Schumer's and Pelosi's track record for what is needed for adequate security has resulted in millions of dead bodies

Anti-Trump Hysterics Cloud National Security Needs

By —— Bio and Archives--January 8, 2019

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Anti-Trump Hysterics Cloud National Security Needs
With the new Congress getting settled in and the Democrats now in control of the House all while a partial government shutdown exists, there appears to be no call for reasonable conversations and compromise from the Democrat side regarding the construction of a border wall between Mexico and The United States.  No pun intended, but it seems the Democrats have initiated a “Mexican Standoff”.


Senator Chuck Schumer and newly re-appointed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have consistently made two arguments why they will not acquiesce to President Trump’s request for 5 billion dollars to construct the wall. On the one hand, both have cited the President’s campaign promise where he stated that Mexico would pay for the wall so from their vantage point funds from U.S. taxpayers should not be needed.

Forgetting the fact that Trump may have a plan where Mexico will pay for the wall at some future point, resenting allegedly modified or amended campaign promises are not a rational reason to put American citizens in harm’s way. But more importantly in the interest of consistency, what are the excuses Schumer and Pelosi have for continuing to back The Affordable Care Act even though President Obama blatantly and routinely lied to the American people about being allowed to keep their doctors? 

Perhaps the rigid stand against the President’s security assessment stems from Schumer and Pelosi’s assumption that they have much more experience in dealing with security issues than does Trump.  Both Schumer and Pelosi have contended that a wall would not stop the flow of illegal aliens from entering the country even though border patrol agents on the ground who are in the best possible position to judge what works disagree. It should also be noted that in 2013 Schumer voted for 8 billion toward building or repairing 700 miles of fencing.  That’s 3 billion dollars more than what Trump is asking for.  So somehow over the past several years, the border’s fencing must have repaired itself because Schumer now declares that 1.6 billion dollars in additional security enhancements, would be all that is needed to secure America’s southern border.

Still, there is no question that these two seasoned politicians have a far greater track record than Trump regarding decisions dealing with safety and security around the world. For example, both Schumer and Pelosi agreed with President Obama’s actions for limited military intervention in Libya, which led to the execution of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi setting Libya on a path to a chaotic civil war.  A plan that Obama later admitted was the biggest mistake of his presidency and ultimately resulted in the death of a U.S. Ambassador and three brave Americans in Benghazi.  But what difference does that make?

When President Obama announced his plan to cut down US troops in Iraq to 50,000 in his efforts to get US involvement out of Iraq, Schumer and Pelosi thought the troop number too high but agreed with the withdrawal. That decision resulted in the rise of ISIS and the start of a bloodbath of Iraqi citizens, the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Christians and the establishment of a radical Islamic caliphate.  But at least their intentions were good.

In short, Schumer’s and Pelosi’s track record for what is needed for adequate security has resulted in millions of dead bodies, U.S. military intervention and one of the worst global refugee catastrophes in recorded history.  So it stands to reason even with that kind of disastrous record that the leftist news media would support any idea these two Democrats have if it runs counter to the plans of President Trump.  In today’s upside down world it may be difficult but staying on the side of sanity and common sense and in keeping with President Trump’s overall theme to “Make America Great Again”, the only legitimate and rational course of action is the building of the wall.


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