Saying there is no war on police in a society where threats made against men and women in blue are not considered serious and encouraged by those in the highest level of government, is absurd

According to the left there is no ‘war on cops’

By —— Bio and Archives--September 25, 2015

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The “war on cops” began in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown, aka the Gentle Giant. The killing set off the Black Lives Matters movement that began based upon the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie; that the black punk had his hands up attempting to surrender when he was killed by former white Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.

It did not seem to matter that Brown did not have his hands up to surrender; rather he was rushing the officer. Nor did it seem to matter that Brown had previously tried to get a hold of Wilson’s firearm. No doubt had he obtained the gun, the innocent student would have taken it to school for show-and-tell.


Perhaps things would not have escalated to the point it did, had President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and the race baiters led by Al Sharpton, not all jumped in to stoke the fires of hatred of the men and women in blue.
Of course the left and the mainstream media will go to any length to defend the president who made MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ leg tingle. Let’s face it, if Obama killed little puppies on live television, the headline the next day would be, “Obama Makes America Safer for Cats.”

So of course the mainstream media such as the Washington Post and NPR is now jumping to the defense of their messiah arguing there is no such thing as a “war on cops.” Working as a law enforcement officer in the United States is safer now than it has been.

Even if the studies referred to dispel the notion of a war on cops, the statistics used to highlight the deaths of law enforcement officers do not tell the whole story. According to studies, if the 2015 trend in police deaths continues throughout the year, this year will be the second lowest in decades.

The studies also point out that if one year’s numbers are examined in isolation it may be a statistical anomaly rather than proof of a trend. And it was also said deaths of police officers are generally lower now than they were in the 70s. But a lot of this has to do with improvements in both the protective equipment police wear and in trauma care. Also true.

But there is much more to the war on cops than just the number of police officers who are killed in the line of duty. These “studies” leave out a lot of facts that indicate there is in fact a war on police, carefully plotted by Obama, the Democrats, and Black Lives Matters.

Traditionally, police lost their lives in situations where the shooter was trying to escape or avoid arrest and a potential long jail sentence. Now we are seeing police, not killed in a shootout, but executed simply because they are police officers.
NYPD officers Wenjian Lin and Rafael Ramos were shot to death while sitting in their police car last winter. And at the end of August, Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth had 15 bullets pumped into him while filling up his cruiser at a Houston gas station.

These three law enforcement officers were executed. They were not in the process of arresting their respective shooters; in fact they didn’t even see them.

Then there are other cases that are not so obvious but they make you wonder whether the climate in Obama’s America led up to the decision to shoot at an officer.

These types of actions are encouraged by the Black Lives Matter crowd that recently marched in Minnesota chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” Although they claim they were “not serious,” it is this type of activity that is definitive proof of the current climate of the war on cops.

Then there have been several instances of police being refused service at restaurants or refused permission to use the washrooms. The left thinks this is perfectly okay while if these actions happened to another distinct group such as Muslims, they would be whining and moaning about “microaggression.”

And what is not shown in the statistics is the number of people in places such as Baltimore who are killed, wounded or otherwise made victims of crime because police are hesitant to act in the wake of the serious charges brought quickly against the six officers involved in the arrest of Black Lives Matters’ hero, Freddy Gray.

The people who are saying there is no war on police are the same ones who are saying because a person is more likely to die in a traffic accident than in a terrorist attack, ISIS and similar groups are really nothing to worry about.

Saying there is no war on police in a society where threats made against men and women in blue are not considered serious and encouraged by those in the highest level of government, is absurd.


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