About Contact Lenses
  22. Reading The Label Can Save Your Life
  23. Gable sweeps Vivian Leigh into his arms
  24. What You Should Know About The Sore Throat Card?
  25. How To Prevent Blindness From "The Sneak Thief of Sight"
  26. New Hope For Retinal Detachment Patients
  27. Meniere's Disease
  28. A Simple Painless Way To Stop Snoring?
  29. Halleluja For the The Non-Sedating Antihistamines
  30. What Parents Should Know About Fireworks
  31. Are You Listening With The Other Ear?
  32. Yuletide Colds and The Wisconsin Card Game
  33. Night Blindness


  1. What You Should Know About DHEA


  1. Prexige A New Painkiller For Arthritis Pain
  2. Bull Elephants Advice on Treating IBS
  3. Alcoholic Cirrhosis From Eating?
  4. The Do's And Don'ts of Rectal Bleeding
  5. There Are Stools And There Are Stools
  6. Think "refrigerator" when treating hemorrhoids
  7. The Great Canadian Fart Survey
  8. Don't Let Your Dignity Kill You
  9. A Novel Way To Relieve Rectal Discomfort
  10. A New Drug To Treat Heartburn
  11. Please Help Me
  12. The Fallacy of Colonic Cleansing
  13. What You Should Know About I.B.S.
  14. Will you get an ulcer this Christmas?
  15. Don't Love Your Liver Too Late
  16. The 90 Percent Solution For Anusitis and Hemorrhoids
  17. What You Should Know About GERD
  18. Do Laxatives Cause Cancer?
  19. The Latest Treatment for Peptic Ulcer
  20. Think "Mother-In-Law" If You're Constipated
  21. It's Safer Living In Uganda!
  22. Open The Refrigerator For Relief of Rectal Irritation
  23. The Case of the "Floating Stool"
  24. The 90 Percent Solution For Hemorrhoids
  25. The Tight Pants Syndrome!
  26. The Do's And Don'ts of Rectal Bleeding
  27. GERD and LES Are Not The Latest Pop Stars
  28. Take Some Honey, Honey For Peptic Ulcers!
  29. Are You Treating Your Peptic Ulcer The Wrong Way?
  30. Take A Lesson From The Battleship King George V
  31. It's Time to Start Constipation Anonymous
  32. Beware of Flatus this Christmas
  33. The Rectum's "Magic Wand"
  34. The Best Tests For 1993
  35. Does Bacteria cause Peptic Ulcers?
  36. What You Should Know About NSAIDS
  37. Did piles defeat Napoleon at Waterloo?
  38. Mother's advice was wrong
  39. How much gas is too much?
  40. Just because it's there, you don't have to go
  41. The lazy bowel
  42. The name of the disease doesn't matter when it strikes
  43. Don't leave home without one


  1. If Estrogen Causes Cancer, Where is the Epidemic?
  2. Condoms With Barbs And Lethal Barbecue Brushes
  3. Rapid Genital Atrophy After Stopping Estrogen
  4. Rectal and Vaginal Blowouts While Water Skiing
  5. New Technique Prevents Needless Hysterectomies
  6. Medical Madness and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  7. The Yo Yo Effect: Why It Results in Needless Mastectomies
  8. A Cesarean Section On A Lucky Day?
  9. Don't Teach Your Dog This Trick
  10. Sex without Estrogen can be dangerous
  11. Yogi Berra Was Right
  12. 50 years of progress in human fertility
  13. The Cape Breton Solution To Teenage Pregnancy
  14. Mirena, A New Method Of Contraception
  15. Evista, Another Way to Treat Osteoporosis
  16. The Answer To The HRT Dilemma
  17. Bill C-13 Treats Infertile Couples Treated Like Criminals
  18. A New Method To Treat Infertility
  19. Eat Swamp Dogwood For Morning Sickness?
  20. What Women Should Know About The Pill In 2002
  21. Ovarian Cancer, Scaring Women Half-To-Death
  22. A New Treatment For Genital Warts
  23. The Lethal Nature of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Health & Sex

  1. Congratulations, You Should Be Proud At Your Age!
  2. Eight Good Reasons to Make Love
  3. Many Reservations For Thorupgaarden Nursing Home!
  4. Pornography At Nursing Homes?


