America needs all patriots on deck! We need you!


By —— Bio and Archives--September 10, 2018

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On September 11, 2001 the USA was viciously attacked by terrorists to destroy us. It was not until then that most people realized we were at war with the terrorist networks around the world. After that and other fatal and tragic incidents, the American people are now conscious of the war with terrorists in which we are engaged.

But there is another war on the USA from within. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome, a mental disorder determined to destroy the Trump presidency and its accomplishments. Some people call it the Deep State. Others call it the resistance movement against Trump, and others don’t even call this war a name. They just hate everything Trump.


In fact, it’s a war to destroy patriotism, and bring down the USA.

The results of this president and his administration do not justify this hate-Trump mentality. This mentality is based solely on the false and deceptive narratives being pushed through the narrow and negative lens of the media. They use those Democrat, liberal and socialist voices who could not recognize the positive results of this administration even if their last breath on Earth was at stake.

But! America is fighting back the negativity with an additional weapon of positivity to help those being drowned out by the negative noise of the media.

It’s called America Fighting Back.

America Fighting Back is a new focused initiative determined to highlight the positive results of this presidency, by letting the patriots of this country know the truth. When people have the right information they will make the right decision.

AFB will focus on positivity versus negativity, patriotism versus socialism, and informed voters versus ignorant voters. Our goals are to help maintain Republican control of the House and the Senate using our unique tactics.

These tactics include a paid media advertising campaign, patriot petitions, media interviews and a national speaking tour. All of these tactics have already started with an awesome initial response!

You can be a part of this fight against the destruction of America. Just visit America Fighting Back.

America needs all patriots on deck! We need you!


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