April, 2016

Trump Targets Obama and Clinton Betrayal of Israel

Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech has created expectations that he will match Marco Rubio’s pledge to stand by the commitments made by President Bush to Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Bush’s letter dated 14 April 2004.

Rubio made his unequivocal pledge on 3 December 2015 at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum during his unsuccessful race to secure the Republican Party’s endorsement as its Presidential nominee:

“I will revive the common-sense understandings reached in the 2004 Bush-Sharon letter and build on them to help ensure Israel has defensible borders”

By David Singer - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Why Can’t California Farmers Get the Water They Need?

Part ll—California’s Political Water Wars Heating Up. Part l is HERE.
Despite some nice rainfall this year, the more than two dozen State Water Contractors throughout the state have been told to expect 45 percent water allocations.

A recent Daily Democrat article said 100 percent water supply is probably not even possible for many areas, and estimated that 60-70 percent of water supplies through the two state aqueducts could be as good as it gets.

While recent rain has helped greatly, state water officials say it’s not enough to replenish years of drought.

By Katy Grimes - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Inside climate propaganda

Have you ever wondered how the LA Times, Associated Press, Weather Channel and your local media always seem to present similar one-sided stories on climate change, fossil fuels, renewable energy and other environmental issues? How their assertions become “common knowledge,” like the following?

Global temperatures are the hottest ever recorded. Melting ice caps are raising seas to dangerous levels. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts have never been more frequent or destructive. Planet Earth is at a tipping point because of carbon dioxide emissions. Fracking is poisoning our air, water and climate. 97% of scientists agree. A clean renewable energy future is just around the corner.

By Paul Driessen - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Election 2016: Who Has the Best Immigration Numbers?

Following my continued efforts with We the People Rising in California, I have learned to respect the opinions of a website called “NumbersUSA.”

This forum informs prospective voters, activists, and concerned citizens in general about the stances of elected officials—and candidates—on immigration.  If you want to know how your Congressman ranks on stopping illegal immigration, visit this site!

By Arthur Christopher Schaper - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Leading Us Down The Aisle

The former Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, Harris Wofford, has announced his plans to marry his boyfriend, Matthew Charlton, this weekend. To most anyone over 30 years old (who might not have heard about this engagement) the news should naturally still knock a bit of the wind out of you. When I see an announcement of marriage where both the names of the intended are male (or female), I am old enough, and have sufficient common sense to see that at least the unconventional is (again) being put in front of me for any number of reasons - least of all, for my information. In this case, it amounts to nothing more than marketing.

By Dave Merrick - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

California’s Political Water Wars Heat Up

Water wars are historic undertakings in California. Countless other publications have written recently about the proposed ballot measure that would redirect High Speed Rail bond money for water-related projects and prioritize the use of water, But what makes this story interesting is the coalition of opponents, their motivations and techniques being employed.

The Committee to Stop the Special Interest Water Grab, led by David Guy, president of the Northern California Water Association, Tim Johnson, president of the California Rice Commission and a “contract administrator” at California Rice Industry Association, and political operative Steve Maviglio of Forza Communications and big supporter of High Speed Rail, have launched an all-out assault campaign against the California Water Priorities Initiative.

By Katy Grimes - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Trump’s three huge lies about Cruz

Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” While I realize that Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, in no way am I comparing Trump’s campaign to Hitler. Such comparisons are over-the-top nonsense. Trump is not Hitler.

I only refer to Goebbels’ quote because it is the disingenuous tactic Trump has used against Ted Cruz. Trump has relentlessly repeated his outrageous “huge” lies that Cruz is a cheater, liar and Washington DC insider. Folks, nothing could be further from the truth. And yet sadly, Trump’s unfounded lies have taken root in the minds of some voters.

By Lloyd Marcus - Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Full Story

Will California declare war on baseball next?

After decades of unchecked illegal immigration and liberal policies, conservatives are in a distinct minority in California. It is most definitely the case in the California Assembly.

On Thursday, state lawmakers rejected a harmless resolution to honor legendary actor John Wayne, a native son of California. Wayne grew up in Glendale, California, and later became a beloved actor known for his tough guy roles in dozens of popular movies. In fact, he won an Oscar for his performance in “True Grit.”

By Jeff Crouere - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

How Many Illegal Alien Criminals Released by Obama Were Involved in Violent Protests Against Trump?

