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After spending the Obama years on hold, Dr. King’s Dream breathes again

By —— Bio and Archives--January 15, 2018

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After spending the Obama years on hold, Dr. King's Dream breathes again
Two years ago, I wrote that the Dream was on hold:

The economy is stalled. Business expansion is stalled. There are fewer doors of opportunity for people who want to run through them. Median incomes are declining. Taxes and the national debt are increasing.

Tensions between citizens and law enforcement officials are being stirred. Identity politics and political correctness are being used to divide all of us. Our moral values are under attack. Public trust in our collective federal government is declining, and too many people are discouraged and losing hope.

You’ll notice I said it was on hold. I didn’t say it was over. That’s because I was hoping we’d see a time like now. And here we are:

The good news is that the economy is growing! Businesses are expanding. There are more doors of opportunity (jobs) for people who want them. Median incomes are rising. Taxes have been cut! The increase in the national debt has been slowed. More people are encouraged and finding hope.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that tensions between citizens and law enforcement officials are still being stirred, identity politics and political correctness are still being used to divide us, our moral values are still under attack and public trust in our collective federal government is still declining.

And while the Dream is no longer on hold, there are many voices who are trying to take us back in time. Those voices defy Dr. King’s Dream, and his principles of non-violence, love over hate, and respect over disrespect. Those same voices are perpetuating the bad news cited above.

Those negative and divisive voices are based solely on the fact that they do not like President Trump or his style. In fact, some liberals have expressed outright hatred for him and his presidency. This has blinded them to the facts, the results and the progress being made to breathe new life into the Dream.

In addition to the good news cited above that benefits everyone, the black unemployment rate hit an all-time low of 6.8 percent in December 2017. Although the rate is still higher than the white and non-black unemployment rate (4.1 percent), the gap is the smallest in history. This happened during the first year of the Trump Administration. During seven out of eight years of the Obama Administration the black unemployment rate exceeded 10 percent.

Millions of successful black people in business, education, public service, sports, entertainment and society in general are also vivid examples of America today, versus America over 50 years ago. But you wouldn’t know it listening to the negative and divisive voices blinded by their political agenda.

Those same voices have succeeded in polluting the perception of many people who listen to them and their media parrots. Unfortunately, their media parrots never challenge those voices as they should. They just repeat it as if it’s fact when it’s not.

Yes, President Trump’s language may not always be politically smooth, but he is always focused on the best interest of the people and this nation.

Dr. King’s dream has inspired this nation for over 50 years. Two years ago, his dream was on hold. Today, the Dream breathes again.

Most of us will acknowledge that Dr. King’s dream breathes again because of a positive tone from the top, and results-oriented leadership by President Trump. Although results usually speak for themselves, some people choose not to listen.

Dr. King would be listening and applauding!

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