But they would be wise to look out the windows of their offices, scan the nation, and see just how not-all-alone Trump really is

America’s Third Civil War began November 8, 2016

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America’s Third Civil War began November 8, 2016
America’s First Civil War began on July 4, 1776 with the ratification of the Colonies’ Declaration of Independence.  An international and internecine war followed.

On the American Revolutionaries side of the battlefield stood the irregular Militia from various states and the regular Continentals – the originating nucleus of today’s United States Army.


On the British side marched the soldiers of the British Army – the most experienced and best fighting force in the world. Their ranks were supplemented by American Colonists variously called Loyalists, Tories, and the King’s Men. These were the Americans who fought for King George III.

The internecine fighting between the Revolutionaries and the Loyalists was among the most brutal of the Revolutionary War. 

About one-in-five Colonists sided with the British. From New York alone, about 25,000 Loyalists fought for Britain.

It was both an international and an internecine conflict – the First American Civil War.

America’s Second Civil War

America’s Second Civil War – the violent opening to it – began on April 12, 1861 with the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter.

While the ensuing battles between Union and Confederate Armies is generally known, less attention is given to the irregular, guerilla warfare with its raids, feuds, and assassinations that occurred in border states caught between North and South.

In eastern Kentucky and western Missouri the fighting and killing was particularly close and personal.

On August 21, 1863 a Confederate guerilla group led by William Quantrill raided the Union town of Lawrence, Kansas and killed about 150 civilian males, men and boys, in what is known today as the Lawrence Massacre.  It was a retaliatory raid in response to an earlier Union raid into Missouri.

More Americans died in this war than in any other where Americans have fought – the Second American Civil War.

America’s Third Civil War

America’s Third Civil War began on November 8, 2016 with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election of President Donald Trump.

The assault against Trump started the next day. It continues to this day.

The anti-Trump forces include an array of identified entities: the biased censors of social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google; the leadership of U.S. Department of Justice; most of the Hollywood community featuring actors and talk show hosts; the legacy print media led by the New York Times and the Washington Post; the street-activist wing of the left, the rent-a-mobs; the liberal progressive TV news media led by CNN and MSNBC.

And then there are those Democrat elected politicians whose avocation these days is to attack Trump on a weekly basis.

This is the above ground Resistance against Trump.  The underground, behind the scenes, Resistance is another story.

Never in the history of American Presidential politics has a President been under such a vitriolic, sustained and withering attack.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party, Trump’s partisan brand, offers only tepid support characterized by hesitation, equivocation, and hedging.  There are exceptions, but, by and large, the GOP has left Trump to fight it out on his own. 

And so he does.

Today, Republican members of the House of Representatives fret over their possible fate in the November 2018 midterm elections, placing the highest value on their careers. The media beats the drum of a Blue Wave coming, and they shiver in fear. Or, like Paul Ryan, quit.


The GOP political class, because they live within the D.C. Beltway, seem unaware that, in the eyes of many Republican voters in fly-over country, they’ve become the real deplorable lot. They are the army that won’t fight.  But then, they’ve been pacifists for a long time.

So we wonder, many of us, where is all this going?

How will it play out, and with what consequences to the nation? 

The objective of the forces arrayed against Trump is crystal clear.  They want him out of the White House, for good.  Or worse.

Their means to reach that goal seem not to be hindered by truth, legality, propriety, fairness, or reason.  They are impassioned, true-believing zealots determined to execute a non-violent – to date – coup d’etat of a duly elected American President.  No matter what or how long it takes.

This, America’s Third Civil War shows no signs of abating. On the contrary, it heats up by the week.

The persons who began the Resistance, and those who sustain it, are driven only by their goal in mind, with no apparent regard for consequences.

In their war, the only actors are the forces they directly and indirectly control versus the uncontrollable President Trump.

But they would be wise to look out the windows of their offices, scan the nation, and see just how not-all-alone Trump really is. 

We Deplorables aren’t heard from much these days. Protesting, marching and chanting – not our style.  But you can bet we’re watching closely, and taking notes.


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