  1. Low Intensity Light Therapy Heals Chronic Wounds
  2. Travelling Without Montezuma's Revenge
  3. 0157:H7 Is Not the Number Of A Car License
  4. Should You Sack a Doctor Who Wears a Necktie?
  5. This Fall Think About Lyme Disease
  6. Pleasures and Dangers Of Hot Tub Baths
  7. Do You Suffer From "Potty Paranoia?"
  8. Sexually Transmitted Disease In Middle-Aged Adults
  9. Gardasil A Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer
  10. A Condom In The Mail?
  11. How NHL Players And Olympic Athletes Fight Colds


  1. The Dangers of 80 Percent
  2. Do Doctors Practice What They Preach?
  3. 10 Ways To Beat Stress In 2006
  4. Children Choked By Their Own Fat
  5. Bugs Bunny Carrots to Lose Weight
  6. Who Says 10,000 Steps a Day?
  7. Super Aspirin Not So Super
  8. Why Your Child May Die Before You
  9. It's Okay To Inhale To Stop Smoking
  10. Pogo Was Right
  11. What you don't know about Tylenol can kill you
  12. Would You Ask Al Capone To Reform The Criminal System?
  13. Put a Tape Measure In Every Christmas Stocking
  14. The Checkup, Too Much Or Too Little?
  15. The Big Bottoms Have It
  16. Does a Healthy Lifestyle Really Pay Off?

Medical News

  1. World Fast Against Malaria

Medical Notes

  1. Collagen Producing Peptides For Wrinkled Skin
  2. Huge Response To Conjoined Twins Column
  3. A Story of One Disaster After Another
  4. The Many Tragedies of Conjoined Twins
  5. The Dog Is Not For Sale
  6. Course "101": Treating and Preventing Colds
  7. What You Should Know About "Holy Smoke"
  8. What's Your Grade? A or an F?
  9. Think Twice Before Arranging a Surprise Party
  10. The Lord Said, "Let There Be Light"
  11. We're Crazy, Not The South Americans
  12. Cocaine in Water? I Prefer Wine!
  13. Less sex Dangerous? And How Safe is The Communion Cup?
  14. How To Rid the Skin of Barnacles
  15. Good And Bad News This Holiday Season
  16. How "Sleep Debt" Affects Your Health
  17. Reversing aging skin with Reversa
  18. Can You Keep These 10 New Year's Resolutions?
  19. The Wisdom of A Full Body Scan?
  20. Beware of These Hazards


  1. Five-Minute Wait Decreases Risk of Lead Poisoning
  2. Torture In the Big Toe At 2:AM
  3. Why Diabetic Patients Need Aspirin
  4. HBOT To Treat Chronic Conditions
  5. Amevive: A New Biologics Drug To Treat Psoriasis
  6. A New Treatment For Difficult Rheumatoid Arthritis
  7. Genetic Family History 101
  8. Psoriasis: Osler Advised Sending Them To Egypt
  9. New Help For Diabetic Patients But What About Bears?
  10. The Night The Cat Died
  11. How Hypoglycemia Can End a Tennis Game
  12. Canadian Cancer Society Wrong Again
  13. Potassium Iodide For A Nuclear Disaster?
  14. How Chickens Decrease The Risk of Macular Degeneration
  15. Feeling Tired And No One Knows Why?
  16. The Checkup, Too Much Or Too Little?
  17. Do Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Cause Heart Failure?
  18. Rx- Suffer A Little Bit
  19. You Have One Chance In Four Of Having NAFLD


