Even if Every Allegation Against Moore Is True:

Another Democrat in the Senate Could Set the Stage For Nuclear Tragedies for Millions

By —— Bio and Archives--December 8, 2017

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 Another Democrat in the Senate Could Set the Stage For Nuclear Tragedies for Millions
When considering whom to support in the coming special election for the United States Senate, we must consider that a vote to empower the Democratic party on a federal and Congressional level (as opposed to local Democrats on a state legislature or a city council) is a vote in support of policies such as the Obama Iran deal now in effect, that circumvented the treaty requirements of the consent of 2/3 of the Senators present. The obviously unconstitutional Obama Iran deal propped up – and continues to prop up—a regime that is developing nuclear weapons with the continuing promise of “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel.” This is also the regime that is the world’s most significant state sponsor of terrorism throughout the rest of the world as well, with the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated and deadly conventional weapons.

The notorious Obama Iran deal of a couple of years ago—with its side agreements—by its own language excludes from coverage all of Iran’s “military” installations (as defined by Iran) and all of Iran’s nuclear installations not specified in the agreement as well as those not built as of the time of the agreement, and requires the United States to protect Iranian nuclear installations from attack, even though the most likely attacker would be Israel defensively or preemptively in the face of a nuclear attack from Iran, so Obama and his henchmen obligated the United States to attack Israeli warplanes even if launched in self-defense, leaving Israel relatively defenseless in such a plausible scenario.

Not just Netanyahu on the right of center, but all Israeli leaders on the left and on the right have always considered the Iran deal an existential threat, as it is, down the line, to the United States as well, if Iran is to be trusted, and Iran follows through on its avowed battle cries of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” The Americans who signed the Iran deal obviously trusted the Iranians to live up to the bargain, despite their history to the contrary. The leaders of Israel’s right and left agree on almost nothing, and if they all agree that the Iran deal poses an existential threat to Israel, this deal should be taken seriously, and it should be taken apart and rejected unless consented to by 2/3 of the senators present.

A nuclear attack designed to wipe out Israel off the face of the earth would be worse than all previous attacks by all totalitarian regimes.

  1. It would also wipe out all of the holy places in Israel of value to all the 3 religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and/or make them uninhabitable for at least decades to come;
  2. It would murder in one day more than those murdered in longer time frames by the worst of the Russian, Chinese, and German mass murderers of the past, plus people of all faiths and races without regard to any personal considerations, including tourists;
  3. It would expose Arabs of neighboring countries to nuclear fallout, with repercussions far beyond;
  4. It could disrupt power grids more disastrously than anything done by any past mass murderer;
  5. It would happen so fast that no coalition could be put together in time to stop it;
  6. As noted above, even if Israel or another country would attempt to stop it, the United States is committed to protect Iran rather than to protect any nation attempting to stop Iran.

The American atomic bombs that ended World War II were detonated in order to END a war and thereby SAVE lives;  Iran’s expressed purpose even during peacetime is to annihilate countries, Israel and the United States – with unprecedented collateral damages to other countries. Trump’s wagging his finger at the enemy and over the nuclear button is clearly in response to threats and tests by Iran’s North Korean ally, designed to prevent and preempt a war.

As far as the imminent forthcoming special election in the United States Senate is concerned, even if the person elected would be a decent human being with decent values, and even a decent well-meaning Democrat, most Senators – especially Democrats in recent times – vote on party lines, and therefore would be obliged to vote with leaders who share the views of Obama and the people who supported the Iran deal in the past.

Even if every single allegation against the Republican running for the Senate election is true, most of the allegations involve making advances at people old enough to get married on their own in some cultures, not rape, and at most he traumatized a few dozen people directly, and killed nobody, not one person; not even one fly.  No physical fallout was left behind to disrupt the lives of millions or to necessitate mass evacuation. Not one speck of radioactive material. A nuclear holocaust would kill millions of people, and render millions more displaced,  homeless, mutilated, starving, and without access to electricity, adequate medical care, and minimal police protection.

President Trump was elected not because he was considered a model gentleman but because tens of millions of voters agreed with his assessment that the Obama Iran deal was – and remains – against the interests of virtually all Americans, if not the worst deal of any kind in world history, and because Trump’s policies, especially his pledge to drain the swamp, were favored by people with the most electoral votes.

Those who feel that President Trump’s relationship with the North Koreans is more dangerous than Obama’s relationship with the Iranians should be reminded that it was the appeasement of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama that allowed the North Koreans – and the Iranians— to become as dangerous as they are now, and that the world learned years ago that the appeasement of Chamberlain is what led to the devastation of the world. The stakes are even higher now.

In a perfect world, everybody would be perfect, and every politician would be a role model, but until the world achieves perfection, we must seek to be governed by people with the best policies, not necessarily the best personal characteristics. Otherwise, the world may be ruled by people more dangerous than all the tyrants and dictators of the past, and we will face the consequences until we will all be wiped off the face of the earth. God forbid (this last – two-word—wish applies equally to all of the other doomsday scenarios described in this article)

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