Barack Hussein Obama has proven that most issues he must deal with are above his pay grade

Above His Pay Grade

By —— Bio and Archives--February 16, 2010

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In little more than a year of “presiding” over the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has proven that most issues he must deal with are above his pay grade. Whether it is terrorism, the economy, unemployment, Wall Street, the banks, military decisions, reactions to the Supreme Court decisions, or letting the buck stop at the desk he occupies in the Oval Office, this president has shown that leadership is an attribute sorely missing from his resume.

Of course there are other items we cannot ascertain from BHO’s past either. Starting with his birth certificate, school records, association with Marxist backers, and moving on to his love affair with the teleprompter—Obama is really a simple man clothed in rhetoric that resonates in dulcet tones but really says nothing.

The Hope and Change of 2008 is long gone.  Maybe it was never there. The MSM’s complete destruction of George W. Bush and their deification of the guy squatting in the White House are beginning to subside. Slowly, like awaking from a drug induced coma, the media is starting to enjoy peeling back the layers of incompetence. And what they are starting to see is what many Americans already knew. We have placed a man in charge of our military, our economy, and our traditions, who is now hard at work tearing down everything America has stood for.

There are still some defenders of the Teleprompter in Chief—Keith Olberman who sucked as a sports commentator and is even more irritating as a political hack for the Democrats. Bill Maher, whose cable show exposes a little man with a big ego and a hatred for God and anything Republican. But let’s not fret too much—if ratings of CNN and other liberal media outlets mean anything—America has tuned out the cheerleading.  Real Americans were never fooled by the con of Global Warming. Red blooded Americans have been shaken back to the roots of what made this country great—shaken by a man who has shown time and time again that just about everything is “above his pay grade”.

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Dave Macy (aka: Dave Deppisch) spent 30 years as a conservative talk host on a variety of stations in markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Toledo, and Ft. Wayne. He was drawn out of his profession into the ministry and now serves as an associate pastor. He preaches several times a year and is also available to bring his unique style of common sense conservative talk along with his faith in Jesus Christ to any setting that is looking for a speaker with humor, common sense, and Christian values.

He is the author of DoubtFreeLiving.com,and has been privileged to speak at CBN and appear as a guest on World Harvest TV.

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