May, 2012

Update: Blasphemy conviction overturned in Pakistan

(Source: Compass Direct News)

A court has acquitted a Christian couple in Pakistan sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy. The couple’s lawyer said the judge accepted the couple’s appeal because prosecutors failed to prove allegations that 32-year-old Munir Masih and his wife Ruqqiya defiled the Qur’an or insulted Muhammad in December 2008 (for more, click here).

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Obama, 168 House Members Defend Sex-Selection Abortion

NRLC says Obama and 168 U.S. House members “complied with the political demands of pro-abortion pressure groups, rather than defend the coerced women, and their unborn daughters, who are victimized by sex-selection abortions”

WASHINGTON, —The U.S. House of Representatives today conducted a roll call vote on the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (H.R. 3541), a bill to make it unlawful to perform or coerce a sex-selection abortion. The vote was 246-168 in favor of the bill—a strong majority, although short of the two-thirds vote required under the fast-track procedure utilized today. In a statement obtained exclusively by ABC News late May 30, the White House acknowledged that President Obama opposes the bill. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of state right-to-life organizations, issued the following statement after the roll call:

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Canadian Royalty?

Maybe we could please those who love the British Royals and those who don’t by having our very own king and queen.

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Gold and Gold Miners

Why Read: Because almost every day now there is Media and Internet commentary on the current prices at which gold mining stocks are trading:

  • some of which is excellent:
  • some of which isn’t so excellent;
  • a lot of which simplistic; and,
  • some of which seems to be written from ‘vested interest perspectives’.


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Obama Thinks I’m a Democrat

I received a fund raising letter from the Democratic National Committee this week urging me to join and to support President Obama.

How desperate does the DNC have to be to be sending letters to registered Republicans?

By Alan Caruba - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Obama Fiasco over the Same Sex Debacle!

This should become a problem for Obama. It is something that he should not have weighed in on. The liberal media had given him a pass on this issue. But does anyone believe that Obama was ever against same sex marriage?  If you do, then I have some prime ocean front property in Kansas for sale.

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In the Other Corner

In Brooklyn, the land of liberal redundancy and mock thought,  I am in the other corner.


I started boxing in Gleason’s Gym in 1984.  I was a ranked tennis player. I was also a ranked ski racer but that has nothing to do with this.  Someone in my tennis club locker room said he was going to try boxing.  In those days no white collar people boxed.  It sounded freakish but a few weeks later I myself started. I didn’t think I’d last. I figured it would be a nice dilettantish diversion.  It would feed me with stories for social events. Maybe I’d amuse myself for a few months.

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The Battle is at Our Front Door

Yes, America, you are watching the suicide of a great country due to the actions of Mr. Obama and his Progressive Socialist supporters/followers, union and radical thugs, and his ardent admirers in the press and Hollywood. They are destroying the country through corruption and ineptitude and are not giving up on ‘fundamentally changing’ America. We must understand that they have an “Agenda” and are implementing it.

By Paul E. Vallely - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Drive vs.Vote

In Florida, and maybe other states, in order to obtain a valid drivers’ license, one must show a clear trail from your certified copy of your birth certificate to today. They have to be able to see that the person whose birth is recorded under your name, is the person standing before them. Any marriages, divorces, remarriages, adoptions, name changes of any kind must be documented. You must show your Social Security Card.

By Guest Column John Land- Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

EI Reform Critics, Harper Government Both Turn Their Backs on Working Canadians

Anybody who gets a paycheque in Canada has looked at the top and bottom lines once or twice, comparing the money they earn to the money they get to keep after the government is done with them. After a while, they stop looking, because it’s just too painful. It’s a shame: if Canadians kept looking at their cheque stubs, they would soon demand an end to Canada’s rotten-to-the-core Employment Insurance (EI) program.

By Canadian Taxpayers Federation Gregory Thomas- Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

How Radical Were Wisconsin’s Reforms?

One year ago, the state of Wisconsin adopted sweeping reforms that curbed collective bargaining rights among government workers, brought the state’s pension system into line, and empowered those workers to choose whether or not to pay union dues. A firestorm of opposition erupted among public sector unions. But despite all the rhetoric, the reforms did not spell doomsday for government workers.

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Media Obsess About Trump and Find Nothing Controversial on the Left

On a day that Barack Obama was giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a socialist, Dolores Huerta, who has praised Hugo Chavez; and just days after left-wing activist Al Sharpton was comparing Republicans to Hitler, the media were consumed with the horror of projected Republican nominee Mitt Romney sharing a stage with Donald Trump, who has raised questions about President Obama’s birth certificate and place of birth. The usual double standard is on open display.

By Roger Aronoff - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Dumbing Down of America Exposed in Florida Schools

It has been no secret that we are having an educational crisis in the United States.  Public schools are doing worse and worse, unable to compete with private schools, homeschooled children, and for that matter the rest of the world. Some suggest that this is on purpose. By dumbing down our children we are preparing the future generations for more easily accepting authoritarian control by leftist systems of governance.

By Douglas V. Gibbs - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Egypt: 1805 – 1952 – 2012

Egypt’s modern history spanned two types of regime. The first, the monarchy, began when Muhammad Ali assumed the reins of government in 1805. The second started on July 23, 1952, when a group of young army officers ousted King Farouk. Do the presidential elections in Egypt represent the end of Egypt’s military regime?

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The Patriotism of Palestinianism

Each century brings forth its own patriots. Once upon a time we had Patrick Henry, today we have Senator Patrick Leahy, who declared in the Senate that his opposition to an amendment that would distinguish how much of the UNRWA’s funding goes to actual refugees versus fake refugees was a patriotic act.

“I always look at what is in the United States’ interest first and foremost, and this would hurt the United States’ interests,” Senator Leahy stated firmly. It is of course difficult to find as compelling a national interest as the UNRWA, a refugee agency created exclusively for the benefit of five million Arabs, approximately 30,000 of whom are actual refugees, but all of whom hate the United States.

By Daniel Greenfield - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Advancing the Homosexual Agenda in America

“Queer” was the acceptable term used to define homosexuals in America when I was a wee lad.  Now, well after the introduction (from Europe) of the Political Correctness agenda, homosexuals are referred to as “gay.”  In my opinion, that compromises a perfectly good word in the English language that used to mean, “happy.”

By J.D. Longstreet - Thursday, May 31, 2012 - Full Story

Presidential election choice is suboptimal, as usual

Election choices are so poor that I am not surprised so few Americans even bother to vote each November. Democrats are so disappointing as they continue to chip away at our underlying American culture and values in pursuit of their socialist nirvana. Republicans are also disappointing since they talk a good game but, when push comes to shove, they too incrementally expand government but at a slower pace.

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Unaccountable Delegation Leads to Disaster

We have become a society of delegation with no accountability. We delegate that which is our responsibility and that delegation then turns into replacement. Let me explain what I mean. Delegation has its place. Good leaders delegate responsibilities and tasks to workers under their authority. Delegation gives a boss the freedom to focus on other things.

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Palestine - Racist and Apartheid Policies Plague Peace Proposals

Mahmoud Abbas - President of Palestine and the Palestinian Authority - Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Movement (PLO) and Fatah - the PLO’s largest faction - has doomed to the garbage bin any possible peace proposals that might be offered by Israel’s new National Unity Government - following his latest outburst in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahhar:

“We won’t agree to recognize something called the Jewish state. Why wasn’t this issue raised when Israel negotiated with Jordan and Egypt?”

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