  1. Cabernet Sauvignon To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
  2. The Twin Epidemics
  3. Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Caused Memory Loss in Astronaut
  4. Shake Martinis But Not The Baby
  5. The Restless Leg Syndrome
  6. Brain-Computerized Thought The Best and Terrible Science
  7. Bell's Palsy: The Mona Lisa Syndrome
  8. "Unroofing" The Spinal Column To Treat Spinal Stenosis
  9. In Multiple Sclerosis, Fewer Injections Are Better
  10. Go Fast, Fast, Fast To Survive Brain Attack
  11. New Hope For Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  12. Keep Cerebral Palsy Out Of the Courts
  13. Aspirin A New Approach To Treating Migraine
  14. Technology Can Help Spastic Patients


  1. Are Rare Steaks Good For Your Heart?
  2. Famine The Only Cure For Obesity
  3. Yellow Pickerel Will Cure My Depression
  4. Picky Eaters: The Terror Of Being Invited To Dinner
  5. How To Fight Cancer With Food
  6. Thank God For Prince Edward Island Potatoes
  7. Magnesium Keeps The Undertaker Away
  8. The Uncensored Hot Dog: What Does It Look Like?
  9. President's Choice Is Helping To Fight Hypertension
  10. Low Carb Diets Now History
  11. Do You Know What Your Child Is Drinking?
  12. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Diet for All Ages
  13. How Much Water, Potassium and Salt Do We Need?
  14. The Disease With a Thousand Different Faces
  15. Chickens Decrease The Risk of Macular Degeneration
  16. How Naturegg Omega Pro Liquid Eggs Help The Heart
  17. 10 Health Benefits Of Dairy Products
  18. Joe Hudson, The Omega-3 Egg Man
  19. Salmon, To Eat Or Not To Eat?
  20. The Constipated Battleship King George V
  21. Life May End Rather Than Begin at 40
  22. Start Losing Weight In Just 20 Minutes
  23. "Energy Bars" and Other Nutritional Tidbits
  24. Famine The Only Rx For Obesity
  25. Milk Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk By 50 Percent
  26. What You Should Know About the "Difficult Infection"
  27. How To Be A Smart Drinker
  28. Schools and Hospitals Can Fight Soda Pop Obesity
  29. Blueberries and Brain Power?
  30. From 1600 T0 400 Calories in 40,000 Years!
  31. Milk Helps to Prevent Stroke
  32. Eating Your Way Out of Arthritis
  33. Milk Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk By 50 Percent
  34. Is The Answer A Tax on Fatty Foods?
  35. Can Chocolate Be A Health Food?
  36. Cats Love To Love Me
  37. Does aluminum cause Alzheimer's Disease? first of two parts
  40. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?


  1. Are Osteoporosis Drugs Killing Your Jaw?
  2. New Space-Age Way To Treat Osteoporosis
  3. Sharks Take A Bite Out of Joint Pain
  4. Baby Boomers : Medical Problems Waiting To Happen
  5. Natural Ways To Ease The Arthritis Pain of Aging
  6. Single Injection Relieves Arthritis Joint Pain For Months
  7. Helpless Without Epinephrine Kit
  8. Relieving Pain By Low Intensity Laser Therapy
  9. Single Injection Relieves Arthritis Joint Pain For Months
  10. It's "Calcium Balance" That Causes Osteoporosis
  11. The Dangers of Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  12. Course 101 In Back Pain
  13. How Much Sarcopenia Do You Have?
  14. Fighting Arthritis With Exercise And Pennsaid
  15. Protect Children From Catastrophic Hockey Injuries
  16. Pennsaid, A New Local Treatment For Osteoarthritis
  17. Five Days Later My Father Was Dead
  18. Demolition Drivers Could Save Us Billions of Dollars
  19. Eating Your Way Out of Arthritis
  20. Low Testosterone and Fractured Bones
  21. New treatment For Tennis Elbow and Painful Heel
  22. New Information on Drugs to Treat Arthritis
  23. High Heels and Knee Injury
  24. What Is The Best Way to Manage Osteoporosis
  25. The Gold Standard For treating Arthritic Pain
  26. I'll Never Know Why She Hit Me
  27. The Male Menopause and Broken Bones
  28. Red Flags For Back Pain
  29. What We Can Learn From Ballerinas and Hockey Players
  30. A Great Birth day Present
  31. A Novel Way To Ease Knee Pain
  32. Priests, virgins, tame bears and chiropractors
  33. Do you have an emotional backache?
  34. North american chinese foot torture
  35. The most common joint disease