Perhaps it’s just coincidence or simply a matter of bad timing, rather than a vast left-wing government conspiracy against American citizens by an administration known to be openly and bitterly hostile to all things American.

Still, the confluence of events is quite remarkable.

To wit, recent reports indicate that the Obama administration released, rather than deported, thousands of criminal illegal aliens, including some guilty of murder and rape.

By John Lillpop - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Stand and Deliver - Paul’s Message to Peter

What we learn before we turn eighteen becomes the common sense of our later life. Just as the vast majority of people after careful consideration of all the candidates and the issues end up voting for the same party as their parents so too most people can never break free of the paradigm impressed upon them as they grew up.

Many people repeat the time worn phrase, “Those who don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it.” As a person who has read and studied History on a daily basis for more than fifty years, one of the major lessons I have learned is that the general public never learn from History, mainly because they don’t read or study it. Perhaps they were spoon-fed a few classes as they meandered through the American education factory but they never tried to do more than memorize enough to regurgitate at the proper time to move on. What was presented was based upon biased agenda of whoever picked the texts and prepared the lessons. The only way to get a broader view is to read and study.

By Dr. Robert R. Owens - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announces endorsement of Ted Cruz

As I type, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is announcing his endorsement of Ted Cruz, obviously timed to give Cruz a boost in advance of Tuesday’s Indiana primary and also to stunt all the it’s-over-Trump-is-the-nominee talk that followed Trump’s mid-Atlantic sweep this week:

At his Indianapolis campaign stop Friday, Cruz praised Pence.
  “I will say this: I have tremendous respect for Gov. Mike Pence,” Cruz said, with his choice for vice president, Carly Fiorina, standing at this side. “He has been an incredible leader for the state of Indiana. He has really demonstrated that when you cut taxes, when you reducse regulations, that jobs follow.”
  Conservative backers such as Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Rep. Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa have helped Cruz win other Midwestern contests.
  But in Indiana, he hasn’t had an influential supporter to campaign alongside him—a particularly glaring absence as Trump holds events alongside legendary former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight.

During the endorsement announcement, Pence actually said he likes and respects all three candidates, and went out of his way to compliment Trump for giving a voice to people who are frustrated. So it wasn’t exactly stop Trump or we’ll all die, which makes sense because Trump could very well end up the nominee. But he did endorse Cruz.

I’m not sure if Pence is more influential in Indiana than Bobby Knight (or if anyone is for that matter), but this is the type of support that made a big difference for Cruz when Scott Walker offered it in Wisconsin.

At stake in Indiana are 57 delegates, awarded on a congressional district basis. So the plurality winner of each district gets all that district’s delegates, but you’d have to win all nine districts to get all 57. For Cruz, who is racing against time to keep Trump under 1,237 before the July convention, every little bit counts. But he really needs a strong performance in Indiana after what happened this week, or there simply aren’t going to be enough chances left to keep Trump under the magic number.

The latest Indiana poll is from Clout Research, and it has Trump leading Cruz 37-35, with about 32 percent of respondents saying they’re not all that committed to their positions. Indiana won’t decide the nomination, but if it doesn’t go Cruz’s way, it won’t leave many options left for how Cruz can stop Trump from heading into the convention with 1,237 already in his pocket.

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Excellent: Target stock has lost $1.5 billion in value since letting men in the ladies’ room

Ordinarily I would not root for any business to fail, even one of my own competitors. But when a major corporation tells the vast majority of its customers “f*** you” in order to appease radical social activists, it would really be a shame if those insulted customers just kept shopping there and made the corporation pay no price for its arrogance. The early returns suggest Target customers are doing no such thing.

Breitbart reports that Target stock has fallen $2.65 per share since the infamous announcement that Target will let confused men into its ladies’ restrooms and dressing rooms, which amounts to an overall reduction of $1.5 billion in the value of the company’s stock. I doubt that’s a direct result of any revenue drop caused by people boycotting Target, even though 1 million people have signed online petitions saying they intend to do so. Boycotts are never effective for long because after awhile people’s anger subsides and they return to their normal day-to-day habits.

