Killer shouted "God is great." ...Or something Or: DELETE THAT!

AP doing its best to strip Fresno shootings of any unpleasant Islamic connections

By —— Bio and Archives--April 19, 2017

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As you’ve probably heard, a man in Fresno California shot and killed three men because “he decided to kill white people.” It seems he was responsible for another killing and, after the police tapped him as their suspect, he went completely haywire. That’s terrible, but at least it wasn’t terrorism.  That’s the word from Fresno police and the AP, who are doing everything they possibly can to ignore any uncomfortable Islamic connections.

...As you’ll see, they have to ignore quite a bit.

From the AP:

The brother of a California man who Fresno police say shot and killed a motel security guard and three other men he targeted for being white says he’s shocked by the killings.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, who is black, told investigators he decided to kill white people after police on Tuesday publicly identified him as a suspect in last week’s slaying of a security guard.

Muhammad’s brother, who didn’t want to be identified by name, says his family had been concerned about Muhammad’s homelessness.

Dyer says Muhammad told investigators that he wanted to be known as someone who killed many white people and not just a security guard.

Now, I’m not sure what makes one a “terrorist,” but that sounds like the definition to me.  Racism may have been the motive, but instilling terror was certainly a goal. Never mind that, though.  The AP - and the Fresno police - want to assure everyone that random mass-murder isn’t “terror.”

Continued below...

Phew. “Solely” racism. I feel so much better.

Again, he just wanted to kill a whole bunch of white people. So, no terrorism here.  Got that?  Nothing about this is indicative of terrorism.

We know that, sometimes, when you hear about one of these shootings, you immediately assume that radical Islam could be a contributing factor.  As the AP has shown, nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing in their Twitter feed would make you think otherwise.  Nothing at all, right?


Yeah, sorry AP.  The internet is forever. These days, attempts to sanitize stories tend to get noticed.  Here’s the tweet in question. We can’t imagine why they deleted it:

AP doing its best to strip Fresno shootings of any unpleasant Islamic connections

What he actually shouted was, of course, “Allahu Ackbar.”  I’m not sure who shouts that, but obviously, it’s not terrorists. Clearly the “God is great” thing was just one hell of Christianity-implicating typo.

If I’m wrong, that would mean the AP has decided to run interference for a certain religious subset that’s prone to killing innocents, beheading non-believers, and running roughshod over an entire planetary region it views as a genocide playground.

That can’t be, can it AP?

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