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Fall Fun to Fill a Crisp Autumn Day

Leaves descend in showers of crimson and gold. The harvest is in full swing. Time to bundle the family into the car to enjoy the best autumn offerings in the Rochester region. From the time-honored tradition of selecting the perfect pumpkin, to sipping hot, spiced cider at a farmer's market, special autumn activities abound.

Nomad Backcountry Adventures, introduces people to the rewards of sharing challenging outdoor adventures, offers participants the opportunity to "feed their wanderlust."

If you like meeting new people, spending days outdoors, and are seeking fun, adventure, and challenge, join Nomad Backcountry Adventures for an unforgettable outdoor experience!

The Sea Pines

Olena Petrov

Encompassing salt riddled tidal marshes, low lying sea banks and more than 50 lakes and lagoons, the 5200-acre resort is surrounded by water on three sides and is nestled on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Calibogue Sound.

Planned as an eco resort, all buildings and signs are low and cloaked in inconspicuous hues of brown and gray to blend in with their natural surroundings.

Situated at the Southern tip of Hilton Head Island, The Sea Pines Resort has brought fame to the area with its legendary PGA Tournament, the Verizon Heritage.

North Carolina's Southern Outer Banks

Olena Petrov

North Carolina's Crystal Coast features historic bed and breakfasts inns, and luxurious cottages, which are the perfect accommodations for anyone who is looking to have a relaxed,and tranquil vacation. It has more than 10,000 rooms, including hotels, motels, beach cottages and welcoming inns, which will make one's accommodations a home away from home while they explore the beauty, history and possibility along North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

The Godfather of all tours:
Mixing with the Mob in Mafia New York, but don't forget the Irish Mafia

By Gordon Thomas

Friday, October 27, 2006

The best place to start mixing with The Mob is in St John's Cemetery out on Long Island. This is where the Mafia Dons of New York are buried.

Beneath their sepulchres and towering granite angles lie the bodies of such notorious mobsters as Carlo Gambino and Aniello "The Hat" Dellacore. A few tombstones away are the vaults of Joe Columbo, Vito Genovese and , Salvatore "Lucy" Luciano.

Travel Mexico

Mexico By Sea

by Doctor W. Gifford Jones

How best way to visit Mexico? For many Canadians, at this time of the year, it means flying to Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel or other locations. I admit to a bias. Since my days as a ship's surgeon I've loved being at sea. The smell of ocean air, time for relaxation and just watching the sea go by. So for me there's no better way to see and taste the pleasures of this colourful country than by sailing along the west coast of Mexico aboard the Ryndam, one of Holland America's fine ships. This allows a visit to many of Mexico's coastal towns and historic ports.

Two Mexican Resorts For The Price Of One

W. Gifford-Jones M.D.

Like ham and eggs or apple pie and cheese some things go better together. For this reason two Mexican hideways Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are like kissing cousins, situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Known as the Mexican Riviera they are superb locations for escaping the winter. I had always had a desire to visit Ixtapa and to my delight found that the picturesque village of Zihtuatanejo was a mere 10 minutes away. Being of Scotch heritage, I hit the jackpot by finding two holiday locations for the price of one. And I have a well-kept secret on how to stay well in Mexico, and other locations.

Travel Florida

Florida's Space Coast

Olena Petrov

A stretch of sun-bronzed Atlantic shore that spreads for 116 kilometers, which has space attractions and protected wildlife refuges flourishing along the surf. Florida's Space Coast, which is located only 45 minutes from Orlando, is made up mainly of area cities; Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne and Palm Bay. Earthly preservation and space exploration harmonize from dune walks to moon walks to fascinate every age and attitude.

Florida's Emerald Coast

Olena Petrov

Famous sugar white sands stretch like miles of white satin. Links and links of golf. Seaside celebrations and dancing dolphins. Undeniably fresh seafood.

Fishing village, Southern Sea Towns and Islands--Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Okaloosa Island--all make up the Emerald Coast.

Travel Caribbean

The pink sands and fairytale Fairmont resorts are calling you

By Judi McLeod

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It’s almost November and sleigh bells are already calling out to some people. Silver bells beckon the busy inhabitants of cosmopolitan cities. But the lucky ones are responding to the call of Bermuda’s pink sands.

The holidays call for a special setting. And what could be any more special than the fairytale setting of a holiday season island-style of the Fairmont Princess and the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda?

British Virgin Islands

Olena Petrov

The British Virgin Islands, who are consistently recognized as one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world and the undisputed Sailing Capital of the World, presents 60 islands for exploring its secrets.

Tortola- City Centre

The largest island in the BVI, Tortula, creates a long lasting impression---it features more than 30 bays that are sheltered by impressive slopes of mountainous peaks that dominate the land. Sitting on the highest point, the Sage Mountain National Park, contains a primeval rainforest hidden deep inside.

Travel Europe

The Big Buzz of Berlin

By Gordon Thomas

There is not one word which encompasses Berlin. Historic, hip, hedonistic--the city is all this and much more.

But for years its 170 museums, experimental architecture, and the views from the revolving restaurant on top of the Ferhstehturm--the 400-meter high totem pole that beams the TV world to Berliners--have all been dominated by a skyline of cranes as the city became the largest building site in Europe.

An Anniversary In Happy, Beautiful, Austria

W. Gifford-Jones M.D.

Monday, March 27, 2006

What's the best gift to a partner when celebrating an important event in your life? They always say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But what about a trip to Austria? Is there a more romantic location than beautiful Salzburg to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Especially when it was also Mozart's 250th birthday and Salzburg is full of music. Luckily my bride of many years agreed that Austria beat out diamonds by a mile.

Travel Asia

China's Hutongs: Beyond the Bamboo Curtain

By Gordon Thomas

I had gone to a hutong, one of the many alleys behind The Forbidden City to find a piece of jade. Professor Giu Guangzu was there to buy a singing canary.

There were hundreds of them, each in its cage, trilling away; a cacophony of sound which the professor seemed able to distinguish. He would cock his high-domed forehead and close his eyes before a cage, listening intently for a moment. Then, with a shake of his head, he would move on to the next cage.

Travel Africa

Kenya: Is It Safe to Travel There?

�By Dr. Gifford Jones�

“Why are you and a group of journalists going to Kenya when there’s so much violence?” a friend said to me.

I stole my reply from Sir Edmund Hilary when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. Hilary replied, “Because it’s there.” But I also questioned whether T.V. pictures were telling the complete story of what was happening in Kenya, and was it a safe destination.

It’s a long flight to Nairobi and my brain was fuzzy on arrival. But not so dull that I couldn’t see these newspaper headlines at the airport, “Fires raging in Kenya” or “What a sad day for Kenya.” I started to worry my friend might be right.

Banishing the Blues - by Train

By Gordon Thomas

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Speed, said Julius gravely, was the one thing "the old lady" doesn't offer. Champagne, oysters, the finest wines and "food to make you unbuckle your belt", she could provide all that and more. But speed -- no. "She doesn't go more than 35 miles an hour -- and most times way below that", explained Julius.

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