And yet they reported it solely on the word of one white supremacist knucklehead. Because they wanted it to be true

AP admits story that Florida shooter was part of white supremacist group was false

By —— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2018

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AP admits story that Florida shooter was part of white supremacist group was false
Oh well, never mind:

After the AP published its initial story parroting this lunkhead’s claims, police immediately came out and said there was no evidence it was true. By that time, other journalists were invested in the narrative and had started retweeting the AP’s initial tweet pushing the story.

I had interaction with one MSM journalist on Facebook who had retweeted the original AP story. His response to the police statement was the white supremacist connection “could still be true,” and he cited the fact that “Newsmax and Breitbart jumped on” the police statement as a rationale to, I guess, do the opposite.

Turns out Nikolas Cruz was not a member of a white supremacist group, despite the MSM’s desperate wish that he was.

Who couldn’t see this coming? Under what other circumstance would the MSM take some white supremacist douchewad at his word, and not back off even after local police came out and discounted his claims? When authorities cast doubt on a claim the media don’t want to believe, they immediately declare it “debunked” and never give it credence again.

But this one they wanted to believe because it would have forwarded their desired narrative that right-wing white racists are the source of all evil in America, so even though the source was clearly dubious, they ran with what he told them - only to have to admit now that they got snookered by a liar.

Gee. What a stunner. Remember this the next time establishment media like the AP sneer at alternative new media for lacking their layers of “fact checking” or whatever. All the fact checkers in the world are worthless if you don’t want to find out you’re wrong.

And the media really still wonder why nobody trusts them?


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