You can always find an excuse not to. But what happens when you turn that thinking upside down?

2017 was a testament to what happens when you focus on the possible

By —— Bio and Archives--December 31, 2017

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2017 was a testament to what happens when you focus on the possible
First we were told Donald Trump could never win the nomination. Then we were told he couldn’t win the election. Then we were told no good people would join his administration. Then we were told he could never govern. Then we were told the Republican legislative agenda was impossible.

The next time you’re looking for positive inspiration to start your day, don’t listen to these people.

But these notions are nothing new. They’ve ruled the day in Washington D.C. for as long as anyone can remember. I know all about it. When I ran for president, I was dismissed as a goofball pizza man with a crazy idea with the funny name of 9-9-9. Yet when I won the Florida straw poll and was leading the polls among the Republican field, that showed me something: What the people think is not the same as what the elites think.

I didn’t win, but I could have. And when Donald Trump ran - and people said he couldn’t win for many of the same reasons they said it about me - I knew he could win. Because I knew that the people didn’t see things the way the elites did.

That brings us to 2017. A lot of people will have you believe that President Trump didn’t play that large a role in the Republican Congress passing what it did of its legislative agenda. I beg to differ. President Trump had everything to do with it because he’s the one who set the standard that says, when you want to achieve something, you have to ignore the people telling you it can’t be done and focus on the people who need it, want it and believe in it.

In other words, focus on the possible and not on the reasons people tell you it’s impossible.

The tax cut is a perfect example. We told you here recently that, while 80 percent of taxpayers are getting a tax cut, only 17 percent think they are. That’s because the media persisted in relentlessly negative coverage of the proposal in the hope of turning the public against it. They convinced most of the middle class that the tax cut would not benefit them, even though the simple objective fact is that it will.

Past Republican Congresses would have been scared off by that dynamic. This one was not. They saw what President Trump accomplished by ignoring the elites and listening to the people, and they knew that while some of the public had been fooled temporarily, they would know better when they saw the tax cut reflected in their paychecks starting in February. So they ignored all the warnings of their impending doom and they passed the tax cut, along with the repeal of the ObamaCare mandate, the opening of ANWR drilling and everything else.

They did it. They focused on the possible and they tuned out the naysayers

They did it. They focused on the possible and they tuned out the naysayers.

Is President Trump responsible for this? You bet he is. 100 percent. I often talk about the value of a positive tone from the top. And while some don’t like his tweets and whatever else, when the president talks about the prospects for our country, he is relentlessly positive and optimistic. He refuses to let the usual suspects tell him things can’t be done or won’t be done.

I think many members of Congress learned from his thinking and from his approach, and they will be more effective in the future because of it. Of course, there were some - like Jeff Flake - who just thought the whole thing was so icky that he couldn’t stay.

Much of the draining of the swamp comes from the swamp creatures voluntarily leaving because they don’t like how things have changed. They were invested in the status quo and they were always able to convince past presidents and Congresses that things couldn’t change. Now they’ve got a president who knows better, and a congressional majority that’s figuring it out too.

It’s almost the sort of thing that could make a country great again.

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