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'Back-stabbing Belinda' jumps ship to return to Liberals

by Judi McLeod,
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wilmington, N.C.-As a silver spoon politician, rookie Conservative Party MP Belinda Stronach sports togs from Holt Renfrews. But Stronach's signature garb of a wolf masquerading in sheep's clothing seems to have been lost on Canada's fledgling, merged-with-Alliance Conservative Party.

Today Stronach jumped ship, joining the minority-status ruling Liberals, casting off from the Conservatives to whom Newmarket-Aurora Riding voters elected her only one month short of Canada's June 28, 2004 federal election.

Voters in her conservative riding will have no choice but to accept Stronach's 11th-hour decision to move on up to the post of new Liberal Minister of Human Resources.

With the inconvenience of Stronach's party being caught up in a multi-million dollar "Ad-Scam" scandal and with threats of a non-confidence vote against Prime Minister Paul Martin in the air, she's blaming Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper for trying to force an election.

Keeping up with bouncing Belinda must be a full time job for Harper. It was only recently when the Canadian mainline media revealed that Stronach, who lost party leadership to Harper, was dating Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay.

Showing signs of the doting swain, MacKay owned up to the media that he was "bedazzled" by Belinda, causing some Conservative wags to hope Harper would abandon policy wonk-mode to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.

Belinda, the well-heeled daughter of Frank Stronach, CEO of Magna International, Canada's giant auto parts corporation, has remained anything but idle since pouring big money into her failed party leadership bid.

While bedazzling MacKay and armed with the confidence of a Stephen Harper in policy wonk-mode, Belinda was working backroom ambitions with the Liberals.

It must be cold comfort to Harper knowing that Belinda's footwork with the Liberals was going on even before last June's election,

Aurora's rookie Conservative MP was launched by former Liberal MP Dennis Mills as a parting shot for Liberal powerbrokers.

Mills, wiped off the political map by New Democrat Party Leader Jack Layton in last June's election, was corporate vice president of Magna International. After election defeat, Mills returned to Magna.

Back in the days when he was still in public office, the Ottawa Life wrote, "Dennis Mills is very close to Belinda".

While still a backbencher MP in 2003, Mills threw pictures of a statue of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau on his then website as the advertised prelude to a Night of Recognition celebration with Belinda Stronach as "master of ceremonies".

"Can there really be any serious doubt that Blondie Belinda is a Liberal, dispatched by the Liberals as a sugar-and-spice hammer against the advancement of a vulnerable, new Conservative Party in Canada?" asked in a February 9, 2004 cover story.

Within months, Conservative MP Belinda Stronach answered that question.

Stronach jumped ship on May 17, 2005.

The Canadian media is telling mainstream Canada that the rookie MP has joined the Liberal Party of Canada. asks: When did Stronach ever leave Canada's Liberal Party?

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