  1. What's So Important About 5,230?
  2. Why we Should Allow Sterilization of a Mentally Retarded Person
  3. I'll Loan You My Daughter If This Doesn't Worry You!
  4. The Math Of Medical Ethics 101
  5. A Bus Advertisement May Be The Answer
  6. The cheapest, safest and best remedy for the common cough
  7. Sir Isaac Newton's Boob Lifter
  8. Medical Madness Christmas 2003
  9. It's Great Science, But all the more need for a living will
  10. A Letter From Singapore
  11. Could Genetically Designed Humans Be Any Worse?
  12. My E-Mail Nightmare
  13. Help Your Family By Signing A Living Will
  14. "Terminal Sedation" Is Not Death With Dignity
  15. Readers Want A Singapore Solution For Canada
  16. Why Don't You Publish Your E-mail Address?
  17. The Prescription, Singapore, Not Safe Injection Sites
  18. Doctors Should Not Dress Like Used-Car Salesmen
  19. Will I get Another "Tin Cup" Award?
  20. How About A Laugh This Week?
  21. Snufffing Out Medicinal Marijuana Is The Wrong Move?
  22. "Botox" The New Wrinkle-Free Cosmetic Boom
  23. 95 Percent OK Prescription Farm Work
  24. The Best Prescription: "Farm Work"
  25. Rats Get Priority Over
  26. Doctors Should Prescribe Marijuana For Those who Need it


  1. Anyone Want To Own a Ranch?
  2. Drugging Children, A Cruel Sign of The Times
  3. Would Clint Eastwood Admit to a Crying Jag?
  4. Eight Ways To Beat Stress In 2006
  5. Sex For Psychiatric Patients
  6. Stress You Get Paid For
  7. REMEMBER-fX: The Smart Pill
  8. Fighter Pilots and a Yankee Centenarian
  9. Lincoln and Churchill Lived Lives of Quiet Desperation
  10. Everything Is Black
  11. Demolition Drivers Could Save Us Billions of Dollars
  12. Depression, Brutus Right or Wrong?
  13. The Dangers of Tongue Piercing
  14. Can You Pass This Test?
  15. "Pinocchio Syndrome"


  1. Viagra For Climbing Mount Everest?
  2. Pneumonia, The Big Killer
  3. A New Drug To Treat Asthma
  4. A Better Way To Treat "COLD "
  5. The "White Death" And Airplane Travel
  6. Zyban, A New Drug To Kick The Nicotine Habit
  7. The Benefits and Hazards of Marijuana
  8. Lung Reduction Surgery For Emphysema patients
  9. A Little "Fidgeting" Can Prevent Pulmonary Embolism
  10. The Boston Red Sox and Tuberculosis
  11. How to kill your asthmatic child: second of two parts
  19. Should your cholesterol level be tested?


