If Abe Lincoln were alive today, he could offer reflection on the treason of his day and perhaps give counsel to President Trump, as it is now Trump’s turn to deal with the present Democrat insurrection in this day

Abraham Lincoln and Reflections on Treason in the White House

By —— Bio and Archives--February 12, 2018

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Abraham Lincoln and Reflections on Treason in the White House
As it is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12, 1809) today, and in light of the current state of affairs in the United States, it is appropriate that reflection upon elements of treason in the White House be brought forth from the grave. If Lincoln were alive today to comment on the political turbulence within the hallowed halls of federal government buildings in Washington, he could compare the treason of his day with that facing President Donald Trump in this day.

Most American history books regarding the era of America’s Civil War do not delve too deeply into the treasonous activity in the White House prior to Abraham Lincoln’s setting foot in Washington, D.C. as president-elect in 1861. Yet, almost immediately after taking office, Lincoln inherited the greatest challenge of any previous American president.


After taking office in March of 1861, Mr. Lincoln not only faced a constitutional crisis of epic proportions, but he was also forced to deal with the reality of the most formidable domestic enemy to the American people and to U.S. Constitution the nation had ever witnessed. The Democrat insurrection had built steadily soon after Lincoln won the election the previous November. Almost immediately, South Carolina chose to secede from the Union.Then, Democrat Governor Gist of South Carolina demanded President James Buchanan surrender the U.S. forts in Charleston Harbor.

A second letter dated January 12, 1861, from the newly elected Governor Francis W. Pickens additionally demanded that Buchanan surrender Fort Sumter because,” I regard that possession is not consistent with the dignity or safety of the State of South Carolina.”

Rumors reached president-elect Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, that President Buchanan had willingly surrendered the federal forts in South Carolina. Reports indicate that when Lincoln heard the the rumors, he is rumored to have said that if it were true, Buchanan should have been hanged. The rumors, however, were unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, the southern Democrats in President Buchanan’s cabinet were outraged that President Buchanan would not surrender the federal forts to Governor Pickens.

More dramatically, the Southern Democrats in the White House took initiative and moved to undermine the new Republican president. Democrat Buchanan’s pro-Southern cabinet included four men who were substantial slave owners, and the southern Democrats tread into treacherous treasonous territory.

Secretary of War, John Floyd of Virginia, threatened to resign if Buchanan refused to hand over federal forts, and even in the event that the president would order supplies or soldiers to reinforce the fort against potential insurrection. Floyd stated that “It would be an act of aggression against South Carolina which I cannot be a party to; I will resign my office before I will sign such an order.” However, even more treacherously, as Secretary of War, Floyd diverted significant shipments of arms and military hardware to southern forts, and those forts were seized directly after Fort Sumter fell.

Additionally, Secretary Floyd was suspected of diverting a substantial amount of money out of the U.S. Treasury for handling vague Indian affairs. Buchanan’s Secretary of the Treasury, Howell Cobb of Georgia, may have assisted Floyd with the disappearance of $850,000 from the U.S. Treasury. Cobb eventually resigned in December 1860. Then on February 4, 1861, exactly one month before Lincoln’s inauguration, Cobb.became the president of the convention of seceded states. Under Howell Cobb’s guidance, southern Democrats drafted a constitution for the new Confederate States of America (CSA), and elected Jefferson Davis as provisional president.

Federal government officials in addition to cabinet members were engaged in direst violations of allegiance to the United States Constitution. Especially Floyd and Cobb seemingly did as much damage as he could before they actually resigned from their cabinet posts. Floyd resigned in a display of self-righteous indignation over Buchanan’s handling of events at Fort Sumter. Senator Jefferson Davis became President Davis as he was formally elected to a full six-year term on November 6, 1861 and was eventually inaugurated on February 22, 1862. Then, as provisional president of the Confederacy, Davis, called up 100,000 men from the militias in the rebel states, and readied for war.

Although there were Northern Democrats in Buchanan’s administration who may have been more reasonable and opposed to secessionist Southern sympathizers, with such a divided cabinet and a lack of true leadership from Buchanan, the Southern Democrats and their sympathizers tread down the path of treason. They had hastily managed to assemble much of the treasonous machinery in a drastic push toward war all before Abraham Lincoln took his oath of office as the bona fide POTUS on March 4, 1861.

U.S. history tended to romanticize the “peaceful” transition of authority under the Constitution.  Yet, viewed for what truly transpired in those turbulent days prior to the actual outbreak of the American Civil War, treason was committed and such acts led to an attempt to destroy the United States government as it had existed under the Constitution. It has been possible to white-wash what happened in Lincoln’s day, and not truly characterize the actions of treason for what they were. The scholars who write the history books are not unbiased, nor are they apolitical academics motivated by truth alone.

White-washing works. It is currently being attempted today with the Democrat and elitist political leadership that would prefer the public not understand the events transpiring in contemporary America. The mainstream media moguls are duplicitous in attempts to bandage the scandals and seditious activity of their party of choice. The MSM at best is  
disingenuous and becoming less and less relevant.

If Abe Lincoln were alive today, he could offer reflection on the treason of his day and perhaps give counsel to President Trump, as it is now Trump’s turn to deal with the present Democrat insurrection in this day.

For those still in a state of denial of what is currently happening in the United States, a clear definition of treason would be appropriate. Currently, American citizens are witnessing an organized effort by a domestic enemy to overthrow the leadership of    
the federal government for the purpose of exercising dominion over the sovereign of the nation: “We the People.”


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