May, 2010

Israel Hijacked

image“The soldiers who boarded the vessels did not carry arms openly, but were met with a violent ambush. Two soldiers were shot, one was stabbed and others were injured as they were set upon with clubs, knives, axes and heavy objects. They were in mortal danger and had to act accordingly in self-defense.”  Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“IDF naval forces were met with premeditated violence and extremely violent resistance on board the [lead vessel] Mavi Mamara.  A total of seven soldiers were wounded – four soldiers were moderately wounded, two were initially in critical condition, as well as an additional three soldiers lightly wounded.  Among the violent activists, there were nine casualties as a result of the soldiers defending themselves.” IDF Spokesperson

Hu Knows Wen?

After it was proven beyond any doubt that North Korea was responsible for attacking and sinking a South Korean corvette, which killed 46 sailors, civilized nations around the world took immediate and resolute action to punish those responsible.

By Klaus Rohrich - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Obama’s War(s)

A war here, a war there, everywhere it’s war, war, war. General Douglas MacArthur wanted to invade China because they offered a safe haven for our enemies during the Korean War. In testimony before the Senate the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Omar Bradley said, “It would be the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

By Dr. Robert R. Owens - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Developing Informants Necessary for Counterterrorism

In 1995, President Bill Clinton composed and signed an executive order prohibiting CIA officers from utilizing “unsavory characters” as informants? In other words, while gathering information or undergoing covert operations, intelligence officers overseas could not develop “assets” who were themselves terrorists, gunrunners, drug traffickers, organized crime gang leaders and members, or other denizens of the international underworld.

Sexy Tennis

The widespread criticism of Venus Williams’ tennis attire is nothing compared to the shock waves that American tennis champion Gertrude (AKA Gorgeous Gussie) Moran caused when she showed a glimpse of her frilly lace-panties in Wimbledon in 1949.

By William Bedford - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Bus-bound PR Press Poolies Miss the Boat in Chicago

imageQuestion to the Press Poolies holed up in a bus in front of Marty Nesbitt’s mansion yesterday: Where was the big welcome to the returning Son-of-Chicago President Barack Obama?

Co-poolies: Did you see one Welcome Home banner, any balloons, a marching band with fifes and drums? Anything to indicate that Chicagoans were happy to have the Obamas back?

Strange homecoming indeed for the Obama family in Chicago together for the first time in the last year and a half and a far cry from Election Night at Grant Park.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Israel’s Next War Begins

As this is being written, the news is about an Israeli effort to interdict a “humanitarian” flotilla of ships that refused to dock at its port of Ashdod to have its passengers and cargo checked. When Israeli troops boarded a Turkish ship in international waters on Sunday they were met with violent resistance that led to casualties.

By Alan Caruba - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Transparency or Translucence

Transparent : (adj.) capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material (2)Easily seen through or detected; obvious;  (3) Free from guile; candid or open.

Translucent:  (adj) transmitting light but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent perception of distinct images. [The American Heritage College Dictionary 2004 (ISBN 0-618-45300-8)]

A Well-thought Plan

At Ten PM Pacific Standard Time the news started coming in.  First it was two dead, then 16 later 20.  Bloomberg reports “Israeli Forces Clash With Gaza-bound Ships; Reports of 10 Dead.”  Al Jazeera in English:  “Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet, up to 16 people reportedly killed and dozens injured after troops board ships trying to break Gaza siege.”  Israeli Debka site in Hebrew, among the very first to report the news:  “At least 20 dead and tens wounded in the vessels of the flotilla to Gaza during the IDF’s boarding.  The IDF soldiers who were attacked by cold weapons started firing.”

Danger of Imminent Execution of Kurdish Activists-Silence of the International Media

imageAccording to news reports from Committee against Execution in Kurdistan, Mr. Habibollah Latifi a Kurdish student and political activist is set to be executed on June 7th 2010 in the city of Sanandaj!!

Also according to this news report two other political activists Mr. Shirkoh Moarefi and Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan are also at imminent risk of being executed, most probably before June 12th , the anniversary of the so called Presidential [S]elections, in order to create an atmosphere of fear and terror.

By Sayeh Hassan - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Increasing Risk of Terrorism, Decreasing Resources

Americans are witnessing a spike in direct-threats and acts of terrorist-violence from Islamic extremists both at home and abroad. In 2009, a substantial number of terrorist organizations were uncovered, and numerous attacks and attempted attacks were directed at the United States. Many of the attacks were “homegrown” albeit with direct ties to the Middle East, such as the Little Rock recruiting center shooting and the attempted bombing in New York’s Times Square.

By Guest Column LTC Thomas S. Mullikin- Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Franken Science Finale

Freedom from bondage is the most spirit lifting event of a lifetime.  It fulfills a yearning that is stronger than even the will to live.  Throughout history millions have died trying to be free, or trying to free others.  Freedom from mental bondage can be just as intense.  Even if that form of bondage is not apparent.  Freedom from false religious, institutional, academic and social bondage is exhilarating.

By Joseph A Olson, PE - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

A Well-coordinated Attack

“The armada of hate and violence in support of Hamas terror organization was a premeditated and outrageous provocation.” Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon

The Liberal Betrayal of Israel

Over the last two weeks, a liberal scholar and pundit named Peter Beinart got a lot of attention by arguing that liberals could no longer be pro-Israel because the country and its people had moved too far to the right. The reality however is just the opposite. In every way, from national defense to the role of religion in public life, Israel has actually watered down its principles and liberalized. But it could not and cannot keep up with the pace at which liberals have slid far to the left.

By Daniel Greenfield - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

Just What Did You Expect?

Like a weed caught in a swirling eddy and drawn into the vortex of a powerful whirlpool, Barack Obama is being sucked into the depths of political inconsequence, joining such other notable presidents as James Earl Carter.

By Philip V. Brennan - Monday, May 31, 2010 - Full Story

How to prevent a “dust bowl” Africa

CHURCHVILLE, VA—People and wild species are at more risk in Africa than on any other continent. Huge numbers of people are trying to subsist on hunting scarce animals and unsustainable slash-and-burn farming. If this continues it will undoubtedly trigger a Dust Bowl like that of the American Midwest in the 1930s along with massive famine.

By Dennis Avery - Sunday, May 30, 2010 - Full Story

US Military’s Biggest Threat not Terrorists, but Straw Men

Ever since Bill Clinton first tried to force the military to allow openly-gay service, many gays and their advocates have argued that they simply want to serve their country; that the issue isn’t about their sexuality, choice of lifestyle or sex, but fundamental fairness.

By Jayme Evans - Sunday, May 30, 2010 - Full Story

Tests For Men And Women That Cause Huge Troubles

It’s been aptly said that, “All would be well if there were no “Buts”. Today, 20th century medicine has provided us with many positive advantages. But it’s also given us some minor and a few major “Buts”. Recently, two separate reports show why it’s so difficult for medical consumers and doctors to make the right decisions due to conflicting evidence.

By Dr. Gifford Jones - Sunday, May 30, 2010 - Full Story

The Sestak-Clinton Smoke Screen

Last summer during an interview, Joe Sestak let it slip that he was offered a “high level position in the Obama administration” in exchange for dropping out of the Senate race against Arlen Specter. This went mostly unnoticed until this past February, while during another interview for his campaign; the question was brought up about his earlier comment. At that time he again repeated the statement he had made in the summer that he was offered a “high level position in the Obama administration” for dropping out of the Senate race.

By JR Dieckmann - Sunday, May 30, 2010 - Full Story