Sorry she came away 'feeling disrespected'

Another Accuser claims Al Franken groped her - this time while he was a Senator in 2010

By —— Bio and Archives--November 20, 2017

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Another Accuser claims Al Franken groped her
UPDATE: When you’ve lost Sally Kohn….

Uh-oh.  Looks like things are getting worse for Al Franken.  He’s been hit with another accusation of groping a woman in public place, this time in 2010 - while he was a sitting U.S. Senator.

From the Washington Examiner:

Lindsay Menz told CNN she met Franken at the Minnesota State Fair, where her father’s business was sponsoring a local radio booth. He had been elected to the Senate two years earlier.

When Menz’s husband prepared to take a photo of them, the woman said Franken “pulled me in really close, like awkward close, and as my husband took the picture, he put his hand full-fledged on my rear.”

“It was wrapped tightly around my butt cheek,” Menz said. “It wasn’t around my hip or side. It was definitely on my butt.”

Menz’s husband, Jeremy, told CNN that Franken “reached around her and kind of pulled her into him,” but he didn’t see the groping occur.

Menz told her husband about the interaction.

Jeremy Menz also told his mother-in-law what happened, saying, “Our senator just groped my wife right in front of me,” according to CNN.

Apparently, Franken only gropes women in the most respectful ways

Menz didn’t make any sort of complaint at the time, and her husband said Franken was gone before he could do anything about it.  CNN is reporting that Menz did create a Facebook post at the time, which mentioned Franken’s behavior.

According to Menz, the incident “felt gross. It’d be like being walking through the mall and some random person grabbing your butt. You just feel gross. Like ew, I want to wash that off of me.”

Franken has issued a statement, in which he says he regrets that Ms. Menz didn’t enjoy their time together.

“I take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people, and I certainly don’t recall taking this picture. I feel badly that Ms. Menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected.”

Apparently, Franken only gropes women in the most respectful ways.

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