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

RNC official: Delegate counts are ‘estimates.’ Even if Trump gets to 1237, he may be denied nominati

No matter how much the RNC dislikes the idea of Donald Trump as its 2016 nominee, one thing is for certain. If he goes into the convention with the ‘magic number’ of 1,237 delegates, he’ll get the nod. Party officials have been making that proclamation for months. As Reince Priebus says:

“The rules say you have to have 1,237 delegates to be the nominee. We aren’t going to hand the nomination to anyone with a plurality, no matter how close they are to 1,237. You need a majority. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

By Robert Laurie - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Germany’s Green Energy Fiasco

Because of the boom of renewable energy, more and more wind turbines have to be switched off. The reason is power overloading. The network operators must turn down electricity generated from windmills when their power threatens to clog the network.

By Guest Column Dr. Benny Peiser- Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

A Very Expensive Peace

The President has proud announced that: “We are fortunate to be living in the most peaceful era in human history.” That may be statistically true but at what cost?

The world is caving to the determined march of radical Islamic groups who practice extreme violence. As those influences infiltrate Europe and the United States, the likelihood of violence increases. And, isn’t the peace we are enjoying a result of spineless policies? We are experiencing a bloodless coup. Peaceful perhaps but still a coup.

By what yardstick are we measuring? If a declaration of war is the measurement, then it is easy to make this assertion.

I would put forth the notion that fewer soldiers die as the results of injuries but many more are maimed. I would say that our failure to protect the peace in the middle east has resulted the rise of extremism. I believe that the decimation of our military has emboldened our enemies. And the terrible trade policies have weakened us further.

Peace is a wonderful thing. But ask anyone who is being bullied whether cowering is working? The only way to stop a bully is
to push back.

I fear the price we’ll pay for the President’s naïve boast will be one from which we might not recover.

Jennie Veary
Englewood, FL

By Guest Column Jennie Veary- Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

The Reviews Are in! ‘Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most dangerous documentary of year’

Bill Nye, UN Climate Scientist Warn Moviegoers to Shun Film’s 1-Day Theater Release: ‘Not in Our National Interest’

– Leading climate activists are warning moviegoers to shun the May 2nd nationwide one-day theater screening of “Climate Hustle,” a new film debunking climate alarmism and its big government solutions. Bill Nye (not a real “science guy,” FYI), who entertains the idea of throwing climate skeptics in the slammer, warned the film’s producer, Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano, that “Climate Hustle’s” content endangers not just the nation, but also the world: “I think it will expose your point of view as very much in the minority and very much not in our national interest and the world’s interest.” U.N. Climate Scientist Michael Oppenheimer has, likewise, condemned the film – without even viewing it – for daring to dispute climate alarmism. “Marc is a propagandist,” the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientist cautions viewers.

Review: ‘Climate Hustle is the most dangerous documentary of the year’ – ‘Brutally effective’ – ‘It’s hard not to laugh’
– Christian Toto of Hollywood In Toto: ‘Climate Hustle’ is just the tonic the global warming debate needs’

Read more…

By Marc Morano - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Boxing Barbara Boxer: Is “Inequality the Root of All Evil”

“Inequality is the root of all evil” said left-wing senator Barbara Boxer recently, while lecturing a Catholic priest about Catholicism. Boxer claimed to be quoting Pope Francis, referencing a tweet he sent in April 2014. Yet despite the fact she was reading prepared notes, she misquoted the pope, who actually said “Inequality is the root of social evil.”

By Selwyn Duke - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Healthcare Reform Begins With End to Hospital Costs Secrecy

Last week I wrote about the failure of Obamacare to reduce the number of uninsured. Today’s number is about the same as it was before Democrats passed Obamacare.  The only difference now is being uninsured is no longer synonymous with low income.

Obamacare policies are so expensive and the deductibles so high that middle-income families are dropping their coverage. If you missed last week’s column or just want to refresh your memory, please click here.

By Michael R. Shannon - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story

Chippie The Chipmunk

My brother Ronnie and I were nothing alike. He was good; I was bad. Curious about everything, I got into trouble constantly, and received many a switching because of Ronnie’s snitching. Occasionally, though, events worked in my favor. Such was the case with his good buddy, Chippie the chipmunk.

Wild creatures interested Dad, and if he caught one, he’d bring it home for a few days before setting it free. Once he brought home a chipmunk and put it in a birdcage.

By Jimmy Reed - Friday, April 29, 2016 - Full Story