October, 2010

Solving America’s Problems

I recently spent some time pondering how to solve some of the problems besetting America, and I thought that perhaps others might be interested in the solutions I came up with.  So here they are:

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Oliver’s Tale: A Squirrel’s Story of Love, Courage, and Revolution

imageRadio host and author Paul A. Ibbetson’s fictional version of Animal Farm with a conservative twist. The delightful tale of Oliver the Squirrel unfolds on this departure from the conservative political discussions found previously in Ibbetson’s books.

Oliver’s Tale is a thinker’s piece and while written in the same spirit as George Orwell’s Animal Farm it has its own unique social, political, and religious message to be discovered by readers.

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Good Habits Save Lives … Fall into the battery time change ritual!

More than 50 years ago, the phrase “spring forward and fall back” was first coined as an easy reminder for people who had trouble remembering whether to move clocks ahead or back in the correct season.  Just over 20 years ago, the time change also began to be associated with changing the batteries in your smoke alarm.

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The Death of Camelot

Fifty years ago, American government – even American society – entered into a wonderland of youth, prettiness, chic, and charisma.  John Kennedy had defeated Richard Nixon in the presidential debates (or, at least, JFK defeated Nixon in the eyes of the millions of Americans who watched the debates - those who heard them on television felt that Nixon had won.)  The election of 1960 was incredibly close and could have torn the country apart, except that mean-spirited Nixon (unlike Nobel Prize winner Gore) chose to concede and spare the nation a political civil war.

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Straw Men On The Other Side

There can be little doubt that the election this year will be a referendum on public rejection of Obama’s socialist, economic policies. The people who, because they reject socialism, high taxes and debt, are considered “the enemy,” “radicals,” “fringe right wing extremists,” and other such nonsense by Obama and his Progressive allies.

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Stewart Fails to Deliver Sanity

Wearing an American flag shirt and playing patriotic songs, Jon Stewart sounded like a voice of reason at his “Restore Sanity” rally. Pointing at the U.S. Capitol, he thundered that the politicians, as well as liberal and conservative voices on cable TV, were polarizing the country and driving us into conflict and controversy. But in the end, he couldn’t shake his television persona. The “serious” side of Jon Stewart was a bust.

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Even Washington Post Turns on Obama!

An editorial in the October 30 Washington Post (see reference 1) says it all about the political implosion of former Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

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All Eyes Are On America, On November 2nd!

On November 2nd, 2010, all across the world, eyes will be focused on what happens in America.  About 10% of the world want to see America continue as the single most exceptional country on the planet, as they either believe in our values, or they profit from our wealth.

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Hurricane Obama set to strike Washington D.C. Tuesday

imageSatire—A Stoos Views Hugh Betcha Exclusive

Hugh Betcha, Ace Reporter and Head of the Stoos Views Media Conglomerate in sunny Wyntsone, South Dakota, where the air is clean, the crime rate low, people vote red and the center still holds, received some alarming news from the Stoos Views’ east coast storm watchers today. According to Stoos Views weather watchers a dangerous weather event—which forecasters are naming “Hurricane Obama”—is threatening to wipe out much of Washington D.C. on Tuesday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. This massive storm, caused by an unusual combination of circumstances, poses a particular threat to liberal Democrats.

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Death Of The West: Creeping Shariah

The worst aspect of the Muslim invasion of the west is the alarming way that Islam is undermining Western culture using the west’s own liberal, democratic processes to do so. Muslims are using our own best philosophy against us and it is working to destroy our own culture, laws, and traditions, not just in the U.S. — where the effect has been less destructive to date — but also in Europe — where it has been more pernicious.

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Welcome to ‘Smug-A-Palooza’: a Fake Rally for the Arrogant

Think you’re smarter than everyone else? Think you are more “civilized,” more “adult,” and more “informed” than all around you? Then your arrogance makes you a perfect contestant for the Comedy Central Shark-Jumping event with the two… well, I guess you call them “comedians”… Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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News From the Polish American Congress

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bozena Kaminski (center) receives congratulations from the officers of the Downstate New York Division of the Polish American Congress after her re-election as national vice president for the Polish Agenda just ten days earlier.

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The PC Strategy for Dealing With Terrorism?  Stay Lucky

Who wants to die for political correctness sake?  No doubt many will think the question is absurd, but is it?  Apparently we have dodged yet another Islamic terrorist bullet when ink cartridges filled with explosives and put on planes were discovered before they could do any damage. That means only one thing:  the insufferable, PC status quo will remain virtually unchanged.  Here’s some questions for the politically correct among us, for whom no threat ever alters their perceptions, no matter how removed from reality those perceptions are:

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The election is just the beginning

Assuming that, even with the Democrat efforts to steal the coming elections with massive fraud, conservatives prevail and take back the House and the Senate, we will not have achieved victory. Far too often in the past, we have seen our ostensibly conservative elected “representatives” go off to Washington, only to be co-opted and coerced into falling in lock-step with the Big Spending/Big Government leadership of both parties.

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The Stalinist and Daniel Webster

As a resident of Florida’s 8th Congressional District in the Greater Orlando area, and a former New Yorker who grew up in the Bronx a few blocks away from the childhood home of Congressman, Alan Grayson, I cast my ballot last week in early voting to help defeat a man who rightly deserves the title of “America’ s only Stalinist Congressman”.

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Why should you bother to vote?

In January,  2005 I was on my first sniper mission in Iraq.  This was not just any mission. My mission was to provide sniper over-watch at a polling site in the Anbar Province.  To have snipers posted for security at a polling site in the United States would be unheard of.  Iraq in 2005 was a different story.  The Insurgents terrorist from Syria and Iran had moved into our sector.

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