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Ambassador John Bolton Confirms Participation in Troopathon 2012

By —— Bio and Archives--July 3, 2012

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We’re extremely excited to announce that Ambassador John Bolton, former Bush Administration official who was legendary for his tough diplomatic style, that always put America first, has graciously agreed to participate in Troopathon again for 2012.


Troopathon is a huge event that we do once a year to support our troops and raise much needed funds for care packages to send to the troops over in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it seems that in recent months support for our troops and their missions is waning.

The media is all but ignoring our men and women serving in Afghanistan. You no longer see the stories of their heroism on the nightly news. We can’t allow our troops to be forgotten. This year’s theme for Troopathon is “NEVER FORGET our TROOPS” because we are fighting to remind the American people that our troops are still at war, while the rest of the country is at the mall.

Ambassador Bolton, ever the expert when it comes to the threats against our nation posed by hostile foreign dictators, is the perfect addition to the Troopathon. His expertise reminds us about the threats America faces from around the world.  There are even whispers that Bolton could be Secretary of State under a future President Romney.

We may have grown complacent in recent years, because the media and the Obama Administration have downplayed the significance of the War on Terror. Obama’s domestic agenda, programs like Obamacare, and rampant spending on social experiments distract us from the OTHER threats leering just outside our attention span.

Iran, Syria, North Korea, these are just a FEW of the possible threats we may face, according to Bolton, not to mention the continuing war in Afghanistan, and the delicate peace in Iraq, and the frightening instability in Egypt threatening to boil over.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says it is definitely in America’s interest to see the Assad regime collapse in Syria but he recommends no direct U.S. role at this time.

“I don’t think President Obama understands the significance of everything that is going on in the Middle East,” Bolton told WND.

Bolton scolds the Obama administration for making many concessions to Russia on missile defense and other issues but failing in every way to end Russian support of Syria and Iran.

Finally, Bolton assesses the latest developments in Egypt, where he says there are no good options.  He says the military and Muslim Brotherhood will likely find a way to work together and that anything close to a representative democracy won’t be a reality there anytime soon.

Join Ambassador Bolton In Supporting Our Brave Troops Overseas. Donate Now To Troopathon And Send Some Care Packages That Our Troops Need Now!


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