A Prosecutor in Search of a Crime

By —— Bio and Archives--April 13, 2018

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A Prosecutor in Search of a Crime
Do we live in the United States of America or do we live in the old Soviet Union?  I say that after witnessing how the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is going about investigating Russian collusion in general, and President Trump in particular.  Back in the days of Josef Stalin’s Secret Police, Laventriy Beria , the head of the KGB said the following: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”, which seems to be the modus operandi of the Obama Justice Dep’t. and the FBI before and after the election of Donald Trump.  And now,  when we have the Special Counsel, Mueller, looking into the supposed Trump Russia affair, and since he’s found nothing to tie Trump into a crime with the Russians after 14 months, he is going after Trump’s personal life before he even became president.  It’s a total “fishing expedition” of a prosecutor in search of a crime.


The event that triggered this whole fiasco was that Donald Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton, an event he wasn’t supposed to win (according to the biased press and T.V. talking heads).  The Democrats and the media couldn’t accept the results and they freaked out and started the “total resistance” movement in trying to undermine his presidency.  They are working like hell to carry out this vendetta and are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to do him in.

In spite of all the negative press and incendiary talk on the part of the Democrats and the late nite T.V. talking heads, President Trump is getting things done, both domestically and foreign policy-wise.  They can’t handle that so they are working overtime to hopefully drive him from office on any pretense possible, real or imagined.

What makes the situation worse is that there is a cabal of Department of Justice and FBI holdovers from the Obama Administration, sometimes called the“Deep State”, that is working undercover and overtime to cause havoc and distrust in and out of the government.

The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, was supposed to be a person beyond reproach and a straight shooter, but he has turned out to be a “snake in the grass” with a lot of bias toward President Trump and the people that surround him.  Just recently, he sent the FBI to raid the offices and home of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to try to find something he can use in the future to possibly use against him in an impeachment hearing or whatever.  Wasn’t there supposed to be a lawyer/client trust relationship that was sacrosanct and part of the ethical procedures of law enforcement?

Who’d have thought in our great country, that we would be emulating the tactics of the Soviet KGB in spying on our own citizens and the president and by harassing those that the “Deep State” doesn’t like? So, the statement, attributed to Beria of the Soviet Secret Police, of “Show Me the Man and I’ll Show You the Crime”, is a valid comparison in that it would be practiced in our country today is mind boggling. 

Shame on those individuals who are trying to undermine our democratic republic, how unpatriotic can they be?


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