I apologize to the British people for the arrogance, ignorance, and indifference of our national leader

America Apologizes to Britain for Obama

By —— Bio and Archives--March 10, 2009

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In 1998, Bill Clinton offered apologies on behalf of “all of America” for crimes of the past.  Clinton apologized on behalf of America for slavery and maltreatment of blacks.  The Constitution grants the president certain powers of pardon and parole, but it does not make him the public confessor for the nation. In 2003, George W. Bush apologized for the American role in the slave trade, something also that transcended his role as president.


Five years later, a Democrat-controlled Congress apologized for slavery and for Jim Crow laws.  Congress has no business apologizing for the nation.  But the more troubling aspect of all this is that these politicians are not apologizing for what they did wrong.  Clinton was infamously dishonest and unrepentant about his own lies and crimes.  But Clinton was all too eager to apologize for America on account of crimes which “America” never committed.

Democrats, not Americans, were responsible for slavery and for Jim Crow.  Democrats in the North as well as the South won white votes by their racial bigotry. Clinton might well, as the leader of the Democrat Party, have apologized to the Republican Party for having defended slavery, opposed the enfranchisement and true emancipation of blacks, and for having men like Robert “KKK” Byrd as the modern leader of Senate Democrats, for having placed Klansmen like Hugo Black and Tom Clark on the Supreme Court.  Clinton might well have apologized for his bigoted mentor, Democrat J. William Fullbright, who opposed civil rights for blacks. For some odd reason, Clinton and Democrats have never made this crucial apology.

Now President Obama snubs the United Kingdom, our closest ally in the world and a nation to whom America owes much.  As an American and on behalf of our nation, I formally apologize to the British people for our president.  While Kenyans, Obama’s ancestors, were trading human people in a ghastly slave trade and while Democrats, Obama’s chosen political party, were obstructing every effort to grant black people in America civil and political rights, the British people were ending the global slave trade.  The British, like the Democrats and like the Kenyans, could profit by slavery, but the British chose the morally superior course of placing human rights above profit.

While the Democrat Party held huge majorities in Congress and were winning unprecedented presidential landslides, the greatest demon of racial hatred in human history was turning Germany and then Europe into a ghastly experiment in odious racial theories made law.  The party of Obama was much more concerned with winning elections than with expending political capital to fight murderous racism in the world.  Ted Kennedy’s father was writing off Britain as defeated and urging peace with the Nazis.

But it was not just the party of Obama that should apologize to the world.  Barack Obama is a radical Leftist, a thinly viewed Marxist.  While Hitler was conquering Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, and France, the radical Left was organizing strikes in American munitions factories.  It was trying to drive ROTC off college campuses.  It was forming front groups to stand for “peace” (which meant not helping Britain resist Nazi Germany.)  When the British nation was facing, alone, the full wrath of Nazi violence and terror, the radical Left in America was urging America to not help Britain.  Except for the will of Churchill and the courage and sacrifice of the British people, murderous racism on a mind numbing scale might have spread across the globe.

As an American, I apologize to the British people for the arrogance, ignorance, and indifference of our national leader.  I apologize for the moral crimes of the Democrat Party during periods when the British people were ending slavery and fighting Nazi racial genocide.  I apologize for the American Left, which actively helped work for the victory of Hitler while Londoners were being bombed and RAF pilots were falling in flames from the skies of Britain. 

Your leaders, whether Labour or Conservative, have been our friends through thick and thin, even when shades of ideological difference divided our governments.  Maggie Thatcher would never have treated Jimmy Carter like Obama treated Gordon Brown.  Harold Wilson would never have treated Richard Nixon like Obama treated your prime minister.  George W. Bush, a Republican, had no trouble treating Tony Blair, a Labour Party leader, as a friend and ally.  Americans have never had a problem saying:  “God bless Great Britain.”  But today, you see, we have a president whose pastor preached:  “God damn America.”  What he meant, of course, was “Good damn America, Britain, and the whole moral tradition of the West.”  For Obama and for his pastor and for his party, America apologizes.


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