Fixing America’s Crumbling Underground Infrastructure

America’s Underground Water Pipes Are Facing An Alarming Corrosion Epidemic

By —— Bio and Archives--May 31, 2018

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America’s Underground Water Pipes Are Facing An Alarming Corrosion Epidemic
As the Trump administration and Congress continue to wrangle over a comprehensive infrastructure package, a new report warns that unless dramatic measures are taken, the nation’s rapidly declining underground water networks will imperil public health and safety.

Signs of stress surface daily in cities and small towns across the country as the roughly 300,000 water main breaks the U.S. suffers annually trigger floods and service disruptions, the report notes. The loss of water service is more than an inconvenience; it causes significant social and economic disruptions.

A report released in March by Utah State University’s acclaimed Buried Structure Laboratory titled, “Water Main Breaks in the United States and Canada: A Comprehensive Study,” points out that “a critical component to public health and economic well-being is our drinking water which is brought to the tap through an elaborate network of underground water distribution systems.” —More…


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