  1. Sudden Sports Deaths in Young People
  2. It Was A Pain From Hell
  3. How To Avoid The Hazards of Summer


  1. Unexpected Consequences of Joint Replacement Surgery
  2. How Would You Like To Be This Patient?
  3. How To Prevent Unusual Hazards in 2007
  4. Unfortunately, I Cannot Guarantee Your Survival
  5. What's The Best Day To Have Surgery?
  6. Is It Losing an Ear or Using Bloodsuckers?
  7. If It's Partly Broken Should You Fix It?
  8. Why Surgeons Need Cockpit Training
  9. A Surgical Assembly Line to Repair Hernias
  10. Reduction Surgery to Treat Emphysema
  11. Unexpected Consequences of Joint Replacement Surgery
  12. Urinary Incontinence, A Little Tape Can Cure It
  13. Think Twice Before Agreeing to These Operations
  14. Appendicitis Strikes More Than Kids
  15. A Scotch-and-Soda And an Alarming Surgical Dilemma
  16. Sacrifice Part of Your Stomach To Lose Weight?
  17. How Would You Like To Be This Patient?
  18. The Benefits and Risk of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  19. The 90 Percent Solution For Hemorrhoids
  20. Lung Reduction Surgery For Emphysema patients
  21. Do Male Gynecologists Need a Sex Change?
  22. Pigs May Save Thousands of Lives
  23. Don't Worry If Your Surgeon Has A Personality Like Dracula's
  24. Computers and "Funny Feeling Fingers"
  25. What A Pity Common Sense Is So Uncommon
  26. How A Greek Mother Solved a Researcher's Problem
  27. Is It Prudent To Seek a Second Surgical Opinion?
  28. This Hunter Wished He'd Gone Fishing
  29. Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy And Common Bile Duct Injury
  30. Nipple Discharge: Is it Cancer?
  31. Why A Baboon Liver?
  32. Where Are All The Christians Hiding?
  33. How a hoover vacuum solved the riddle
  34. Minor surgery and the holiday inn
  36. Vanity surgery can kill


  1. Fluoridation, And Why Montreal Males May Be Better Lovers
  2. Fluoridation of Water A Health Benefit Or a Toxic Drink?
  3. Prevent Your Teeth From Falling Out
  4. Do Infected Gums Cause Heart Attack
  5. For want of a nail the kingdom was lost
  6. Finally an end to the clickety-clack
  7. How travellers should handle dental emergencies
  8. A high score keeps your teeth a lifetime


  1. Cranberry Women's Formula For Improved Health
  2. Diapers are not just for babies
  3. Scotty Bowman is Teaching More Than Hockey
  4. A New Treatment Of The Overactive Bladder
  5. Operation Helps Men Urinate Like Teenagers
  6. The Testicles Top Song: "It's Too Darn Hot
  7. The Billion Dollar Erectile Race
  8. Cran-Max Cranberry To Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
  9. What Men and Their Wives Don't Know About Andropause
  10. Toss Mountain Bikes Away Before Romancing Your Lady
  11. Is Impotence An Alarm Bell For Heart Attack?
  12. PSA Screening Results in 30 Percent Over-Diagnosis
  13. New Treatment For The Fractured Male Organ
  14. Your Kidneys And a Brown Paper Bag
  15. Feeling a Little Sexy and Wonder Why?
  16. Is Circumcision Why We Need Viagra?
  17. ED drugs + Testosterone = End of ED


  1. Vitamin C: If It’s Good For Gorillas Why Not Us?
  2. Vitamins: Too much or Too Little?
  3. Vitamins Too much or Too Little for 2007?
  4. Do You Want Ford Or Cadillac Vitamins
  5. The "Red" Power of Tomatoes
  6. Lutein For Healthy Eyes
  7. How To Rid the Skin of Barnacles
  8. Even Taking Off Your Clothes Is Useless
  9. To E Or Nor To E
  10. How To Keep Your Brain In Shape
  11. Vitamin A--taking the right amount
  12. Headed for a heart attack because of "marginal scurvy"
  13. New Heart Prescription: B Vitamins
  14. Vitamin E: A Good Insurance Policy?
  15. What Most People Don't Know About Vitamin D
  16. Is A Lack of Vitamin C Causing Heart Attacks?
  17. The bear had the last laugh
  18. What you should know about vitamin E part 2
  19. What you should know about vitamin E part 1

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