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Barack Obama and his Democrat majority may think they have a mandate to transform our nation into a European style social democracy, but Americans apparently have a different idea.

First, as we watch the stock market continuing its free fall, keep in mind the reason - Americans are taking their money out of the stock market. There are now millions of dollars sitting one the sidelines, waiting to see what happens. People are taking their wealth into their own hands to preserve it. I did that too.

Second, it’s interesting to note that the market started this latest fall as soon as the so called Stimulus package was passed in Congress. The market understands that this was not gong to stimulate anything, rather it was a massive tool to create bigger government than ever before dreamed of in this country.

In addition, the bailout money is being used to literally nationalize industry and there is a move on to nationalize banks. If government owns and controls the market place then there is no free market and nothing to invest in. We have watched the market sink by 50% of its former value in the past year and the fall continues. If there is no free market, it could in fact, fall to nothing because the stock market is a reflection of a free market. Government control produces nothing but misery and ultimate poverty.

Finally, as the linked item shows, the states are beginning to fight back and resist massive federal efforts to control them. For the first time since 1865, states are rediscovering their Constitutional rights as defined in the 10th Amendment. At least 21 states have now passed resolutions claiming their sovereignty and independence from federal mandates.

All of these efforts clearly show that Americans finally understand that there is life beyond federal dictates. They want their Constitution and they want their freedom. As a result, there is hope for our future. If enough states pass sovereignty resolutions we may once again be known as “These United States,” as we were before the war of big government aggression.

Most of the problems that we are witnessing today in our country is due to a federal government which has gotten out of control and is non-representative of the people. States need to take back their rights, which have been usurped by the federal government, if we are to stop this progression towards tyranny and reclaim our freedoms. About 20 other States are now also declaring Sovereignty. Vote YES on HJ 26.

HJ 24 addresses the terrible economic crisis we are currently in and pinpoints it’s cause and solution. The cause of our present crisis is excessive debt creation, deficit spending and above all else, Congress abrogating it’s duties under the U.S. Constitution and instead, allowing private international bankers, the Federal Reserve, to control our monetary system. We need to follow the Constitution and adopt a sound, sustainable money system.
Vote YES on HJ 24.


Montana Joint Resolution Reaffirming State Sovereignty HJ 26

With wide sweeping federal legislation that has taken place and is planned to take place by the federal government into practically ALL areas of our lives - from aggressive gun control to the forcing of social, economic and political agendas on the American people, abuse of personal liberties and a centralized government which is getting bigger and more forceful by the day, states are finally standing up! Hooray!!

It is now said that 21 states are declaring Sovereignty.
Montana is included on that list ( AZ, AL, AK, AR, CA, CO, GA, HI, ID, IN, KS, ME, MI, MO, MT, NH, NV, OK, PA, TX, & WA).
Keep an eye on this MT Resolution, HJ 26. Your help may be needed.

We must keep in mind that the federal government was formed BY THE STATES and the NOT the other way around. States need to send a strong message to the federal government that most of the powers it has taken for itself was originally reserved for the states!

Our federal government was given limited, specific enumerated powers by the states which formed it - and the U.S. Constitution was specifically written to keep any centralized government in check. As noted, over 90% of our Federal Government is unconstitutional and unnecessary. It has become dictatorial, tyrannical, and uncontrollable.

States are finally stepping up to the plate to claim back their rights under the 10th Amendment, which states that “powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states and to the people”.

View Text of Resolutions:

HJ 26
HJ 24



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