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Alyssa Milano appears on Meet The Press, says #MeToo is ‘defining what due process looks like’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 8, 2018

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Alyssa Milano appears on Meet The Press, says #MeToo is 'defining what due process looks like
As I said over on Twitter this weekend: The fact that Chuck Todd and the Meet the Press producers even thought to take Alyssa Milano seriously, then interviewed her, and then actually aired the interview is pretty much everything wrong with modern journalism.  The fact that the host gave barely any push back to one of the most ridiculous claims I’ve ever seen made on an alleged “news show” represents everything wrong with Chuck Todd.

But…that’s what happened.


Because we live in a nightmare timeline where the world has been turned upside down, Alyssa Milano has emerged as something of a spokesperson for the ‘woke’ left. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, there are probably a million people more qualified to speak about these issues, and (as you’ll see in the clip below) she has trouble with the overwrought language of her own movement.  However, she’s a fashion game show host, so that means she gets to sit behind Brett Kavanaugh during Senate hearings.

She appeared on Meet The Press with sad Chuck Todd this weekend, and let everyone know that – in our post MeToo world, “we’re defining what due process looks like.”

Todd cited Emily Yoffe writing for The Atlantic, asking:

“Even as we must treat accusers with seriousness and dignity, we must hear the accused fairly and respectfully and recognize the potential lifetime consequences that such an allegation can bring. If believing the woman is the beginning and the end of a search for the truth, then we have left the realm of justice for religion.”

Milano argued:

“Right now, we are defining what due process looks like in this type of situation. Because we’ve never really defined it before, because women haven’t come forward. So we do need to have due process. What does it mean to have a fair investigation in these processes, so that we can move forward, so that we can change the cultural and societal, systemic institutionalization, institutionalization of sexual abuse and assault?”


Later, she falls back on the “small numbers” claim to argue that false claims happen so seldom it’s not really worth worrying about.

It’s about as bad as you’d expect….

Milano’s problem, of course, is that the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution are pretty clear on due process. We don’t need to “define it” because it’s been “defined” since 1791.

If you make a criminal claim, that claim will be investigated. If you make the claim contemporaneously, people will be more likely to take it seriously and you’ll be in a better position regarding the collection of evidence. Christine Blasey Ford has chosen not to make a criminal complaint.

If you’re hoping to destroy someone’s life in either a criminal proceeding or the court of public opinion, you’d better have at least some shred of proof, a corroborating witness, or anything else that would support your story. Ford had absolutely none of this.  In fact, her own witnesses – the only thing that could have added value to her story after so many years – refused to back her assertions.

Further “definition” of due process, whatever that means, wouldn’t have made the unprovable charges against Brett Kavanaugh more credible because it wouldn’t have done anything to substantiate Ford’s claims.

So, no, Ms. Milano.  We don’t need to re-write our judicial system just because there are consequences to losing the 2016 election.

As for Chuck Todd and Meet the Press?  They should be ashamed of this. Tim Russert is spinning in his grave so fast that it’s entirely possible he’s going to drill all the way to the center of the Earth.


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