Happy New Year, suckers

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your new, bigger, 2016 ObamaCare penalties

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That “affordable” health care the Democrats gave us in 2010 - on a reconciliation vote when none of them had read the entire 2,000-plus-page bill - sure keeps getting harder to afford. Of course, since ObamaCare is an unconstitutional mandate on individuals to purchase a product offered by private companies, it’s also quite difficult to afford not buying it - even though the product itself continues to devolve further into craptasm.

Welcome to 2016, where the penalty you’ll face for not buying a product that’s now a bigger ripoff than ever will explode as follows:


  Households that opt to go without health insurance in 2016 are set to get hit with an average Obamacare fine of $969.

  That is 47 percent higher than the average $661 penalty per uninsured household for this year, a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed Wednesday.

  And households without insurance that earn too much to qualify for financial aid to buy Obamacare plans will pay an even larger fine for 2016 — an average of $1,450, versus the average of $1,177 for 2015.

  Uninsured households that would qualify for Obamacare subsidies to help pay for coverage face an average fine of $738 — nearly double the $389 average for this year.

Of course, if it’s more expensive than ever not to buy insurance, it’s also more difficult than ever to buy it. ObamaCare exhanges are collapsing across the country, and more than 2 million people aren’t paying their subsidized premiums. You can expect that number to grow as ObamaCare premiums continue to skyrocket. Oh, and by the way, if you do go ahead and buy an ObamaCare policy, it doesn’t cover nearly as much as your old policy.

So the product is more expensive than ever, harder to buy than ever, and offers less value than ever. Why would anyone buy it? Oh. Right. The penalty. First the government takes over health insurance and ruins it, then tries to force you to buy it anyway by taking your money from you anyway if you don’t.

These are the fruits of the Democrats’ long-sought “health care reform,” which they finally managed to pass because for a brief moment in time they had a filibuster-proof Senate majority of 60 - all because 52 percent of you got sick and tired of the Iraq War and thought it would be cool to elect the first black president.

Of course, we could have been rid of it by now if you hadn’t re-elected him after this monstrosity had already been shoved down the nation’s throat, but you couldn’t get that right either because of Big Bird and “binders full of women.”

Can we get it right this year? I want to believe. I really do. Because as hard as this may be to believe, the potential mistake of 2016 would be even worse.


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