February, 2009

Please Call Me Dirty Oil

“Now there are some in your country and some in Canada who feel Canada’s Oil Sands is ‘Dirty Oil’ because of the extraction process. What do you think? Is it Dirty Oil?” A direct quote, ladies and gentlemen, from the host of CBC’s The National, Peter Mansbridge, in an interview with the President of the United States, Barack Obama. To the president’s credit he refused to take the bait.

By Charles Adler - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Abortion: A Personal Pro-Life Testimony From Man Who Regrets Decision To Abort

Daniel T. Zanoza, Executive Director, RFFM.org

Author’s note:  A version of the following column first appeared in the Christian Coalition magazine.  It also was posted on the Illinois Leader and, most recently, appeared on the Illinois Family Institute’s web site.

See a video of Dan and his wife Julie discussing the pain of their long past, but haunting decision to abort, go here

By Guest Column - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

The Hypocrite Who Hijacked Air Force 1

Like all dishonest politicians, Barack Obama consistently talks out of both sides of his mouth as he attempts to pander to both the left and the right. What he says at any given time is totally meaningless and worthless. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum he wants to pander to, he will always try to reinforce his credibility and false consistency by saying “as I’ve said before” or “as I said in my campaign.”

By JR Dieckmann - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Abrogating responsibility

I recently saw a commercial on television that began with the words, ”Smoking is a treatable medical condition.”  Foolish me; I always thought that smoking was one of those bad habits in which people with little will power indulged.  But then lately I’ve noticed that a lot of “bad” behavior is considered excusable for one reason or another.

By Klaus Rohrich - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Pay taxes on installment plan

“If you’re required to pay your taxes in installments, don’t put off sending in your return,” advises Chartered Accountant Rob Chaggares of Rumley & Chaggares in Newmarket.

By Inst. of Chartered Accountants - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

New conspiracy against Bangladesh

Right after the mutiny by Bangladesh Rifles [BDR] troops, which is partially resolved by now only at its Dhaka headquarters, some vested interest groups are becoming increasingly active in giving a bad name to the Bangladesh Army by claiming,  “They are corrupt violators of rules and abusers of human rights”. Such a campaign is aimed at stopping the participation of the Bangladesh Army in the United Nations Peace Keeping Force.

By Guest Column Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury- Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Chinese Spies Infiltrating US Businesses

(The following is based on an FBI strategy report sent to the 14,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police.)

The almost legendary MI5 British counterintelligence service is said to be deeply concerned over an increase in spying by Chinese operatives in the United Kingdom. Although intelligence experts aren’t certain how widespread the problem is, they believe the espionage is rampant and a serious consequence of the global economy.

By News on the Net - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Canada’s Hypocrisy on Cuba

“We emphasize the importance of maintaining sanctions. Sanctions were imposed to help us end the apartheid system. It is only logical that we must continue to apply this form of pressure against the South African government.” That’s Nelson Mandela addressing (and thanking) the Canadian Parliament in June 1990 for imposing, and championing in every international forum, economic sanctions against South Africa.

By Humberto Fontova - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

Kidnapped for her own good?

Kathleen StensonIn this Round Table, host Gian Turci presents a story that has nothing to do with smoking, or even with lifestyles, but it still has very much to do with the corrupt institution of Public Health. The story is at once moving and telling. It is the story of Kathleen Stenson and her son William.

The problem of the treatment of elderly people is ever more pressing in a technocratic society that is becoming less and less human all the time — “for your own good.” In Canada, for example, old folks in nursing homes are forced to go outside to smoke in polar temperatures and they sometimes are found stiff dead the morning after, forgotten by all. Those crimes by Public Health go totally unpunished, and they keep going unreported by media that are fearful servants of the Public Health machine and of the “public opinion” that they themselves are helping to form.

By Guest Column - Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Full Story

An open letter to Brett Farley

Brett Farley
Executive Director
Minuteman PAC

Dear Mr. Farley:

I too am appalled at the audacity of the liberal Democrats at the apparent theft of our government, lock, stock and barrel in its totality.  They have forged ahead with no one even seeming to oppose them.  They have gained such enormous energy and power in such a short time that obviously even an entire half or more of the total population of this country has been lulled to sleep and can’t even muster a simple slap back at their aggressiveness.

By Jerry McConnell - Friday, February 27, 2009 - Full Story

The living test of Bangladeshi democracy

-Prof. Irwin Cotler, MP

After two years of army-backed rule, Bangladesh emerged from its latest elections looking more like a free and democratic society than at any other time in recent memory. The elections were widely reported to be fair, and the voters overwhelmingly rejected fundamentalist candidates to make the secular Sheikh Hasina their clear leader.

By Guest Column - Friday, February 27, 2009 - Full Story

Marxist Obama-nomics Destroy DOW

The DOW Jones average closed at $8,281.22 on January 19, 2009, the night before the Obamanation became an historic reality. A little more than a month later, the DOW continues its free-fall approaching the $7000 mark and nobody knows where the bottom is. But so far, Obama-nomics have cost Americans trillions in new debt and 14% of their savings, in just a month…

By JB Williams - Friday, February 27, 2009 - Full Story

Babysitting Safety for Young Teens

Mississauga, February 26, 2009 – As parents, an evening out is something we all look forward to but, with the anticipation of quiet time, comes the anxiety of leaving little ones alone with an often young babysitter.  Regardless of the recommendations we have received or of past experience with the teenager, we often feel nervous and imagine the scenarios that are sure to take place within minutes of our departure.

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