Socialism is a lot like three-card Monte where the promises of winning are not just exaggerated but impossible

America's Youth Embraces A False Idea of Socialism

By —— Bio and Archives--March 5, 2019

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America's Youth Embraces A False Idea of SocialismSocialism is now a significant component of the reinvented Democratic party gaining momentum and visibility. Recently Democratic Presidental candidate Bernie Sanders held his first campaign rally in Brooklyn, New York amidst a crowd of cheering and enthusiastic supporters many of whom represent the youth and future of America.


Medicare for all,  establishing a $15 per hour minimum wage, free public college, and splitting up big banks

Medicare for all,  establishing a $15 per hour minimum wage, free public college, and splitting up big banks were just some of the items mentioned on Sanders’ giveaway platform. But unlike his run in 2016, where the 77-year-old Senator from Vermont was the only declared socialist, now the field is packed with a collection of far-left contenders.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is just one of the many profound changes America’s young adults are eagerly anticipating.  So, knowing that none of the following information has ever seen the inside of an American University for the past 30 years, perhaps the time has come to shed some light on what young voters should expect if The United States becomes a utopia.

Three-card Monte is a game that has been around for decades. It’s usually played on the corners of city streets where a con man promises big money to any passersby, shuffles three playing cards faced down and asks those foolish enough to gamble to pick out a particular card.  After placing their bets, the unsuspecting players point to what they are confident is the winning card only to realize that they have been duped as their selected card is flipped over revealing a losing card.  Nobody has ever won playing three-card Monte, but that doesn’t stop the steady stream new gamblers handing over their hard earned money.

Socialism is a lot like three-card Monte where the promises of winning are not just exaggerated but impossible. And where people continue to believe that this time their new brand of Socialism will work only to find out like the citizens of Valenzuela that there’s no electricity and Wednesday is dog meat night.

Socialism relies on ignorance, gullibility, and laziness to penetrate a non-socialist system. It thrives by manipulating language as It promises free education but not education at no cost. It promises free healthcare coverage but not timely or adequate healthcare. You will get what everyone else gets but never what you alone need. You’ll never hear hate speech, but you give up the freedom to express yourself.  So basically, Socialism is a great arrangement as long as you agree with everyone, think what others think and don’t try to advance. Maybe that’s what Bernie secretly proposes at his rallies by saying “Feel the Burn” before he jets off to his three homes?

“Socialism takes a man’s dignity, and his reason for being, by taking away the incentive to work.”

The young adults of America should consider the fact that what they wanted when they were five years old no longer applies to their wants and needs of today. Nevertheless, voting for socialism today is like casting a vote when you were five-years-old regarding what you wanted as an adult.  Socialism treats adults like five-year-olds as it aims to meet the most basic physical human needs to satisfy the demands of the system. It stalls individual growth in every aspect of life; relationships, what one earns, what one consumes.  It’s like being actor Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, where every day repeats itself over and over again only this time individuals find themselves in a boring cocoon, where they’ve sacrificed freedom in order to feel a false sense of economic safety.

The only excitement individuals can look forward to inside the anti-creative socialist society, is the day they wake up to find the money has run out and the cupboard is bare.  That’s when the fun starts, like the fun people, are having in Venezuela, or the fun 2 million people had in Cambodia, or the fun 20 million people had in the U.S.S.R.  You mean Cortez didn’t slip that little nugget in while she completed her election primary hit list?

Someone once wrote, “Socialism takes a man’s dignity, and his reason for being, by taking away the incentive to work.”
Look at what perpetual entitlements furnished by Democrats have done to minorities in America.  The actual disintegration of the family where over 70% of children are raised without a father, endless poverty, crime-filled neighborhoods and zero prospects for a better future.  And realize that these living conditions, if you can call them that, are the tip of the iceberg of what awaits our younger generation if socialism prevails. 

From the very beginning, American heroes who only wanted to live quiet, peaceful lives, and raise families made the toughest decision a person can make and chose to risk everything to fight against oppression.  They fought, and many died so that future generations could experience a level of freedom never before imagined in the history of the ordinary citizen.  Because of the violence presented before them by the evil elements in this world, these brave Americans risked all they had and decided to pull a trigger to fight for freedom. Today, young Americans contemplate pulling a lever on election day to advance socialism and by doing so destroy their sacred inheritance built upon millions of sacrifices made by their American ancestors.


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